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All Others

Two stars made of cardboard, wound with silk and cotton thread, decorated with silver and gold Dresden stars, and embossed scrap face;
the left one is the oldest, 8,5cm wide, while I think the right one is younger, 8cm wide


Two ovals, base is a real egg, covered with wool. At first I thought the cream colored bands were tragant or macaroni,
but they are soft to the touch and a close-up reveals nothing. Could also be wool?
Help needed here.

Three small angels, crochet work, painted faces now faded, not very old

Two small children, a girl and a boy,
crochet work, not very old

Snow flakes, crochet work, between dia 10,5cm and 6cm

Plastic balls covered with crochet work, dia ca 6cm

Homemade ornament, plastic egg covered with lace, red ribbon, small glass beads
and sequins; ca 11cm high

Dwarfs or pixies windspinner made from wool with fabric face and felt hat; the are 8cm high;

Some sheep with papier-maché head, wooden feet and cotton fur;
the small ones ca 5cm high and the larger 9cm high;
they are not only used for nativities, but also used in toy farms

Two sheep, body completely papier-maché (or other hard material) incl. the sturdy feet,
cotton fur; both are ca 5cm high

Here are Santa's with chenille body and paper/cardboard or clay/papier-maché faces. Other chenille Santas with papier-maché faces are shown under the heading "Papier-maché - Santas". Maybe all better under fabric?
Santa with a paper face in a gold-glitter sledge.
Santa with a pressed paper face in a gold-glitter sledge.
Also paper faces, same as the previous, but yellow and blue chenille.
Also pressed paper faces, same as the next ones, but yellow and blue chenille/pipe cleaners.

All have pressed paper faces, chenille and pipe cleaners for body arms or legs

All have pressed paper faces, red cloth hood and coat, white pipe cleaner finish, blue paper trousers, cardboard body, fiber tree, dimensions 10 - 11 cm high
And other items made of fabric.

Santas with paper face and chenille body, feather tree branch,
ca 12cm high not countring the tree.
Santa with papier maché face on a paper & chenille bell.
Santa with papier maché face on a
paper & fiber chenille bell.
Santa paper face, chinille body, plastic rocket and paper bag on his back; also on the "Plastic" and "Candy container" page.
Santa paper face, chenille body, plastic rocket and paper bag on his back;
also on the "Plastic" and "Candy container" page.
Santa with possibly cotton face; cardboard ladder and crèpe hooded cape.
Santa with cotton face; cardboard
ladder and crèpe hooded cape
Has a plastic face.

Has a plastic face.

Flower basket made of pipe cleaners
and chenille flowers

Dwarf, green chenille, cotton head/beard
with crèpe hood, and tinsel

Bell, 6cm high, and wreath, dia 13cm) made of fiber roping around cardboard models.

Dwarfs, cotton faces and pipe cleaner bodies, each in a tinsel cradle

Two moths or butterflies with spun glass wings on a clip.
The left has a glass body with the two wings attached to flat glass discs
on each side of the glass body. The right one has a chenille body.

Two clowns made of chenille and pipe cleaners, papier maché faces, girl has satin collar,
each copper bell and Dresden violin and banjo, of which a piece,
burned by a candle, is missing, only the wire remains;
they are ca 18,5cm high and were found together.

"Black Petes", St. Nicolas' helpers, made of chenille, pipe cleaners, crèpe paper, paper foil, red berry, and cotton faces;
each has a wire at the back for fixing on the tree (or on something else); ca 10 à 12cm high

Chenille body and cotton faces, chimney sweep with Dresden ladder, the two clowns with paper umbrellars on spring;
they all have a wire at the back for fixing on the tree (or on something else); ca 12 à 13cm high

Chenille body, paper hats and cotton heads, chimney sweeps with gold Dresden ladder;
all have an iron pin at the back, ca 11cm high,

Chenille body, paper hat, cotton head,
chimney sweep and silver Dresden ladder;
iron pin at the back, ca 16cm high;
notice crude drawn face
Table decorations, mostly dwarfs and snowmen with either cotton or paper faces, sometimes difficult to see the difference, often with pinecone bodies. Those with plastic faces you will find under "Plastic - all others".

Two small dwarfs on pine cone, cotton hat; all have cotton face, chenille arms; large one is sitting on a cotton mushroom and has felt hat;
ca 9cm, 15cm and 8cm high

Two clowns with pipe cleaner arms and chenille feet, cotton head mounted on a spring, paper hat,
paper and chenille horn, paper symbal, gold colored pine cone body; ca 11,5cm high

Two delightful snowmen with cotton head mounted on a spring, plastic hats,
chenille arms and cardboard body;
ca 7cm high

Three dwarfs with cotton head, paper hats, pipe cleaner trimmings,
chenille arms and holding a Christmas tree, all with pine cone body;
ca 7cm high

Three snowmen with cotton head and feet, plastic hat, pipe cleaner trimmings,
chenille arms, all with pine cone body;
ca 6,5 à 7,5cm high

Dwarf with cotton head, pipe cleaner hat,
feet and trimmings, pine cone body;
ca 6,5cm high

Dwarf with cotton head, paper arms,
crèpe paper hat and sack,
pine cone body; ca 6,5cm high

Dwarfs with cotton heads, velvety hats, chenille arms; one on a pine cone and holding a chick,
while the lady dwarf has a cardboard body and holding a paper book ""NOEL";
ca 10cm and 8cm high

Snowman (?) with cotton head, cotton champagne bottle, chenille body,
on a wooden sledge; 5,5cm high and 6cm wide

Small dwarfs with cotton head, crèpe paper hat, right and left chenille body and tree, sitting on a wooden sledge,
while the middle one has a cotton body and wooden candle holder with paper tree and cotton mushroom;
ca 5cm high not counting the tree

Small dwarfs with cotton head and feet, crèpe paper hat, chenille body and tree, one sitting on cotton log with silver paper saw; ca 4cm high

Not very old this table table decoration, but I found them very amusing with the cardboard white fabric covered mushroom man with a felt hat and a red plastic container;
I geuss from the 1970s; total width at the base is ca 18cm

Six handkerchiefs with Christmas decor; date from the 1950s-1960s;
they are a present from Kathy and can be used to drape off shelves or mantelpiece;
one still has its original sticker, reading "ALL COTTON RN 1699".

An apron, dates from the 1950s and would have been made by the housewife from
pre-printed material; another present from dear Kathy
Below a few hooked Christmas rugs handmade by Kate Kiely. I think they are fun idea and glad Kate has given here consent in showing them here. They are not in my collection.

Long coat Father Christmas, hooked in 2010

A Christmas angel, hooked in 2006

This 1,22m (48") Nativity Rug was created in 2010 to reside on a lovely 48" antique bench. Thus the elongated shape of the rug