Glass: Gablonz and Beaded Ornaments
Figurals - Various Fantasy

Made with beads, all sizes, models and colors, some faceted, ribbed, silvered, unsilvered, and with glass tubes, also all colors and sometimes faceted and ribbed, some with full glass rings, all held together with fine metal wire, which becomes very brittle with age.
Some are German productions and some Japanese. I feel that the Japanese are less intricate, just with one or two different beads.
Also included here are ornaments formed with beaded strings.
Dimensions given can vary because the ornaments are handmade and, where applicable, are without the glass tube hanger.
Dating the ornaments is based on the specialised book about Gablonz ornaments "Glasperlen Christbaumschmuck/Glass Bead Christmas Ornaments" by Waltraud Neuwirth, unless stated otherwise. Also an interesting collection of Gablonz from 1870-1940.

First some samples of beads used for making the ornaments in this collection. You will recognize them here and there in the ornaments. Many more are shown in Waltraud Neuwirth's book.
The standard round beads are only shown once. They have been made in all sizes and colors, as shown in the "Glass-Beading" page.
Glass canes
and bugles
Beads, round
Beads, oval
In strips
Beads, long

According to W. Neuwirth the figures below are either of the 2nd quarter or the 3rd quarter of the 20th century.

Male, foil body and feet,
7cm high

Male, hat red clear glass,
9cm high; h

Male, hat clear glass,
8,5cm high

Female, red clear glass skirt,
milk white body, 6,5cm high

Female, hat white glass,
6,5cm high

Female, hat white glass,
6,5cm high

7cm high

Figures with additions of various materials

Figures with additions of various materials

Figures with additions of various materials

All the same model, ca 6cm wide; 3rd.q. 20th.c.

Two the same model, ca 6,5 and 7cm wide; 7,5cm wide; 3rd q. 20thc.

Two larger ones, ca 9,5cm and 14cm wide; 2nd. q. 20th.c.

Two same model, ca 7,5cm wide; 7cm wide; 2nd q. 20th.c.

Three different stars: ca 8cm, 6cm and 5cm wide; 2nd q. 20th c. ?

Two the same starsl, ca 7,5cm wide; ca 7,5cm wide; 2nd q. 20th c.

ca 8,5cm wide

ca 9cm wide

ca 9cm wide and 8cm wide

ca 10cm wide
Animals: butterflies, dragonfly, beetles, spiders, birds, cats and dogs, ..

Butterflies, 7,5 and 7cm wide

Dragonfly 8cm wide, gold body; beetles 5,5 and 6cm high

Spider chenille & beads, 10cm wide

Spider, 7,5cm high

Spiders on web, 7cm and 6,5cm wide

Spider on ladder, 6,5cm high

Cross spider on web, 8,5cm wide

Spider in web, 9,5cm high

Birdcages, 7,5cm, 9,5cm and 9cm high;
one with plush (?) bird with paper tail and plastic feet

Birdcages, 10cm and 6cm high, plush birds;
left with chenille wings & tail, paper legs and wire feet; right textile tail and plastic feet

Dogs and cat; both 5,5cm high;
left basket with plush dog and cat; right a tragant doggy

Below are five animal cages, made of glass beads and canes, and all with circular or rectangular discs made of a white material that feels hard and is rather brittle and looks like artificial foam; animals are made of cotton. Total height ca 11cm.These ornaments all came together. Think they are of the 1940-1950s.






Buildings: windmills

Windmills, 8,5cm and 7,5cm high

Windmills, one with gold ribbed beads and no building, broken?, 8cm and 6cm high

Large windmill, 10cm high
Household items: purse, baskets, ...

Purse, 6cm high,
handle included

Elaborate basket & cotton fruit,
6cm high, handle incl.; 2nd.q.20th.c.

Baskets, same model but different beads, all with cotton mushrooms
baskets ca 2,5cm high, excl. handle

Baskets, same style base, different beads, cotton fruit and mushrooms
3cm, 3,5cm and 3cm high, excl. handle

Baskets, same model but different beads, left ones filled with glass silvered ball
3,5cm, 3,5cm and 2,5cm high, handle excl.

