Light Bulbs: Animals
They are shown somewhat grouped together by figure. If available the clear glass version is shown first.
Birds: Brass and aluminium bases.

15V Japan, 15V ink stamped and engraved, 14V Japan, 16V Made in Japan (duck), 14VJAPAN, 15VJAPAN .

Engraved 15V

Color & size variations

Engraved 15V

Milk glass, all marked STS 15V JAPAN; see others in other category;
were all on the same string so must be by the same company

Milk glass, the eyes painted silver with black dot; both marked 14V


Small dog: 3,75cm;
engraved 15V

Small dog in a basket: 4,50cm;
engraved 15V

Dog, double sided, 7cm;
engraved 15V

Dog, 7cm; engraved (PAR)120VJAPAN
one of the Paramount Walt Disney Character Lites; also see "People & Characters"

Duck, ca 7cm; engraved 120VJAPAN, although missing the mark PAR,
one of the Paramount Walt Disney Character Lites; also see "People & Characters"

Frog: 6cm; engraved 15V JAPAN

Color variation of the small monkey head, 3,5cm, clear glass, ...

Pig: 5,5cm; engraved 15V


Lion, 6cm, aluminum, 14V

Lion, 7cm, aluminium, ...

Horse in horseshoe, double sided, ca 6cm, aluminum, 15V.JAPAN

Fish and frog, front, back & side, clear glass, both from the same box: 6cm; engraved 14VJAPAN
Cats: Brass and aluminium bases. Unmarked, 15V Japan, 15V, 14V, 7,5V.

Variation cat with mandolin, clear glass, engraved 15VJAPAN

Variation on the cat with ball;
engraved 15V

Cat, front & back, clear glass, from the same box as the fish and frog above:
6cm; engraved M 14VJAPAN