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Feather trees
Vary in size, number of levels, decoration of the wooden stand. The branches are covered with goose feathers, usually colored green, sometimes with lighter tips, but there are white ones, and also other colors such as, blue, etc.
The early ones sometimes have metal candle holders fixed to some of the tip of the branches. The tree trunk is covered with brown paper.
Wooden stand sometimes stamped "Made in US Zone Germany" or "Made in Germany" or just "Germany", "Made in Western Germany", "Made in Russian Germany", and others, on the base. These stamps could give an idea of the age, but it is possible that the trees were made, e.g. pre-1945, and later stamped depending on the location where sold.
Photo's of others to post on this page are very much appreciated!

Dimensions are top and base included.
Now repro's are being made.

Base of early tree with fixed candle holders,
painted white and gold round base, "Made in Germany"

Base of early tree with fixed candle holders,
white lacquered round base red bands, "Germany"

Base of small tree,
"Made in US-Zone Germany"

Base of large tree,
"Made in US-Zone Germany" + label
Below other markings, but from trees not in my collection. Made available by fellow collectors to supplement markings data.


Stamp on Ilse Trapper's ca 85cm high white feather tree, reading
Made in Russian Germany,
 Flame Resistant", dating it Russian occupation after 1945

The markings on the bottom of Ilse Trapper's red tipped feather tree,
estimated of the 1920 or earlier, are not very clear.
It is a round stamp, and some of the German text could be "D.R.G.M." and ""GES.GESCH.".
The round base is decorated with 3 old decals of children scenes.

Base of Gillian Baxter's feather tree, 88cm high, bought
by her Grandmother in the late 1940s or early 1950s, "Made in Western Germany"
Below feather trees in this collection.

69cm high-5 levels some with candle holders; early wooden stand, stamped "Made in Germany"

62cm high-5 levels some with unfolded copper candle holders; early wooden stand, no stamp

110cm high-7 levels some with candle holders;
lacquered wooden stand, stamped "GERMANY"

59cm high-4 levels some with candle holders; decorated wooden stand, no stamp

ca 44cm high-3 levels; decorated wooden stand, both stamped but unclear


60cm high-4 levels with light green tips; decorated stand,
stamp unclear "Germany"

77cm high-6 levels with yellow tips; decorated stand,
no base stamp

100cm high-7 levels, branches with light green ends;
decorated stand, no base stamp

111 cm high-also 7 levels; decorated stand,
no base stamp

Large tree, 1,95m high, at widest 92cm-12 levels,
side branches up to level 7; decorated stand,
stamped "Made in US Zone Germany", old label attached

ca 90cm high-9 levels; robust full feather tree with art glass ornaments,
base stamped "Made in US Zone Germany"; notice the branches much closer placed in the trunk

31cm high-3 levels; small feather tree with miniature ornaments, found as is,
red wooden base,
stamped "Made in US Zone Germany"

small feather trees, ca 30cm high-2 levels, red berries and
white painted wooden base,
stamped "Made in US Zone Germany"

29cm high-2 levels, feathers and berries a darker green than the previous ones;
ca 40cm high-3-levels, feathers also darker green;
white painted wooden base, both stamped "Made in US Zone Germany"

ca 30cm high-3 levels; small feather trees with glass beads as ornaments,
fixed to the branches with thin wire, red berries, found as is,
red wooden base stamped "Made in US Zone Germany" sometimes unclear;
the two larger balls, blue and light green are later additions

small feather trees, ca 30cm high-3 levels, with glass beads, as ornaments,
fixed to the branches with thin wire, red berries, red wooden base;
tree on the right has some black beads and darker green feathers;
found as is and stamped "Made in US Zone Germany"

small feather tree, 17,5cm high, fixed in a pink cotton stand;
top decorated with a cardboard glitter covered double sided star

small feather tree sprigs with red berries and yellow highlights and imiation snow with
mica flakes added; probably for decoration or added to Santa figures; total ca 14cm high
Various plastic materials are used, some are called visca trees; trunk covered with looks like brown mica or with glossy white paper (Italy).
Later ones are made of aluminum foil (Japan).

