Light Bulbs: Houses - Candles/Flames - Lanterns
They are shown somewhat grouped together by model. If available the clear glass version is shown first followed by the milk glass, and the different sizes and some color variations also.

Houses and Buildings: All copper base and marked either 15V or 15V Japan; later addition clear glass one PC15VJAPAN.

Milk glass, all marked STS 15V JAPAN; see others in other category;
were all on the same string so must be by the same company


Clear glass; 15V engraved

Milk glass;
engraved 15VJAPAN
Candles below: All copper base. Marked: 15V, 15V Japan, unmarked, 16V.

Variation small size no
wax drippings,
engraved 15V JAPAN

Flame-like bulbs (from Alps box no. 9, shown after box 2 on page Alps)
Funny thing though, the markings are not all the same and it looks to me that they have used recuperated metal for the bases. Here is a list of the markings as far as I can make them out:
Red: ..AY BRITE 16V JAPAN and upside down stamped 15V
Yellow: 15V JAPAN with an engraved B
Orange: A in a diamond plus 15V JAPAN
Orange: 3.8V JAPAN and stamped upside down 15V
Blue: Diamond plus 1?V JPAN plus stamped upside down 15V
Green: 3.8V

Similar bulbs are shown in Robert Brenner’s book “Christmas through the Decades”, pg. 111.

Engraved 15V, all copper base

Lanterns: Have been made in many different colors and design. As they have been handpainted the decorations vary even with the same design.
Copper and aluminium base. Most of them are marked 15V or 15V Japan. Some have other markings.
The ones in the photo below : (engraved/stamped), 7,5V, 14V; later additions: 8V

Two green lanterns:
The fish decoration rare.
Both are ink stamped 15V.


Clear glass variations, all 15VJapan

Variation, clear glass, all 15V Japan
Below besides 15V and 15V Japan: 16V Foreign, 7,5V, 8V

In box Various 41
Below besides 15V and 15V Japan: 30V, 20V
Below besides 15V and 15V Japan: 30V, 18V, 3V
 Later additions with different markings


20V and color variation