Glass: Clowns
Information has been added to several photos via the alternate text system; therefore if you are interested position your cursor over the photo. For the names of the ornaments I have kept to those used in the various American books on the market.
Sometimes also called man with a bone through his nose.
Clown head on a snake.
John Bull
A delightful figure, clown smoking a pipe; about 10cm.
Clown in mandoline; the variation Santa in cello is shown in the Santa page.
"Hans" clown head  on an indent.
"Smiling Tom" large ornament, about 11cm.
Clown "Smiling Tom", pre-WW2
"Smiling Tom" variation. There is residue of yellowish paint on the collar and the hat's rim.
Clown "Smiling Tom", gelatine all lost
Just a clown?
Clown "Smiling Tom", pre-WW2
Girl clown head.
Boy clown head, variation with no bumps underneath.
Boy clown head, variation with bumpy base.
Boy clown head color variation of the bumby base one. Residue of red spots on his cheeks.
Later version of boy clown in the moon.
Punch and Judy clown show
Punch and Judy color variation
Variation of the Punch and Judy show
Clown torso; 9cm
Other version of the Clown torso, with larger collar, more detailed also the back and also smaller, 7cm.

Variations of small roly poly clowns; the three from the left being about 6cm and the last one 5,5cm.
; it is old considering the silvering; it also has a peculiar bump at the base.
Small clown, 6cm.
Variation of the small clown, 6cm.
Here are a series of similar clowns with their hands in their pockets and their legs tapering into more or less a point. Different sizes, not counting the pike.
7cm; besides the collar and the hat, no details at the back.
6,5cm; here also not much details on the back.
8cm; viewed from the side it resembles more a monkey in a clown suit !!
7cm; Similar as the previous one having also the monkey expression; could be the same mold.
8,5cm; the back some more detail.
11cm; Clown with crescent moon and nice detail at the back. Color variation of the clown with crescent moon.
8cm; here the feet are a bit more prominent; the back show some folds in the pants.
10cm; pleasant molding.
9cm up to the top.
"Joey" clown heads.
"Joey" clown head; 5,5cm; there are many variations.
"Joey" clown head; 5cm.
Clowns with a musical instrument, more or less grouped according to similar model.
7,5cm; Clown playing concertina.
8cm, boy clown playing concertina Color variation of boy clown playing concertina.Red color variation boy clown playing concertina.
"Joey" clowns with musical instruments

8,5cm; Clown with a drum; model with a bulge at the bottom and showing
the feet in the front and at the back a band of small bumps at the heels.

9,5cm; variation clown with a drum,
model with a bulge at the bottom,
but no feet nor a band of bumps at
the back.

9,5cm; clown with a drum,
same model as the previous one,
color variation and
face with mat finish.

9cm; clown with a drum, model with no real bulge at the bottom,
face mat finish.

10cm; clown with a drum, model with the feet showing and
a small bulge with small bumps covering the bottom.

9,5cm; Joey clown sitting on a stump, playing a banjo.
All of the version on a stump are the same design at the back.

9,5cm; color variation.

9cm; variation of Joey clown
sitting on a stump, playing a banjo.

10cm; Joey clown playing a saxophone; this would be the rarer
version of the musical Joey clowns.

7,5cm; clown playing the accordion, coat at the back.

10cm; same design of clown playing the accordion, but larger.

6cm; looks a bit lost between
all the above, but he is cute
with his furry hat; Italian?