Wooden stand covered with printed paper; on the base "MADE IN ITALY"

Plastic, marbled stand, with on the side of one of the feet impressed "MADE IN ITALY"

44cm high-4levels and 57cm high-6 levels; wooden stand covered with printed paper,
also "MADE IN ITALY" on the base

154cm high-13 levels; wooden and cardboard
base covered with printed paper, no markings
but judging by the materials also Italian

52cm high-6 levels but much more branches than the previous ones;
wooden stand covered with printed paper, "MADE IN ITALY" on the base

58cm high stand incl.- 5 levels; plastic marbled stand,
"MADE IN ITALY" impressed on the side

155cm high-11 levels, complete with plastic stand and accompanying set of "pine" tips to stick on the end of the branches, no markings.
Probably manufactured by Moranduzzo, Italy, as a similar tree in its original packing, with foot and tips, has its label attached; according to Valeria Moranduzzo, Argenplast srl, they date from 1985-1990.

White and silver tree in the original plastic packing; the silver tree has no tips included.

22,5cm and 20cm high, both with beads attached, trunk wrapped with white and green paper,
circular wooden stand covered with white and mica

Japanese trees, all aluminum foil, with small glass colored beads at the tip of the branches; two in a wooden, foil covered base, the three small ones in wooden red and white round base.
The largest is 38cm high with on the base "MADE IN JAPAN", the other one is 30cm high; the small ones are 9 and 10cm high.

Probably Japanese trees, all aluminum foil, the largest with red plaster (?) berries and a red plastic base, similar material to the magarine figures, ca 44cm high;
the two small trees have glass colored beads at the tip of the branches and a white plastic base, both ca 30cm high; all unmarked

This is a larger aluminum foil tree in an old holder.I found this tree in its original plastic packing,
no holder included and I do not have one of the same period that is large enough.
It is ca 125cm high.
I have not unfolded the branches out full and I cannot get the color and the contrast of the tree right !

48cm and 50cm high-both 5 levels, green plastic with white tips, design on the boxes the same,
both with ref. "N:o 5060 50cm Koristeilla Med pynt With decor" and "WEISTE Made in Finland".
The right one is unused, still with the packet of glass beads and silver garland.
Weiste is a manufacturer of Christmas decorations, founded in 1924 and still in production today.

38cm high-4 levels, green plastic, stand covered with
green fluffy material, red berries and white red tipped
candles, plastic red balls and white bells

13cm high, with 4 fixed lights (top is missing),
a wooden base, decorated with white and mica,
the electrical wire coming out from under the base.

Could be Italian judging by the dark green, gold and white plastic, fitted around a metal wire, to form the trees, inserted in a thin metal star shaped tin (white trees) and copper (green trees) stands.
they are ca 24cm (green), 20cm (green) and 16,5cm (white) high; unmarked.

Small trees made with chenille and pipe cleaners, from left to right:
ca 20cm high, imitation chenille, decorated with colored beads and miniature Gablonz, I think not very old;
ca 22cm high, green chenille and pipe cleaners with dark blue glass balls, the trunk is wrapped with dark brown mica, red wooden base;
ca 15cm high, green chenille, trunk is wrapped wtih brown paper similar to used on feather trees, red wooden square base;
ca 25cm high, light green pipe cleaners, wooden trunk colored dark brown, round wooden base covered with white and mica, marked on the base "MODÈLE DÉPOSÈ" and "A.R.T.A M.M.";
Have not found any information on this firm, only the Austrian "ARTA".

Small tree made with green prickly something (aluminum foil), decorated with glass beads, plastic (?) miniature ornaments,
a wax Jesus and candles, and gold tinsel, fixed in a lacquered stand;
the base stamped in blue, but not readable except the "Nr. 1??"; ca 23cm high

Small tree made with sort of pipe cleaner and gold garland (?) twisted around wire,
trunk wrapped with silver foil, white round wooden base, with pine cone applied;
pixie with celluloid face; ca 17cm high

Small tree made with green prickly something, decorated with glass beads and
three foil holly leaves, fixed in a cardboard stand with red trim;
on the base stamped in blue "FOREIGN"; ca 15cm high

Small tree made with green prickly something, decorated with glass beads and
plastic ? red tipped candles, fixed in a green wooden stand;
ca 8,5cm high

Small trees made with green prickly something, decorated with imitaton candles, white plastic bells, glass beads and miniature glass ornaments, treetops with silver foil stars and glass star;
red wooden stands and one with plastic red bell shaped stand (replacement?), unmarked but one tree still has a paper label "Made in Japan"; ca 17,5cm, 20cm and 19cm high

Bottle brush trees
Many are unmarked, but several are stamped on the base.


Made in US-Zone Germany

Photo ref. 43 left??

