Favorite Sites
Sierra Nevada Animals Shelter Shelter for abandoned animals, very present problem in Spain.
Cortijo Montefristy A wonderful holiday home for rent in rural Spain, Montefrio, Granada province, at very reasonable prices.
Christmas Village Houses

At Papa Ted's Place by Ted Althof. Now, upon Ted's request, safeguarded and maintained by Paul Race.

The Christmas Lights Museum

"Old Christmas Tree Lights": Truly a museum ! An amazing amount of information on Christmas lights; really very professional. George Nelson has been very generous with sharing information. The original site is no longer available, but has been reconstructed by Paul Race, so luckily the information will not be lost.

Bill's antique Christmas Light Site Amazing information on Christmas lights by Bill Nelson, sadly no longer with us, but now again available at Tom Elmore's reconstruction of BILL NELSON'S 2003 CHRISTMAS
Oude Kerstverlichting (Old Christmas Lights) Site on old Christmas lights from Frans's collection, showing many Dutch lights, making this site extra interesting.
Alfred Jecelin en Ajeko Recently, March 2014, a website has been created by Hugo Smet, which, once completed, will have the most reliable information on Alfred Jecelin.
Ajeko Christmas Ornaments Another interesting site about these special glass Christmas ornaments with annealed hanger.


The world of paper créches

Betlémy - Nativity

Nativity scenes of a Czech collection. He has given me the information on the Czech paper crèches. The link to this website no longer works and I have not been able to find out why. But I will not give up.
NB Speelgoed Nazaire Beeusaert Grandson and author of a book on the history of the Belgian toy factory "Nazaire Beeusaert", also produced nativity figures (in this collection under Nativity).
Torck pedalcars, Nazaire Beeusaert and other toys Katrien and Peter's very impressive collection on Torck pedal cars and other toys made in Deinze, Belgium. There is also a section on "NB" Nazaire Beeusaert.
Poëzieplaatjes - Scraps Extensive overview of scraps and the publishers, in English and Dutch.
The Golden Glow of Christmas past USA club of Christmas collectors
Christmas Past, verzamelmarkt voor oude en antieke kerstversiering Breda Dutch Facebook site for Christmas collectors, interesting because of the discussions and photo's.
Scraps Mimmu Takalo's website on scraps; is in Finnish but with pictures and you can email her in English, German and Swedish.
Family Christmas

Paul and Shelia Race's website with an amazing amount of Christmas information and links to related sites; he also reconstructed Bill and George Nelson's sites

Whirligig Christmas Chimes Eric's site on Christmas chimes with photo's and descriptions
Treasury Comics A huge amount of information on comics from the 1930s up to the present, where I found the English version of my French Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer.
Fairy Lamp Club

Website dedicated to Victorian and contemporary fairy lamps, with a chapter on Christmas lights.
On Facebook also.

BNP Brand Name Pencils collecting Bob Truby's site, not only providing us with massive information on pencils all over the world, but also shares his knowledge freely.
Velkommen til kravlenissernes side

Finn D. Nielsen’s site is about the unique Danish character "Kravlenisser" for Christmas decoration, with many pictures of many artists. The name “kravlenisser” turned up in the late 1940s when in 1947 this expression was used for the first time by Frederik Bramming, probably the inventor of the name.
The character is based on the old Scandinavian “nisse”, information going back to 1822-1880. He was a small very old man who helped out on the farms. If you treated him well, he was great to have around, but if you treated him bad it was the other way around. He would make the animals sick, set the farm on fire or your harvest would be poor, etc.
He had nothing to do with the Christmas story.
“Kravle” means “climbing” but for “nisse” there is no translation as he only existed in Scandinavia. Gnomes, leprechauns, elves, pixies, etc. are not "nisse".


This is Uta Förster’s site with lots of information on Christmas

Nativity set in various unlimited variations Birte approaches the Nativity collection from an interesting side. One set of figures used in different compositions and probably by different manufacturors in different countries. She has just started this site and will be expanding.
Margerine Figures A German site by Helmut Bitsch on margerine figures from all countries. Very well documented and also showing angels and Nativity items.

Christmas in Den Gamle By


Julehistorier - Christmas Stories

In the open air museum, Den Gamle By, how the Danes celebrated Christmas for centuries. Mr. Jens Ingvordsen, Christmas Curator, also co-author of "Julekalender Bogen" and "Spørg Birgitte! Fest skrift til Birgitte Kjær",
author of the Danish blog "Julehistorier"

Grootste Kerststal van Nederland A Dutch site, The largest nativity in The Netherlands. Quite an accomplishment, amazing.
Rolf Keller A very interesting site about the artist Rolf Keller, also illustrator of Advent calendars.
Georges Averhals, painter and etcher Biography of the Belgian artist Georges Averhals; also here.
Mr. Bubble lights and sleds A very interesting collection of bubble lights and sleds. As it is a recent (2015) website it certainly is worthwhile visiting frequently.
Gablonz Collection Antique Bohemian Christmas decoration 1870-1940
Dutch Magic Lantern Site Informative site in Dutch and English on magic lanterns called "De Luikerwaal"
Sellmer Advent calendars on Pinterest Images of Sellmer Advent calendars, 800 series(1-100, and 801-807), information intended for collectors.
Porseleyne Fles cloisonné tiles An interesting site with the Christmas cloisonné tiles, and others.