Glass: Santa's
Size given is not counting the pike.
Santas on clip

Small Santa with sack on his back with mushroom

all about 7cm high

7cm and 6,5cm high

Santa's with a pointed hat; 6cm, 8cm and 7,5cm
Santa's full

8,5cm high

6,5cm high, both sides the same

Santa with sack, both about 10cm high, very similar but different mold

Santa with sack, 5cm high up to red

Two different Santa's with sack, 6,5cm and 4,5cm high

Santa's with pouch, 8cm and 6,5cm high
Santas with "feet"

8cm and 9,5cm high

Color variations of the previous models, also 8cm and 9,5cm high

Both 9cm high

Both from the same mold, 9cm high, thick glass and no metal cap,
only a hook

Polish, 6cm high, same design both sides
Different model, mainly the position of the hands here together in the sleeves, and rarely with Christmas tree

10cm high

Two small Santa's, 4,5cm high

Between 5cm and 6,5cm high

Two Polish Santa's, same mold, 6cm high

Santa, small ca 2,5cm high, gelatine covered, bad molding
Different model, mainly the position of the hands, here one above the other, and carrying a Christmas tree

6,5cm and 5cm high

5,5cm and 6cm high

7cm high

10cm and 5,5cm high

Left heavier 7cm, and 6cm high

From 7,5cm to 6cm, all have one large and many small bumps base

5cm and 6cm, all have only small bumps on the base

7cm and 7,5cm high; the right one has a nicely detailed modeled beard

Small Santa's, 5cm - 5,5cm

6cm high and different model, funny face, Christmas tree and the back

Santa, different model, ribbed cap band, 5,5cm high

Santa heads