Glass Animals
Bears - Cats - Dogs - Others

Sitting bear, turquoise, 8cm



Small yellow bear, red jacket, in a boat

Small yellow bear, green jacket, 6,5cm

Taller bear, maybe once yellow, red jacket, 7,5cm

Small bear, red jacket, hardly no fir modeling, 7cm.

Larger bear, frosted, red jacket, 10cm

Larger yellow bear, with red skirt, 9cm

Smaller clown bear, 6cm

Smaller bear, covered with bumps and holding a milk bottle, 5,5cm

Bear with mandolin, bad detail, 8cm

Bears with mandolin, color and mold variation, better detail, 8,5cm

Cat in a shoe, color variation

Kittens in a bag, 4,5cm

Kittens in a bag, color variation

Kittens in a bag, color variation

Earlier version of kittens in a bag, 7cm.

Small dog, 4,5cm

Small dog, 4,5cm, color variation

Small bulldog, 4,5cm

Dog in a house, 6,5cm

Dog on a ball, 8cm

Dog on a ball, color variation

Dog on a ball, one paw on his back, 10cm
Other Animals  
Minnie Mouse The back of the Minnie Mouse ornament
Minnie Mouse
Radio Monkey
"Radio" Monkey

I think this is a monkey

Squirrel with chenille tail

Art glass deer

Rabbit embossed on a tree