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Here and there I have added some specific info related to that particular item.
I will not go into detail on the production, manufacturers, etc of Christmas lights. There are specialised books, publications and websites available, already well known by serious collectors:

- Book, with over 1300 detailed pictures of Christmas light bulbs, by Robert T. Iwamasa:
“Antique Christmas Figural Light Bulbs”, ISBN 0-9652858-0-4
; a MUST for the serious collector

- Book, very thorough information on production, manufacturers, etc. by Robert T. Iwamasa and Patrick Fay:
“The History of the Christmas Figural Light Bulbs”, ISBN 0-9652858-1-2
A peep in the book via google books.

- Book, “Collector’s Encyclopedia of Electric Christmas Lighting, Identification and Values”, by Cindy Chipps and Greg Olson, ISBN 1-57432-408-X

- George Nelson’s website “The Antique Christmas Lights Museum” is no longer available, but Paul Race has a reconstructed version on his site: ; really AMAZING.
The separate chapter on chimes by Eric Holzenberg is also available again.


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