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Battery and coin operated Santa Bank; when money is inserted, eyes flash, head and arms move, bell rings. Approx. 30cm high.
On the sides and base of the house marked:
“©1960 N.D.I.”, logo: , “Copyright 1960 by Noel Decorations Inc.”
On the box  the “STOCK NO, 9833” and “MADE IN JAPAN”.
Included is a leaflet “How to operate your “Santa Bank”: coin operation or switch operation (battery).

Mechanical reading Santa Claus wind-up; nods his head and turns the pages of the book with the magnet on his right hand; when he has finished reading he flips back the book to the beginning with his left hand. The tin litho book pictures the following animals: cat, dog, duck, hen, rat, fox, pony, pig and calf. To store the Santa the book must be removed.
Approx. 19cm high.
The back of both his shoes and the book cover is marked “MADE IN JAPAN”.
The bottom right hand corner of the box cover is marked : “Trade Mark Alps Made in Japan”.

ALPS produced some of the better quality mechanical and battery-operated Japanese toys during the post-war years. The firm stopped toy making in the early 1970s and became a manufacturer of electronics and is still in business today.

"Animated Santa Claus", rings his bell, moves his arms, moves his head and his eyes light up, sitting on a tin house, battery operated. Normally he is holding more presents, but some must have got lost over the years. Marked on the chimney "MADE IN JAPAN". I do not see a manufacturer's mark.
It is somewhat similar as the previous Santa bank, but the tin house and Santa's face is different and can be used with a coin.

Mechanical Balloon Santa, wind-up, moves the bell and the three (red, yellow and blue) balloons, about 18cm high.

Santa in Chimney, wind-up toy, Santa goes up and down the chimney, which is about 13cm high. Box is marked "MADE IN JAPAN PAT. No. 27898".
"Santa on Bike" wind-up. Celluloid Santa rides his lithographed bike in circles and the bell on the back of the bike rings. He is about 9cm high. Marked on the bell "MADE IN JAPAN" . The box is marked with the “horse inside diamond shape” logo and "MADE IN JAPAN". Dates from the 1950s.
There are two versions:
- This one has animals lithographed wheels and on the bell comic animals.
- Another version, early 1950s, has Christmas holly lithographed wheels and MERRY CHRISTMAS on the bell.
I have seen the same bike, but with different celluloid figures riding it?

"SANTA CLAUS ON SLED" wind-up. Celluloid Santa rides on his sled pulled by a reindeer. The bell on the back of the sled rings. He is ca 10cm high and 21cm long. The box is marked "TRADE MM MARK TOKYO", "PAT. No. 91093" and "MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN".


Merry Christmas Santa Claus wind-up. Tin lithographed body and celluloid head. Santa turns around, moves his head, rings the bell and holds up the MERRY CHRISTMAS sign. He is about 12cm high. Marked at the back "Made in Japan". Made by Nomura Toys (TN)); was one of the biggest and most prolific of all post-war Japanese toy makers.
The box is marked with "TRADE T.N. MARK MADE IN JAPAN". I have found two dates, either around 1952 or in the 1960s.


Happy Santa with lighted eyes, battery powered, 1950, Alps Co. Japan, 6 actions, plays drums & cymbals; cymbals attached to the small drums missing;
marked on the back with ALPS trade mark, Made in Japan and "RF" in a lozenge; ca 24cm high


Battery operated Santa with soft rubber-like head and hard plastic body;
he walks, rings his bell, the candle lights up, maybe his head also but lamp broken, and Christmas music; maybe he should have a sack;
marked on the back "TIANYI" "
®" and the Tianyi logo (Ningbo-Toys in China);
This company was established in 1979 and still operational ( and producing this model up to now. This Santa is an early model and he is ca 27cm high.

Battery operated Santa with soft rubber-like head and hard plastic body;
he walks, rings his bell, the candle and his face light up and Christmas music;
his coat has a label "Made in China" and on his body is impressed in the plastic "Made in China";
he is not very old and is ca 27cm high.

He is the same design as the previous one, but either a younger model or from a different producer.


Window display "Santa in a boot", electrical operated: his head goes up and down. Head and boot, probably made of cardboard by the sound of it when tapped, covered with fuzzy red cloth, and brocade stars, the boot and his velvet hat with imitation fur trim; in lowest position ca 83cm high and 49cm wide; probably of the 1950s.

Santa window display, electrical operated: his head and arms move, the lantern lights up;
ca 63cm high; probably of the 1950s.

Santa window display, electrical operated: his head and left arm go up and down, his legs are loose so maybe his body should also do something and I think his eyes should light up, wearing imitation velvet clothes with imitation fur trimmings and beard; he stands 75cm high; hard celluloid like face and hard grey plastic body, age ???.

