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Around 1988 I started buying an ornament now and then.
As knowledge increased, so did my enthusiasm and collecting fever. When I started I was rather, also due to ignorance, limited to the local market. That is one of the main reasons that the collection comprises various Christmas themes and is not limited to just one Christmas subject or period. Although I must say that now I do try to avoid the more modern ones, unless they tickle my fancy. Some people have told me to keep the pretty and valuable ones only and to get rid of all the others, but to me the more ordinary and simple things also reflect the Christmas spirit. I am especially fond of the homemade items, but they are not so easy to get hold of, as they were very often thrown away.

Most of the time I have intentionally not dated items. I would only be quoting others and i
n the now available information I see that now and then dating is at least questionable. But, if asked, I will, to the best of my ability, help with this information.

The purpose of this website is:
- just for fun and at the same time
creating visual information for collectors and to stimulate, I hope, new collectors -
when I started collecting I was so grateful for all the free information many collectors share on the internet that I wanted to do the same.

Some have asked why I do not publish a book. My answer is always the same. “A book, once published, is like a time stop, while a website is a living information base” and mine is free of charge.

Additional information and comments/corrections you are kind enough to share with me are very welcome.

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Have fun!

Let me know what you think of my website - do not spare my feelings, I appreciate an honest opinion and advice. w ww

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