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Dresden Light Covers
At the moment I only have the two below. As the glass of the girl's head is thinner and the paint is more delicate, I think it is older than the Santa pine cone, which is heavier and has thicker paint.
The storage boxes are the same size and model, but the brown cardboard of the girl's is older than the one for the Santa pine cone, which is the grey one.
Of course there is no certainty that the boxes are original to the lamps. They may easily have been switched during re-storing, which has probably happened with the lid, being clearly lighter brown, of the girl's box.

The markings on the metal cap I cannot read because of oxidation, the screw is marked "GERMANY PAT.APL.", and the box is stamped in blue "N° 7 Germany". Height of the head about 8,5cm.

Metal cap marked "ELEKTRIC  BULBS WITH ?T??MEN? PAT JAN 1927 U.S.A. * "  (?? could be "FILAMENT" ?), while the screw is marked "GERMANY PAT. JAN 1927 USA" and the box is stamped in blue "N° 10 GERMANY". Height of the head about 10,5cm.

The metal fittings are also somewhat different.