This is not a very attractive Santa. Maybe because of the metal rod in his head ?! Anyway, at first l thought he looked more like a policeman, but the sack on his back gives him away.
He is made of painted tin, with on his head four blades, each marked with an imprest letter, being T - D - R and P. When turned, the blades rotate. There are no other markings.
Most of him is made of tin, turned dark grey from age, while the base is of a yellow metal, as can be seen on the picture.

He stands ca 14cm high.

I have seen only one other and he was exactly the same, with the same bare rod in his head.

Does anyone have more information? Is there a knob missing on top? And what about the base?


Music Boxes

German nativity music box all made of wood, musical instrument in the box at the back to be activated by turning the key, melody "Holy Night", only the figure of Jozef is stamped "Made in Germany";
completely handmade, probably Erzgebirge region judging by the way the figures and angels are made, probably Steinbach;
dimensions 17cm high, green base is 20cm x 11cm, but total depth incl. the instrument box 14,5cm.

Japanes music box with Santa in front of a house, made of wood, cardboard and textiles, plastic reindeer, on a plastic turntable which activates the music mechanism when turned,
melody "Rudolf the red nosed reindeer"; marked on the base "Sankyo made in Japan"; total 19cm high

Music box with a wax-like Santa on a cardboard chimney, with plastic reindeers and sleight in front, mounted on styrofaum base, marked "Merry Christmas". The music is activated by turning the key in the back of the chimney, and while the melody "Jingle Bells" is playing Santa dances on top of the chimney;not marked but is clearly Japanese; ca 19cm high and base 8cm wide

Music box with plastic Santa on a chimney, with silver paper covered presents and a small plastic Santa; at the back the sleigh is missing;
the music mechanism is also missing; I think the chimney turns when the mechanism is playing; not marked but will be Japanese;
ca 20cm high and base is dia 16cm

Music box with Santa on a turntable, activating the music mechanism in the base,
melody "Jingle Bells "; made of plastic covered with velvety red material,
red plastic base marked "Made in Hong Kong"; ca 25cm high

Music box with Santa on a turntable, activating the music mechanism in the base,
melody "Silent Night"; made of wood, textile, prickly trimmings, felt hands, plastic boots;
"SILENT NIGHT MADE IN JAPAN" black stamped on the base; ca cm high

Music box with bottle brush tree, decorated with two pixies with rubberlike faces, clowns, plastic reindeer, glass beads,
mounted on a plastic foil covered turntable which operates the music box when turned; melody "Holy Night"; ca 33cm high; blue stamped on the base "Holy Night JAPAN"

Music box with Santa in a chimney, with the key to activate the music mechanism in the back, melody "Jingle Bells"; made of cardboard and wooden base, decorated with red foil and gold trim,
plastic reindeer, glass beads and brush trees; label on felt hat "MADE IN JAPAN", blue stamped on the base "JINGLE BELL JAPAN", and label on the box "N° 58531 JINGLE BELL"; ca 23cm high


Small wooden music box with Santa and sleight on a wooden stand with the music mechanism;
Santa is the key to activate the music mechanism, melody "Silent Night"; total height 15cm;
two labels on the base, indicating that this is a Steinbach product,

Small plastic music box with polystyrol turning angel,
music still works but need to be adjusted, key turned; 11cm high.
Sign on the base " MADE IN WESTERN GERMANY" and "GES.GESCH." ( = registered)

Plastic music box with polystyrol turning angels wiith original plastic box, melody is "Silent Night", key turned; 10cm high not counting the cover.
Sign on the base " MADE IN WESTERN GERMANY" and "GES.GESCH." ( = regisered);

Small plastic music box, nativity made of polystyrol (?) on a brown plastic stand in which the music mechanism is placed, melody is "Silent Night", key turned;
the back is transparant when a light is put behind it; total height is 11cm and base is 10cm x 7,5cm; no markings

Small plastic music box, nativity on a white plastic turntable which activates the music mechanism, melody is "Silent Night";
decorated with silver glitter; total height is ca 10cm and dia base is ca 12cm; markings on the base with logo"ETM", "MADE IN HONGKONG";
the mechanism is marked "SANKYO JAPAN", the box "Hand Painted Nativity Set with Movable Stage Music" "Made in Hong Kong" and logo plus "EM 252"

Small plastic music box, nativity on a light brown plastic turntable which activates the music mechanism, melody is "??";
decorated with a large candle in the middle; marked on the base "R" in a circle and "MADE IN ITALY" "MOD.DEPOSE";
total height, candle included, 18cm, base dia 10,5cm

