Houses & Buildings
As much as possible grouped by model, and where more than one the back is also shown. Some are decorated with white and colored "snow".

The first, here the back, and second are of the same model,
different size: 5cm, 8cm, 6cm high.

Variation, small size

Variation, unsilvered, strand tinsel inside, foil flower at base, 6cm high, 2nd half 1930s (Xmas Decades)

Three different models, ca 6cm, 4,5cm, 5,5cm high.

Mansion, the back has 2 windows & 2 dormer windows; 5cm high

All more or less the same design, different colors, the white and the blue show the back and the side, all ca 4cm and 4,5cm high.

House between trees and at the back a figure with an animal, also between trees, has been described as
Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf; ca 7cm high; pre-WW2; BEWARE see good repro made.

The left one seems to have a ladder going to the top window; the two on the right are the same design, front and back, ca 5cm but the pink slightly higher.

The left one could be a bird's house; three different designs;
6cm and ca 5cm high.

Houses with a turkey in front; the far left is the oldest, pre-WW2; the two on the right are similar in design and colors but different size;
height ca 7 à 7,5cm and 5,5cm.

House with a tree in front and back, and a glass spike for a bird,
sometimes with a stork; houses are all ca 6cm high.

Variation of houses with trees, front and back; height between 5cm - 6,5cm.

Variation of houses with trees, front and back, decorated with white or colored "snow"; height between 7cm - 4,5cm.

Some more variations of houses with trees in the front, while some have only windows at the back
(far left, see brownish one and far right); height between 5,5cm - 4cm, some decorated with white "snow".


This is a draw-well; not very old, but the only one I have seen.

Garden house with grape vine on top ?
Unsilvered with silver tinsel inside, 2nd half 1930s (Xmas Decades pg 125)

Windmill with chenille sails

Windmill with painted on sails

Windmills with Dresden sails

Top of lighthouse, or lantern


Churches came in various models.

Not to be mistaken for anything else, the entrance is on the side; height from 7 to 8,5cm.

Because of the double door I have classified these as churches; height between 6cm and 11,5cm.

Churches on a round ball; the two in the center is back and front and on the right a small version; diameter 6,5cm and smallest 4cm.

Considering the crosses,
decided this was a church dome not a crown