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Most kugels for Christmas decoration originated from Germany about 1830, when glassbowers started making the silvered balls for decoration, and

France (Meisenthal): Glassware Goetzenbruck started making them as early as 1857 and stopped making Christmas balls in 1964. To prevent this expertise lost forever, the Centre International d'Art Verrier (ICVA) Meisenthal revived this tradition since 1998.
The International Centre for Glass Art Meisenthal reissues not only old models, but also creates annually contemporary Christmas balls.

Beware, many reproductions from India and .... are being sold as old.

As extensive information is available, I will not elaborate on history and production.

Literature on Kugels is available:
Tucker Beesley: “Kugels: An Antique Christmas Obsession”
John Lightner: "Christmas Rarities"

and also on the following sites:

Corked early hanging system, ornament diam 5cm

Corked early hanging system, ornament diam 5,5cm
Below a variety of metal caps in this collection; there are many more varieties, 1 and 3 could be the same design;
8 could be new.

Cap 11, looks like cap 1

Cap 10, looks like cap 3, but top swirls and rim is different

Cap 1

Cap 2

Cap 3

Cap 4

Cap 5, top and side view

Cap 6, top and side view

Cap 7, French

Cap 8; is newer, Indian or French?

Cap 9, repro, probably Indian?

Silver, diam 10cm cap 1

Silver, diam 12cm, cap 2

Yellow, small, diam 4,5cm,cap 3

Silver, small, diam 4,5cm, cap 3

Red, large, diam 24cm, cap 5

Silver, large, diam ..cm, cap 6

Blue, small, diam 6cm, cap 7

Light green, diam 10cm, cap 4

Silver, small, dia 3cm, cap 3

Silver with reddish tint, dia 12,2cm,
cap 10

Silver with greenish tint, dia 12,3cm,
cap 11

Silver, 10cm high, cap 8, New?

White glimmering sheen, new reproduction, dia 10cm, cap9;
Close-up of the "glimmering sheen";
The caps are "aged" by rusting them on purpose with a mild acid, much as they are doing with new ornaments to make them look old.
A few ornaments I think are with the old sivering

4cm high

4,5cm high
'JUL Schmuck'
‘Jultanne’ in the Second World War :
In 1930 came out a series of “Julkugeln” (Christmas balls). It was a revival of the old-Germanic runes. They were 7 cm large, flattened balls with symbols such as tree of life, sun wheel and swastikas, sometimes same design both sides, sometimes different design each side.
Composed & Icicles

Variations of a ball on a cone (or whatever it is called); from 14cm, 13cm and 8,5cm.

A few other variations, the wire wrapped more rare; 12cm, 10cm and 10,5cm

11cm,17cm, 10cm

Cone shape, 6,5cm and 10cm


Same both sides, total 10,5cm

Ball with spikes on a cone also seen as a comet, ball with reflexes on an icicle;
shortest 10cm, longest 14cm.

The two on the left are 17cm high; the largest is 28cm high

Two different, clear glass, with tinsel inside, missing in the right one;
9cm high

Icicles and teardrops; smallest 8cm, longest 14cm

Ball ending in an icicle; 9 cm high, glitter applied

11 à 12cm

Left is 8cm and the right is an assembled ornament as the lower ball has been added separately, total 12cm
Oval & Diamond & Round

Old chenille and wire

Small, each ca 3,5cm high

Small, ca 4cm high

End*of-the-day ? But peculiar is the borderline, 11cm high

End-of-the-day, 8cm high

Inside silvering all gone

Unsilvered, dia about 7cm

Polish, 3 musical cats, large, ca dia 9,5cm

Two large balls, same design, dia 10cm and 11cm.

Polish, gelatine, dia 5cm.

Very thin glass, traces of gelatine,
dia 5cm

With very firm crincly wire

Gelatine & glitter, ca dia 9,5cm

Gelatine & glitter, ca dia 9,5cm

Polish, gelatine & glitter, ca dia 10cm

With crincly wire and beads
Ornaments that do not fit into the above categories; many fancy ornaments have been made and here are some that are special, either in design, model or size.

Largest is 11cm high

Largest is 9cm high

Largest 9,5cm high

Largest 11cm high

Largest is 10cm high

Largest is 11cm high

Largest is 17cm high

The three large ones all dia 10,5cm and the small one is dia 5cm