Metal - Lithographed

The first part shows metal candleholders, clip type and others. The second part shows the lithographed candleholders.

Above and below a variety of metal holders.

Ten big candle holders with star pendulum for large trees; star marked "breveté SGDG", meaning "breveté sans garantie du gouvernement".

They are therefore probably French production. Similar candle holders are attibuted to Germany and about 1880. Total height ca 26cm.

Green colored pendelum candle holder
with fixed ball; Danish.

Pendulum candle holder with fixed pine cone.

Pendulum candle holder, the left with fixed pine cone, same as the previous;
right larger removable cone

Pendulum candle holders with uncommon clips but the left with
removable pine cone, the other is fixed.

Pendulum lithographed candle holder; here the weight at the foot is a metal ball;
sometimes a pine cone or a glass ball.

Uncommon holders with clip;
largest dia 8cm, marked "MINERVA" "D.R.G.M." "REFORM";
the other, dia 5,5cm is marked "D.R.G.M." and "REFORM";
there is nothing to attach them to a tree with??


Uncommon holders with clip, here
also with tree attachment

Variety with a pin and with two wires.

Has a 20 cm long pin, attached to the back
with a screw at the top, used to screw into the
tree trunk. Here the pin has been bent,
making the position of the screw unreasonable;
ca 1880. (ref. book "Bäume leuchtend,
Bäume blended ..", pg.192).

One of the clamps underneath is marked
"D.R.P." (Deutsches Reichspatent;
translated: German Kingdom Patent).

Turnable top: Set of 12 small candle holders with turnable top, probably for small feather tree; detail of the turnable top

Another variety with turnable head;
notice small version

Notice the springlike holder of the turnable ball;
marked on the front and back "DRGM"

Another metal variety,
clip is green and the turnable candle holder goldcolored .

Another metal variety,
clip with turnable cup, marked on the back "PATENT omll.gesch." (patent ? protected).

Two boxed sets candle holders, somewhat different in colors bronze and gold;
box marked "Heussi's Tannenzapfen"," gesetzlich geschützt" (registered), and with user's instructions printed on the front and "Paul Heussi, Leipzig"
-similar model portrayed in Eva Stille's book "Christbaumschmuck", page 68; date from the end of the 19th century

- in an 1898 Christmas catalog an advertisement of these candle holders:

Standard candle clips

Standard candle clips, younger

Standard candle holders; pleasant because it is a complete box.

Two glass fruit ornaments attached to metal candleholders.
These are also shown in the Glass section.

The top should hold a shade, which
rotates when the candle is lit.
See next pictures and also see the
"Help" page.

Example of a shade, but not belonging
to the previous holder,
which I think is older.

Example of a complete set, not belonging to this collection.

Candle holders made of thin white metal, both ca 6,5cm high, angel marked "...any" (Germany ?), Santa ca 6,5cm high, unmarked
Below a few metal candle holders used for the nativity; they came with some of the nativity sets I found.

Candle holders made of cast white metal, both ca 7,5cm high, marked on the base "FOREIGN"

Candle holders made of yellow and red copper, both ca 7,5cm high,
base covered with a lead colored metal plate, unmarked

Candle holders made of cast white metal, both ca 8cm high, not part of a set because
only the left one is marked on the base "FOREIGN"
Lithographed metal candleholders.
Gnome (sometimes called Santa, but I think it is a gnome) holding a child. The next photo is the other side of this clip; different sides is unusual. This is the other side of the clip: gnome with a cookie, decorated with a heart and a chromo.
Of this one too I have seen same model, but different pictures.
Watermill. This is part of a series with different landscapes.
Below Raphael angels in different poses.
Below some different versions of butterflies. They are all the same size, so probably of the same series.

Pedulum lithographed candle holder,
here the weight at the foot is a metal ball;
sometimes a pine cone or a glass ball.
Also shown above with the pendulums.