Light Bulbs: All Others

Group of light reflectors, different models but all made of foil.

The bulbs are shown somewhat grouped together by model or figure.
Brass and aluminium bases. 15VJapan (alu) + later addition in brass, 16V, 15V, 20V

Train, rare, engraved: ...MA LI...16V JAPAN,
which stand for "PERMA LITE 16V JAPAN".
Some others with this mark are shown in " The History of the Christmas Figural Light Bulb"
by Mr. Robert Iwamasa and Patrick Fay

Zeppelin with the USA flag; aluminum, marked "16VFOREIGN"
indicating that it was exported to the United Kingdom

Brass 15VJAPAN

Aluminum 15VJAPAN

Marked, stamped "NEGLIN 14V HOLLAND". I do not know how old they are; Manufacturer of lamps and is still in production today.

Unmarked, ?BUR64V. plus O in a circle (brown fruit clear glass exhaust tip), 16V, 15V.

15V (1st) and 15V Japan (2nd & 3rd),
16V plus hart in a square and Y in a circle (4th)

Both 16V engraved

Cannot see any markings on the bulb's base; probably faulty bulbs can be replaced by removing the small clamps.
Manufactured by Raylicht Electric Co., U.S.A., ca 1938 and 1949 (ref. Christmas Lighting by Cindy Chipps and Greg Olson, pg. 115).

Large bulbs, the smaller versions added for comparison.
All copper base, markings stamped: 110-130 130V-25W circle in diamond plus 11 in circle (grapes)
And one 220-240 240V-25W X in a circle and 11 in a circle (yellow cherries)

Sylvania fluorescent Made in U.S.A. 4W-120AC;colors: orchid, green, coral, yellow, blue

Bulbs with exhaust tip on top. Wire is soldered direct to the base; I cannot see any markings. Of course due to the cord's condition it is completely useless, but someone has wrapped each lamp in red and green crèpe paper imitating a flower and kept together with black cotton.

Box with replacement bulbs, different colors. They all came with the box, but I think some are additions.
The box is marked "50 Stück Spitzkerzenlampen mit ?????? 14V5W ????? Made in GDR".

A few markings on the bulbs:

Aluminum base: colored aluminum base "14V5W" - clear glass aluminim base "14V3W 87"

Brass base: all same model and difference in markings probably regarding color: uncolored yellow base "MF14V5W BIV/4" (no picutre) - yellow brass base "D 14V5W BIII/76" and "MF 14V5W BIV/4" - green brass base "MF 14V5W BII/4"