Glass: Elves and Dwarves

From Wikipedia:
A Christmas elf is a fictional diminutive creature that supposedly lives with Santa Claus in the North Pole and acts as his helper. Christmas elves are often depicted as green-clad with pointy ears, long noses, and pointy hats. Santa's elves are often said to make the toys in Santa's workshop and take care of his reindeer, among other tasks. In Scandinavian legend, an elf by the name of Jultomten took the place of Santa Claus and delivered gifts in a sleigh drawn by reindeer.

Dwarves in folklore, fairy tales, and romances
Dwarves are generally described as being about 3 to 4 feet tall, big-headed, and bearded. Nidavellir is the land of the dwarves in Norse mythology. Some dwarves of mythology and fairy tales include: Rumpelstiltskin, the dwarves from Snow White, …


Dwarf in a tree trunk, two different versions,
left one smaller & younger version of the next one

Older version of
dwarf in a tree trunk

Dwarf in a mushroom house, two different versions

Dwarf sitting on top of a mushroom, ornament on a clip

Sometimes called Jack Frost, different colors and size, from 9cm to cm; the back all have the same design

Sometimes called Santa face, but I believe it is a dwarf in a pine cone;
about 8cm high, the green being a a few mm smaller

Dwarf on a tree stump

Clear glass dwarf on a tree stump on clip

Dwarf in thick glass, only metal hook, no cap, 7cm high
Below various models of some of the seven dwarfs (or dwarves) of Snow White (who has a Snow White ?).
They are between 6 - 6,5cm high.

Same dwarf, color variation

The left one is the oldest ; the one on the right is of the same series as the two next ones.

Same dwarf, color variation

Different dwarf, but of the same series