Thanks to
those who have helped me, generously given me presents, and shared information freely

Ex-General Motors colleagues, who have been very generous in letting me have their old Christmas ornaments:

Lilianne Kennes and Cois Cools - Wim - Tilly - Louisa - Miriam - Fa Van Ham - Jef Van Genechten - Dolf - Fa Van Gorp - Staf - C. Backeljauw - Fa Meyer - Rita - Fa Brams - Fa Goossens - Mr. & Mrs. F. Paquier - Betty Delanghe - Fa Strobbe

My sister and brother in law, who are responsible for the incentive of starting the Advent calendar collection.
All the owners of the favorite sites.

Robert Iwamasa, expert on figural lights and author of two very specialized books:

- “Antique Christmas Figural Light Bulbs”, ISBN 0-9652858-0-4;
- “The History of the Christmas Figural Light Bulbs”, ISBN 0-9652858-1-2

Peter Nicolaus, specialized in Advent calendars and co-author of several books.
Anders Jansson, curator Kulturen, a museum for cultural history in Lund, Sweden.
Ilse, Ira, Willy and Maurice, friends always on the lookout for me and have generously contributed to my collection.
Jasmien Albertus and Wim van Veen, for their generosity, a.o. a lovely old nativity, and had an antique shop "Porto Bello" in The Hague, Netherlands.
Fellow collectors and Glow members, Kathleen Dewald and Nancy & Mike West
Beth DeWitt for the lovely English version of the Crib Book
Evelyne Gasser, collector of Advent calendars, nativity and St. Nicolas.
Esther Gajek, author of the very well known book, "Adventskalender von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart", ISBN 3-7991-6422-7, and specialized in Reichhold & Lang.
Hélène and Tuur, collector of a.o. movie posters.
Yvonneke, who had a shop "De Snuffeldoos" in the Kloosterstraat in Antwerp.
Mimmu Takalo, who has given information on Swedish Advent calendars and paper stand-ups, and has an interesting site on scraps
Frank Paul for his assistance in dating Stanniol/Lametta and with the Latin text.
Susanne Schmidt for additional information on the Kubasta nativities.
Mary Bolme for supplying the information on Philips replacement bulbs.
Karen Slauenwhite-Eldershaw, Carolyn Andrews and John Strieb for additional information on Advent calendars.
Tracee Andrews for her kindness in donating four advent calendars, A184 thru 187.
Tony Johnson for sharing knowledge with me. He has a site with lovely authentic Christmas ornaments.
Olivier Tsjoen and Stefan for sharing their extensive knowledge on NB (Nazaire Beeusaert) nativity figures.
Jayann Bruce for solving the fuzzy Santa story book, B.E11
Massimo Marzocchetti, an Italian Christmas ornaments collector for information on the Motta box.
Ursula Jostock for identifying some of the printer's and publisher's logo's in the cards section, and on the artist Bella Vichon and Dürerhaus.
Daniela,, who has solved several of the "help" items.
Becky Jones in contributing to the information on the company E.O & CO. Sweden, and a lovely Advent calendar via ebay.
Thijs Oomens for his assistance getting information regarding the artist of the nativity woodcut.
Peter Cauwenberghs for solving the name of the artist of the woodcut: Georg Sedlmair.

Andreas Keller for the information on the artist Rolf Keller, his grandfather. More information on Rolf Keller:

Catherine Swan
Mr. Jens Ingvordsen, Christmas Curator Den Gamle By, an open air museum in Denmark, for information on Advent calendars. Also co-author of "Julekalender Bogen" and "Spørg Birgitte! Fest skrift til Birgitte Kjær".
Mr. Jeffrey Magadanz for the information and pictures on caps of glass ornaments.
Mr. Koskela from Scandinavia for additional information on Advent calendars.
Mrs. Renate Knorr, author of the very interesting book "Der Korsch Verlag Adventskalender von 1951 bis 1985".
Mr. Xavier Languy with information on printer's and publisher's logo's on the site of
Mr. Werner Vitt, glassblower in Bruges, who was so generous with this information on glassblowing; you can visit his site here
Mrs. Nina von Bargen for sharing information and her gift of the Krüger Advent calendar.
M. Schroeter for info on Willy Schermelé.
Sheila Bundy for dating the Rudolph Apel Nativity scene.
Gillian Baxter for sharing her feather tree and allowing me to post the stamped base on the "Trees" page.
Bea Klopstra for solving the monogram of Advent calendar A133.
Philippe Aernaudts for solving the logo "LSH" on a box of candles.
Mikael Bjerregaard for information on Advent calendar record A221 and more info on his blogs.

Firms and City Municipalities for their generosity in responding to my requests for information :

- Sellmer Verlag, Germany
- Uitgeverij Kluitman, the Netherlands
- Korsch Verlag, Germany
- Stadarchiv, Dresden, Germany
- Blackpool Central Library, England
- Raiffeissenbank, Wien, Austria
- The City of Toronto Archives, Canada
- Town Archives of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
- Osram Benelux B.V. The Netherlands
- Procter & Gamble France, Département Communication
- Dr. Andreas Ruppert, Stadt Detmold, Germany
- Bärenreiter Verlag Karl Vötterle GmbH & Co. KG, Kassel, Germany
Biblioteca Nacional de España (B.N.E.),