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Some may not fall under the category of "art glass", such as the milk glass storks, but am listing them here anyway as they compare well with the unsilvered deer.
They are mostly freeblown and the silvered ones often have a dark area where the silver has been affected by the exposure to air at the open end.
I find them difficult to photograph and have tried some with a darker background.

Ornaments with glass hook or similar

Pig, 7cm wide

Large dog, 11cm long

Small dog, 6cm long

Leaping deer, 8cm long

Leaping deer, milk glass, 6cm long

Duck, 8cm long

Penguins, 7,5cm tall

Pelican, 7cm long

Pelican, 7cm long

Swann, 9cm long

Swann, 9cm long

Fish, 12,5cm and 10,5cm total height

Animals on clip

Two moths or butterflies with spun glass wings on a clip.
The left has a glass body with the two wings attached to flat glass discs
on each side of the glass body.
The right one has a chenille body.
Milk glass, approx. sizes because all free blown

Deer, 7cm high, top left leaping, 5,5cm high.

Set deer, 6 and 7 cm high, secured by one spring

Deer, 7 and 8cm high, with small mushroom, both secured by one spring

Pidgeon, 6,5cm high, with mushroom, secured by one spring

A pidgeon pair, 6 and 6,5cm high, the smalles with black feathers

Chick, 4,5cm high

Storks, 5cm, 6cm, 5cm wide

Two pairs storks, side and back, 4,5 cm wide

Pair geese, 7cm, and storks, 4,5cm wide

Stork, open beak, 2 legs formed by one spring, 7cm wide

Parent stork, 5,5cm, and the 2 baby storks secured by one spring, 2,5cm wide

Pair baby storks, one spring for the two, 4cm wide
Standing animals
Probably for under the Christmas tree or table ornaments, certainly those with a small vase attached

Described as a flamingo due to the annealed "topknot", although I have
not seen a live one like this nor with pointed beak; a stork or heron ?; 8cm high

Could be a bird with 2 red wattles, or a cock species?
nearly all of the inside gold silvering is gone; 12cm high
Below peacocks with art glass body and annealed legs; beautifull painted spun glass tail. They were made before WW2 and reissued in 1979 (ref. Vol II G. Johnson)

Peacock, black legs and pinkish body, with glass tail, total height 11,5cm

Peacock, brown legs and dark grey body, with glass tail, total height 15cm

Peacock, brown legs and blue body, and the sign on the back, "Foreign" indicates it was produced for export (ref. Daniela) ; total height 15cm.

Deer, silvered with milk glass antlers and legs, smallest 10,7cm, largest 15cm,
painted and glass eyes

Two small deer, completely silvered, 10,5cm, glass eyes, and 10,8cm high, painted eyes

Deer: stag, hind and calf, largest 9,5cm high

Two deer, 12cm and 14,5cm high, both have glass eyes

Deer, inside gold silvering, black glass antlers and eyes, ca 14cm high

Deer, unsilvered, brown glass, glass eyes, 11,8cm high

Deer, silvered, 12,5cm high

Deer, silvered, 13cm high

Deer, milkglass, 10,5cm high

Deer, milkglass, 12,5cm high

Deer, milk glass, 10,5cm high

Deer, brown glass and silvered, with a vase, total 8cm high

Duck or geese, silvered, with annealed milk glass wings, 11,5cm high
Birdcages with art glass birds
I always thought these were not Christmas ornaments until I found them described in several books on Christmas ornaments:
- Eva Stille: 1920-40, in dealer catalogs offered as 'künstlerischer Christbaumschmuck" (artistic Christmas tree decoration), for instance in 1933 by Adolf Eichhorn in Lauscha
- Weihnachtszeit, Bayerisches Nationalmuseum: Thüringen 1935-40; firm Carl Eckhart in their 1939 catalog
"Fadenglas" Ornaments

Flower basket with wire wrapped handle,
red berry and green

Umbrellar withe wire wrapped hanger

Flower vase with wire wrapped handle,
paper flower and green

Two bells with tinsel inside
Varous fantasy ornaments: whether or not they all fall under the category "art glass", but they do have the feeling.

Three free-blown clear glass ornaments, painted with metallic salt and then fired.
This gives the iridescent sheen, like soap bubbles. Is not healthy for the glassblowers because
the vapors are inhaled. (Ref. Mr. Werner Vitt, glasblower).
My sister bought them in the 1960s


Glass icicles, old ones, I left the wire hangers on, ca 11,5cm long

Glass fruit basket, not very old !

Venetian, Santa in a gondola, modern, early 2000

Small art glass tree with ornaments, 17cm high, Venetian, modern, early 2000