Photo ref. 43 right??

Large bottle brush tree, 4 levels, each with red wooden bead,
red painted wooden stand; 61,5cm high

Two bottle brush trees with small colored glass beads fixed at the tip of each branch
a glass white star, the trunks wrapped with light green foil are in a square wooden base, painted green;
they are 45cm and 30cm high, and are rather wobbly

Ref. 43: Bottle brush trees, height ca 30cm, round wooden stand with raised rim,
both are fixed into the stand with a tube, covering the stem of the tree;
both are stamped but is unreadable, the right one has a round stamp;
the left one would be the oldest;

Bottle brush trees, height between 25cm and 23cm high,
square wooden stand with four round balls on top,
unpainted but heavily gold glittered;
they came decorating a crib on each side

Bottle brush trees, red lacquered wooden base with tube to disguise the wire, height between 24cm; small trees with white painted wooden base, carved rim and 15cm high

Bottle brush trees, height between 27,5cm and 13cm, round red wooden stand, 4 with carved band and the middle one with raised band but without the tube

Bottle brush trees, height between 35cm and 13cm, round red wooden stand with carved band

Bottle brush trees, height between 20cm and 13,5cm, standard wooden round stand

Bottle brush trees, height between 40cm and 26,5cm, round wooden stand

Bottle brush trees, height between 39cm and 23cm, square wooden stand,
two small ones stamped "Made in US Zone Germany" on the base

Bottle brush trees, both ca 18cm high, square and round wooden stand

Bottle brush trees, 19 and 23cm high, square and barrel shaped wooden stand

Small bottle brush trees, height between 13cm and 6,5cm, all have round wooden stand, two painted red, two painted white and decorated with silvered beads;
the two painted gold, having a metal hanger at the top, form a set with the round bottle brush hanger (ca 10cm dia) with a plastic Santa in sleigh and are all decorated with glitter, foil stars, colored beads and ribbon

Various materials tree shaped

Tin tree, signed on the base "MEXICO", ca 31cm high, with candle holders, 1980s

Toy tree with 8 numbered metal bells for playing tunes when ... in the right order.
The two sticks and music directions are missing.
Tree and stand are in plastic.
Total a
pprox. 37cm high.

Small art glass tree with ornaments, 17cm high, Venetian, modern, early 2000

Small tree made from a pine cone, painted green and
decorated with plastic ornaments imitating candles and ...; ca 10cm high

These trees are also seen on plastic candle holders with polystyrol angels, total height 8,5cm;
marked on the tree and in the red stand "MADE IN WESTERN GERMANY","GES.GESCH.".


Various Ornaments
Ornaments I have not been able to classify anywhere else

Angel with paper head, fabric on cardboard dress, feather hair,
in a bottle brush hanger, dia 14cm

Pink bottle brush hanger, dia 15cm, decorated with beads, pine cones,
small glass balls, red berries, paper flower and orange ribbon

Yellow, green and pink bottle brush hangers, all dia ca 7,5cm,
decorated with beads and red ribbon

Decoration Materials

Imitation snow and glitter:
Rauhreif - Glittering Christmas Frost - Diamantine couleur pour garniture Abre de Noël, Made in Belgium

"Dolly set Kerstfiguurtjes om zelf over te drukken! "; Christmas decals, "made by studio graphic euroscreen holland"

Stickers with dispenser and ribbons

Silver and gold colored ribbons and threads

Black cotton thread covered with silver wire; was in a box with old ornaments

German stickers with the original satchel: "20 Weihnachtsbilder zum kleben u. anhängen", Kurt-Pauzer, Berlin.
Packages of "Angel hair" and "Feen-haar", where the graphics are often very pleasing.

Feenhaar Made in West Germany - - Angel-Hair "seit 1860" fire proof

Box with a cotton glistening snow blanket, marked "VEB Baumschmuck Steinheid", dating around 1950s-1960s, or 1976 if the "376/76" refers to a date.

Dried moss and leaves, now turned brown from age,
marked "made in Italy"

Metal bells, various sizes, can be used for many decorations,
marked "JAPAN"
Garlands, tinsel and imitation tinsel, paper.
Tinsel garlands with additions such as beads, bells, etc. are shown on the "Metal - tinsel & lametta" page, while beaded garlands are on the "Glass - beaded garlands" page and paper garlands under "Paper ornaments". Maybe better all here? I will think about that.

These are not the original garlands but on the box it says "Spiral" garland, so I just added them. .

