Glass: Various People & Men/Boys/Snowmen

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They have not been ranged in any way.

Charly Chaplin, pre-WW2
Called “Hindenburg bust”. Some say of the 1990s when many were remade in the old molds, while in an  exhibition catalogue of November 2004 of the “Osterreic hischen Museums für Volkenkunde” in Vienna it is dated WW1. It was covered with sticky pink stuff that we removed – see next photo.
Hindenburg bust, 1992, no old versions; right as I bought it covered with
a pink sticky sugary substance that had been deliberately aged
Punch and Judy show
Circus director
Bought for an old one, but is not pre-WW2. Could even be a repro!
Indian smoking a pipe; similar mold, but  little higher and slight differencies in the molding.
Indian smoking a pipe.
Noticing the indented nose, I bought this for a pig; later I realised it was the man with an umbrellar!
Man with a cap and three red spotted bumps at his throat. With the red spots on his cheeks and nose he is either a clown or he has the measles.
Sailor holding an anker, small ca 3,5cm high Sailor, back
Little boy Little boy color variation. Little boy color variation.
Arab? First I thought it was Aladin, but then he would be holding a lamp instead of a sword?
Arab, same design as the former one, but different mold, such as  being a bit plumper with larger head, folds of his headband go the other way.
Ducth boy. Dutch boy color variation
Boy with a cap; rather thick glass; pleasant molding; Russian ?
Musician playing a saxaphone but could also be a clown
King, rather fun with his fluffy color and funny crown; Italian ?
Small boy with red waistcoat and flower in his lapel; rather poor molding; appears to be unsilvered !
Variaon on the small boy with red waistcoat and flower in lapel; beter molding, certainly of the head, cap and the face Color variation of the fomer one.
Small boy with scarf, Kayo (Moon Mullins comic strip) and sometimes caled Smitty; except the head,  most of the inside silvering is gone.
Rather fierce looking small boy with a scarf; variation of the former mould; this one is covered with small bumbs on the head and the base, but more pronounced on the back. Color variation of the previous one, with the same small bumbs on head and base.
This one came in a lot and thought he was fun with the moving eyes and felt hat.
Chinaman's head
e same both sides.
Small, 5cm incl. cap, head of, sometimes called, a Chinaman. Only half of the gelatine is left; notice the very early cap.
I have no idea whom he is supposed to be. Torero? Spaniard?
Boy carrying a sledge.
Smitty, small version, 4.5cm excl. pike. Smitty back view;more or less the same design for all of the Smitty heads that follow.
Smitty, 6cm excl. pike and 5cm wide.
Smitty, seems same mold as previous version, but certainly color variation.
Smitty, larger version 6.5cm high and 6cm wide. Same mold, color variation.
Another Smitty
Parachute man

7,5cm high

6,5cm high, all same mold

5,5cm & 8cm high

9cm high

Polish, 8,5cm high
Russian ornaments
Probably there are more Russian ornaments in this collection, but I must compare them with the book on Russian Christmas ornaments