Light Bulbs: People & Characters
They are shown somewhat grouped together by figure. If available the clear glass version is shown first. Most of them are Japanese; only a few are European.

Santas: Brass and aluminium bases.
14V Japan, 15V Japan, 15V ink stamped and engraved, 120V Made in Japan, Alps 15V Japan, 6-8V Japan, PC.15V Japan, 15V JAPAN,
later addition: 28V.

Clear glass; double sided;
Engraved: 15V JAPAN

Clear glass; double sided;
Engraved: 20V

Clear glass; double sides;
Engraved: 7,5 or 15V

Clear glass - engraved: 20V

Clear glass, 5cm - engraved 30V

Milk glass, double sided, ca 5,5cm - engraved 15V MADE IN JAPAN

Clear glass - 15V FOREIGN

Clear glass - 28V

Clear glass - 15V JAPAN

Clear glass - probably 15V

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs of which there are several versions

A complete set of the well known version, all 15V; they are from one of the boxes "Various 31" with the Disney label.

Sneezy showing the difference in the "orchestra" and the "standard" version

Sneezy clear glass version

A few of the Alps series with "Alps" embossed on the back, 6cm high;
an alltogether different version of the Snow White series, all 15VJAPAN

Different mold; has been made in the complete series
15 V JAPAN; 5,5cm

Various people and characters:

Brass and aluminium bases; 15V Japan, 15V, 14V, 7,5V, unmarked, 30V.

Milk glass, all marked STS 15V JAPAN; see others in other category;
were all on the same string so must be by the same company

Milk glass, front and back, looks like a Dutch boy holding a pipe;
marked 16VFOREIGN, indicating is was exported to the UK

Clear Glass - 15V

Milk glass, 8,5cm, aluminum 14VJAPAN ;
see unhappy looking pilot above, middle row

Milk glass, 6cm, 15V, is "Old King Cole", one of the Mother Goose characters

Milk glass, 6cm, aluminum, 14V

Clear glass, 14VJAPAN

Four of the Walt Disney Character Lites; three marked "PAR (in a diamond) 120V JAPAN", while the duck does not bear the PAR mark but is certainly part of the Paramount version;
there should be 8

Milk glass, 7cm
Engraved: 15VJAPAN


Milk glass; 8 cm.
Engraved: 9V


Clear glass
Color variation; engraved: 20V

Clear Glass
Variation: no ears; engraved: 15V
Snowmen: Brass and aluminium bases.
15V engraved and ink stamped, 14V, 15V Japan, 16VO.18A.

Small: 4cm, excl.base
15V ; clear glass

Large: 8,5cm, excl.base
Engraved: 120VJAPAN

Clear glass; small 5,5cm.
Engraved: 15VJAPAN
Children & angels: Brass and aluminium bases.
15V, M 14VJAPAN engraved and ink stamped, 14V, 14V Japan, 0.19A (markings missing?), 15V Tungsten Japan, 14V Japan.

"Moon Mullins", Engraved 15V

Baby with bonnet, engraved 15VJapan

Clear glass, engraved 20V

Little girl, clear glass: 6cm, engraved <M> 14VJAPAN
From the same box Various 42
With the exhaust tip outside the base: no markings