I do not think this is a very old box with silver garlands, but pleasant Christmas graphics; on the side it says "Christmas Garland";
markings "630.759" and "HFL 1,50 BFRS 28", meaning Dutch Florins and Belgian Francs.

"Super-Spiraal" silver and green garland, box marked "Made in Holland"

Christmas garland made of white and green crèpe paper;
it is 2.20m long by 11cm high.

Metal wires used to hang the ornament on the tree,
set with original satchel and set with original label

These metal wires come from old ornaments, 1930-1940s

Box with 50 green plastic hangers,
marked "Made in Italy";
box is 9,5 x 20cm

-Small box, 50 green plastic hangers (gancetti per albero di Natale), Italian, box is 4,5 x 6,5cm;
-Small satchel, 5 x 7,5cm, "Pfiffikus Aufhänger für Christbaumschmuck", metal, German

Satchel, 6,5 x 9cm, 25 metal hangers;
on the back user instructions;
"Perfekt DRGM"

-Box marked "S", 5,5 x 8cm, 50 metal hangers, text Dutch, German, English, French;
-Box, V 15/17, 5,5 x 8cm, 50 metal hangers, text Dutch, German, English, French

-Box, 6,5 x 8cm, 100 Christmas tree ornament hangers, metal, marked "Japan";
-Box, "VEFA", 9 x 6,5cm, 50 Christmas tree ornament hangers, metal

-Mica satchel, 6,2 x 9,5cm, "FIX Der praktische Christbaum-Schmuck Aufhänger", metal;
-Small box, 4,2 x 4,5cm "FIX Der ideale Schnellaufhänger für Christbaumschmuck",
"Western Germany", Inhalt 3Dz., metal

-Same box, 4,2 x 4,5cm "FIX Der ideale Schnellaufhänger für Christbaumschmuck",
"Western Germany", Inhalt 3Dz., metal, with original packed metal hangers

-Mica satchel, 6,5 x 9,5cm,
"Flüx Der ideale Schnellaufhänger für Christbaumschmuck u. Konfekt", metal;
-Plastic satchel, 7 x 10,5cm, "FLUX SNELOPHANGERS", metal

Paper satchels, both 8 x 11,5cm, metal hangers
-"Schnellaufhänger = 25 Stück" (50 overstamped), Mb-G8/72V5/20,
blue stamp "Made in DDR"
-"Schnellaufhänger = 50 Stück", Mb-G8/70V5/20

Box, 7 x 10,5cm, "DROGUET International",
36 crochets 36 hooks,
"made in France", large metal

Various other models of metal hooks, but I do not have the boxes; the most left is probably self made.

Such as boxes, party crackers, bottles, magic lantern slides, ...

Party-crackers, made in Germany, for all parties, not only for Christmas

Box, once holding Christmas crackers made in England by Tom Smith & Co. LTD.,
as indicated on the label attached to the side of the box.

Box, once holding a Christmas pudding, made by Tuxford & Tebbutt Ltd.
at Melton Mowbray, as it says on the round label.
There also is a warning that "this pudding contains rum and brandy". Yummy !!


Box, once holding "Bounty" crackers; "Made in England" and the reference no. "4807", while on the side label is the no. "413".
Box is 25,5 x 25,5cm and 8,5cm high.

Box, front and back, containing two pieces of Palmolive soap, wrapped in oily white paper; possibly the green as in the next box is lost .

Later Palmolive box, front and back, containing three pieces of soap, each wrapped in green ribbed paper and the red band;
on the other side mentioning that it is a Belgian product, period 1949.

Below advert from a 1949 newspaper (from Susan Witte)


Laurens 48 sigarettes Christmas box. Originally it would have held 10 packages of 20 sigarettes each, but only one remains.
This box with its package dates from the time when a package of Laurens cigarettes cost 7 Fr, as is stated on the tax band. That was a long time ago !!

Matchbox with large matches,
container is 30cm high, dia 6cm


Christmas box from the italian firm (Angelo) Motta, famous for their dome shaped panettone; on the box it says "Panettone - Motta - Torrone" and "Cinzano Riserva Principe di Piemonte e Asti Spumante";
dimensions: box is ca 42cm wide x 35cm high and 21cm deep.

