Fruit - Vegetables
First some ornaments with old cap and hanging system without cap

Unsilvered fruit, some with wax leaves
The largest ornament is the lemon, being 8cm and the smallest is the apple or plum, being 3cm (not considering the grapes and the baskets).

Covered with a fuzzy material, imitating the fruit's skin

Baskets with unsilvered fruit
Silvered ornaments
First a few fruit baskets; the two on a clip are sometimes sold without the clip, but with the pike still there !!!
Various fruits were made, in all sizes. The smallest here being 3,5cm often used on small feather trees, and the largest 8,5cm, being the dead bird on the grapes.

With some imagination the following ornaments could be considered in the form of some exotic fruit or other, nuts, ...
Mushrooms are the major and have been made in all sizes and models: on clip, several together, with face, with animals and figures added, as a house, embossed, .... , silvered and unsilvered.

Corn cobs, largest is 10,5cm high

Mushroom face, 13cm high

Mushroom with plaster bird

Mushroom face on clip, unsilv., 15,5cm high

Polish or Russian?

Mushroom, silv., 8.5cm high

Silvered mushrooms, smallest 4cm high and largest 6,5cm

Silv. on clip, 8cm incl spring

Unsilv. on clip, 6,5cm

Unsilvered mushrooms, smallest 5cm and largest 10cm high

Unsilvered mushrooms on clip, smallest 5,5cm high and largest 11cm high, incl. spring

Clips used