Small plastic music box battery operated, melody is "Jingle Bells" and when playing Santa lights up; ca 19cm high, no markings

Small postcard music box, key truned, melody"Silent Night", piece of the label at the back,
box for the music mechanism very well made with dove tails,
dimensions: 9 x 10,5cm and 3cm wide

Small postcard music box, card signed "Willy Schermelé" (Willy (Wilhelmina) Schermelé (Amsterdam, April 8, 1904 - March 29, 1995) and
inside the card "Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année",
handle turning but music not working; 9 x 14cm; label on the back reads:
"Carola music box Cards Ned. octrooi aangevraagd" (Dutch patent pending)

Nutcracker music box, not very old, but it was a present. Not very efficient for cracking nuts, but is purely for decorative use with his rabbit fur hair and beard;
marked on the base "Nutcracker Village TM PIANO PLAYER 1997"; total height is 24cm and base is 18 x 18,5cm.


When coming home with this Steinbach music box I realised that it was not a nativity,
the baby being in a cot, not in a crib and that I had been misled by the angels;
there is no mark on the base, but the original box has the following text:

- on both sides on the sides "VOLKSKUNSTWERKSTATTEN";
- on the back, in pencil, the title of the lullaby song "Weisst du wieviel Sternlein stehen"
(Do you know how many stars there are) by Wilhelm Hey (1789-1854).

The music box is ca 16cm high and dia 15cm, the wooden box is 22,5 x 19 x 17cm)

This music box, a carousel "Christmas Merry Go Round" is not very old, but it was a very pretty gift, and including the box and original documents, which is always a bonus and dating it 1997, "Made in China expressly for Mr. Christmas Inc. Memphis and Mr. Christmas Ltd., Hong Kong".

The carousel turns while the 4 horses ride to 8 Christmas carols:
1. Jingle Bells
2. Oh! Christmas Tree
3. Silent Night
4. Deck The Halls
5. The Frist Noel
6. Joy to the World
7. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
8. Hark The Herald Angels Sing

It works on batteries, but can also be powered by a DC adaptor, which was to be purchased separately.

The carousel is ca 20,5cm high and dia 14,50cm.

Records with pop-up pictures are shown under "Nativity" and "Paper-Houses & Nativity"
Below a set of children's records "Little Tot's Records", No. 5 The Christmas Book . There should be 4 records (I have only 3), double sided, and 8 cards, designed by the artist Maud Trube, each with the text of the nursery rhyme on the back.

Santa Claus hides in the Phonograph - Santa Claus will soon be here

Tomorrow will be Christmas - The Night before Christmas

The Coming of Santa Claus - The Toyman's Shop

A Christmas Carol - Christmas Morning
A Christmas song, Stille Nacht - Heilige Nacht (Silent Night - Holy Night) record impressed on the cover of a book. M.&Z. RECORD, World Copy Right: M. & Z. Made in Holland No. 3285 G.
Inside the Christmas story "Merry Christmas", told by A. Bouman, illustrated by Corrie Scherrewitz, Published Mulder & Zoon N.V. Amsterdam

Christmas songs "CHANTS DE NOEL", booklet with the lyrics and the music and the record included, sung by Tony Poncet .
Livre - disque, Philips, Super 45t/mEP E.1.E.
Cover illustrated/signed G. Jacquemot.
Released in 1959 (Philips ‎– E1E 9.149 Released:1959) or 1960 (Organ:F.Balta/ 45T PHILIPS 432 433 BE 1960)

White LP, "A Christmas Record", ref. ILPS7017, recorded in Detroit, Brooklyn & Manhattan 1981, designed by Tony Wright, copyright ZE Records 1981. See link to Wikipedia for more information.
"Le livre magique qui change" (magic book that sings). This is another book where the cover is the record. It is "Conte de la Nuit de Noël" (Night before Christmas). The song is the French version of Clement C. Moore's poet, illustrations are by J. Spier, Editions B.E.G. Paris-Malakoff; printed in France in 1958 in agreement with John C. Winston Co. and Bernard Geis by Jean Grou-Radenez, Paris; created by Bernard Geis, " brevet déposé" in the US and France; binding and pressing the disc by Engel & Co at Malakoff (Seine).

Christmas film, 8mm, french, called "Rêve de Noël" (Christmas dream) published by Film-Office in Paris

Christmas animated movie by Walt Disney, "L'Arbre de Noël de Pluto", on the cover it says "Printed in France".
The original title is "Pluto's Christmas Tree" released in November 1952
This box is 8 x 8cm.