There is an 8cm wide slit in the lid, why?:
a) it is thought for a ribbon to be attached from the inside out, ref. info from Massimo Marzocchetti;
b) a more acceptable reason, info from Chris: When the panettone was eaten, the box was not discarded, but the children used it as a letterbox for their letter with wishes to Father Christmas.
Their parents then knew what their children wanted for Christmas. They removed the letters from the box and told them that during the night an angel had come by, taken the letters and brought them to Father Christmas.

Matchbox with wishes and greetings, with a "Tree of Life", which looks like a Christmas tree, and text "Hearty Wishes and Geetings"; could also be for valentine;
matches in the box have gold colored tips instead of the standard yellow, the "scratch" part is on the base;
markings:" US PAT D/180.015

Just an attractive cardboard box with no indication of what its contents were, probably toys. Dimensions: ca 17 x 17cm.

A cigar box (on the base part of the label reading "Cigarros .." still bare) that someone has changed into a Christmas box by covering it in- and outside with Christmas paper.
Dimensions: 18,5 x 12,5cm and 8cm high.
Below a few magic lantern slides

Santa Claus, Father Christmas brings you sweets: One of a set of twelve lantern slides, made by the German Gebrüder Bing, Nuremberg (G.B.N.), c. 1900.
Information from.: Luikerwaal and the complete set

These two lantern slides are part of a special Mickey Mouse magic lantern set. It was made by special arrangement with Walt Disney, by Ensign Limited, London W.C.1, in the late 1930s. All the slides, boxes, packaging etc were made in Great Britain, while the lantern itself was made for Ensign in Czechoslovakia. It is a children's toy.

The set includes numerous lantern slides. Among them three sets of Snow White (chapters 1, 2 & 3), some sets of early boxed Silly Symphony Slides (Mickey Mouse in Giant Land, Mickey Crusoe & The Night Before Christmas), each containing 12 slides (pictures). There is also a 24 slide set of 'Three Little Pigs' and a 16 slide set of 'The Pied Piper'. All of these sets came with a printed story leaflet (to be read in conjunction with the slides).

Liquor bottles, 13cm high, in the form of a Santa, carrying his sack on his back and toys on his arm; text on the label are somewhat different:
left: DEUTSCHES ERZEUGNIS Sechsämtertropfen 33 %VOL 6e 0,1 L G. VETTER . GmbH & Co. - WUNSIEDEL; on the base perssed "T6 0,1l 10,5 3 3"
right: DEUTSCHES ERZEUGNIS Sechsämtertropfen 36 VOL % G. VETTER, OHG.LIKÖRFABRIK-WUNSIEDEL; on the base what I can make out "603W 0,1l Ges.gesch"
OHG = Offene Handelsgesellschaft = limited liability company; Ges.gesch = registered)

Ref. Wikipedia: The liqueur comes from the Fichtelgebirge and was invented by a pharmacist Gottlieb Vetter and first sold in 1895.
The name of the drink refers to six historic districts (Sechsämterland) around the town of Wunsiedel. Since 2001, the spirit is sold by the company Black & Simple.
Present official website: Sechsämtertropfen

Liquor bottle "Sirop..." bottle in the form of Santa with his sack, French, marked on the label "Benoit Serres Distilleries ...Toulouse..France..", which is also impressed in the glass; ca 31cm high;
it seems this bottle is of the 1940s and mentioned in the book by Gerard Wagener "Les Bouteilles à sujet" on page 107, no. 209

Oil painting of a nativity scene, signed by Jos Deswert. There is no date, but considering the style and the frame, possibly 1910-1930.

It is here shown without the frame.

Dimensions: 46 x 50cm.

Meerschaum scene, in a copper casing with domed glass, which I bought, thinking it was a
nativity scene with the ox missing and the Christchild rather big, but later I realised that it
was the flight into Egypt. Well, this happens within the Christmas period:

Flight into Egypt is recorded by Matthew (2:13-15).
When the Magi came in search of Jesus, they went to Herod the Great in Jerusalem and
asked where to find the newborn "King of the Jews". Herod becomes scared that the child
will threaten his throne. After homage paid by shepherds and the Magi, an angel came to
Joseph in a dream and ordered him "to take the young child and his mother, and flee to
Egypt, and stay there until I tell you; for Herod is going to search for the child to kill him."
So Joseph got up took the baby and his mother by night and departed into Egypt, where
they stayed till Herod's death.

Dimensions: 15cm high.

Nativity scene made of mother of pearl and mounted in an oyster shell. I believe it comes from Bethlehem, probably made for the tourists. I have no idea of its age.

It is ca 16,5 cm high.