Lights:Boxed sets with shades

Shades 1
Box with shades: 22,5 x 4,5 cm
W&G Plastic Miniature SHADES.
Nursery Rhyme Designs. Contains 12 shades with decals and 12 cardboard disks in a paper bag with printed instructions on.
On the short side is printed: “Made in England; Ref.N° E37/19 Ward & Goldstone Ltd. Pendleton Manchester 6” and on the other “This carton contains 1 dozen miniature shades”.
Shades 2
Box with electrical cord: 13 x 6,5 cm. Probably to be used with the above shades.
Green electrical cord with 12 dark and light brown mottled sockets and plug. On the short sides of the box printed text: “12 LIGHTS SET COMPRISES 18 FT. FLEXIBLE CORD WITH 12 M.E.S. HOLDERS AND B.C. ADAPTOR E37/12 REF NO WARD 1 GOLDSTONE LTD. MANCHESTER” and on the longer sides “STRIP LIGHTING SET Without Shades PRINTED IN ENGLAND MADE IN ENGLAND”
Shades 3
Box: 32 x 21,5 cm.
British Make, 200-250 volts AC or DC.
Green plastic electrical cord with 12 light/dark brown mottled bakelite sockets. Each shade with a cardboard disk and clear light bulb. Bulbs marked “OSRAM 24V 3W ENGLAND”.
On the longer sides of the lid is printed “PIFCO FAIRY LIGHTS for bright occasions No 1257” and a logo with a P. On the shorter sides are the titles of the nursery rhymes.


Shades 4
Box: 33,5 x 24 cm.
MAZDA Disneylights.
Green plastic electrical cord with 12 bakelite, green and brown alternately, sockets with a plastic red holder, and plastic shades with decals.
I think still one original bulb, clear glass, marked Mazda 20V 3W. The others replacements.
On the sides of the box is printed a.o. information: The British Thomson-Houson Co. Ltd Crown House, Aldwych, W.C.2.
On the base various information on Mazda lamps and lights.

Shades 5 and 6

Whirl-Glo light shades are small, spinning paper light covers, creating the illusion of whirling animated pictures for the Christmas tree! These enchanting creations were made by the Sail-Me Company in the mid-'30s. A small paper cone sits on top of Christmas bulbs. The cone is outfitted with a small metal tab, which touches the bulb. On the top of the cone is a metal spindle. The decorated cup balances on top of the spindle and spins to life when warmed by the heat of the bulb.
The different designs, it seems more than the 8 contrary to what is mentioned on the boxes, are dancing children, waving Santa, children with log, dogs, horse and coach, carollers, marching band, the three wise men, Santa on a sled, Madonna and Child, small carriage with horses, tree by fireplace, and apparently a striped one too.
I have seen boxes with sets of 4 and 8. Boxes with sets of 4 are identified as Box No. 1 (red) and Box No. 2 (green).

5 =  Box No. 1 set of 4
6 =  Box No. 2 set of 4

Although unboxed, I am showing below a few light covers. Variations of these covers are numerous, so I am showing only a very few I find amusing, i.e. pixies, angels, Santas

A similar set, boxed, is described in the book "Electrical Christmas Lighting" by Cindy Chipps and Greg Olson, pg. 128, as Italian, celluloid, ca 1958.