Baskets, same model, one filled with paper flowers, the other with two glass glass berries
both 2,5cm high, excl. handles

Baskets, same model, one with green glass ball, the other with a pink one,
both chenille handles, both baskets 3,5cm high, excl. handles

Basket, with glass bugels and small white beads, the wire a bit rusted,
ca 9cm wide


Cross, beads & chenille, 10cm high

Cross, beads & chenille, 6cm high

Stringed instruments, 10cm and 9cm high, 1925-1949

Balance, 6,5cm high

Balance, 5,5cm high

Candle, 10cm high

Lantern, 5,5cm high

Chandelier, total 11,5cm high

Chandelier, 7,5cm high

Chandeliers, same model with different color candles, both ca 7cm high

Watering can,
5,5cm high handle incl.

9cm high

11cm high

Flower, small white beads, dia 6,5cm;
dark beads were initially gold
Transportation: helicopters, aeroplanes, bikes, push scooter, air balloon, ..

Helicopters, both same body and each 7cm long

Another helicopter, same body and size, different wheels

Aeroplanes, 7cm and 10cm long

Aeroplanes, 7cm and 10,5cm long

Bike, 11cm wide, wheels full glass rings

Motor bike, 9cm wide, glass silvered wheels

Bike, 11,5cm wide, beaded wheels

Bike, 11,5cm wide, small white beaded wheels

Push scooter, base 6cm wide, wheels glass beads

Air balloon with green chenille, tinsel, bugles, beads and wire wrapped ball;
in the basket a small figure made with beads; total 13cm high
Fantasy and beaded ornaments

Ornaments in geometric shapes, mostly triangles, made from glass canes and beads, in the original carboard box. Box is unmarked.

Beads pendant in glass rings, dia 6,5cm, 5,5cm and 5,5cm

Beads in glass rings, dia 6cm, 5,2cm and ring made of white unsilvered beads
and decorated with foil stars, dia 4cm

Beads in glass rings, all dia 5,5cm,

Beads in triangles, 6cm and 6,5cm high

Diamond shaped, 7cm, 7,5cm and 8cm high

With pendants, 9cm, 8,5cm and 8cm high

Various with pendant drops, with red cotton,
see Christmas Ornaments by M. Schiffer and Christmas Past by R. Brenner

8cm and 7 cm high

Pendants, orange unsilvered beads, 6cm, 8,5cm and 6cm high

8,5cm, 8,5cm, and 5,5cm high, last one could be a basket and made with spares
considering the variations on the "handle"

9cm high

11,5cm high

9cm high

12cm high

9cm high

7,5cm high

9,5cm high

9,5cm high

15cm and 5cm high

7,5cm, 7cm and 6,5cm high

7,5 and 7cm high

7,5cm and 8,5cm high

7,5cm high

6,5cm high

5,5cm high

10cm high

9cm high

9cm high

12cm high

10cm high

Total 7cm high

Total 12cm high

6,5cm and 6cm high

8cm, 8,5cm and 6cm high

8cm, 6cm and 8cm high
Ornaments made of beaded strings, usually with other additions

Beads, chenille and green foil,
12,5cm high

Beads, glass candle, green foil, ribbon,
9cm wide

Beads, glass tube, green paper, ribbon,
7cm wide

Beads, glass bell, green paper, ribbon,
6,5cm wide

Two "bows", probably self-made with beaded strings;
rather old because the wire is partly corroded

Paper bells: materials used are beads, tinfoil, ribbon;
where on the bells the white is missing, Japanese text shows through.

Beads forming a bunch of grapes,
ca 7cm and 5cm high

String of green beads bound together to bunch of grapes, self-made,
beads ca 1,5cm dia.

Beads and foil leaves,
9 and 12cm high

Beads, glass candles and chenille,
11cm high