Glass: Women and Girls
Information has been added to several photos via the alternate text system; therefore if you are interested position your cursor over the photo. They have not been categorised in any way.

Chrono face.

Boy in a bag; there is also girl in a bag.
Girl in a flower; the next photo shows the back This is the back of the former  girl in a flower
Girl in waterlily
Color variation girl in waterlily; could be later but is the same mold.
Red Riding Hood
Miss Muffet.
Girl in a beehive.
Baby in Bunting
Child soldier
 'Dolly Dingle'
Baby in bunting with a pacifier; not pre-WW2.
Color variation of the baby in bunting with a pacifier, same period.

I am not so sure about the first one being "old", could be a more recent repro; anyway I think they are both post-WW2; also reproduced by Inge Glass in the 1980. (G. Johnson)
Queen, probably Italian
Caroler ? Probably Italian or Polish?
Small, 4.5cm, girl's head, resembles the poor Ajeko molding  but it is not..
Lady bust
Lady holding a bouquet; hair covered with Venetian dew, most of it gone, also of the angel hair.
BEWARE ! Repro's in mint condition being sold.
Below two or three different molds for girl's heads with a cap, with color variations. The first row are, I think the oldest, all with paper eyes; the first one is more detailed with more pronounced nose and cheeks, while the next three have a larger bumb at the base. On the other hand two seem a bit larger. Viewed from the back they all four seem the same.
The second row have painted blue dots for eyes and no bumb at the base.
Flower girl in a basket
Flower girl on a ball
Flower girl on a ball, colar variation
Small ornament, 6,5cm including old cap, girl with basket
Girl or lady with a muff; the back is rather plain.
Color variation of the girl or lady with a muff.
Girl and a boy belonging to the same series.
Child sucking finger
Child sucking finger; color variation; notice the way the hair has been painted.