Nostalgic Christmas Decorations

"Nostalgic", think "new" being offered on the following sites. Although offered as new productions, they can be sold for "old" or "vintage" on the internet and markets; some of them will fool the inexperienced collector.
So be warned and study them well !!
Some are aged or have old additions, like scraps and tinsel.

Further down a few links to sites where fakes and falsifications are shown and described.

Nostalgie Christbaumschmuck A German website offering Christmas ornaments as new production, but with OLD CAPS !!!!
Victorian Ornaments Ornaments made with antique and vintage materials.
Batting Ornaments by Lucy Webber Cotton batting ornaments
Contemporary Cotton Ornaments Ilse's Pinterest board showing cotton ornaments thought to be contemporary reproductions, based on antiques.
Feather trees Feather trees
Vintage Xmas/reproductions of antique ornaments Identifying reproductions : hints and links to items for sale
Glitter houses Putz houses
Marolin New production, but frighteningly very much in the old style papiermaché Santa's, Easter, Manger figures, ...
Holiday Reproductions Reproduction of early belsnickels, candy containers etc., in the Christmas section.
Weihnachtshaus Mrs. Ernas offers here Christmas and Easter ornaments. It is a German site.
Advent calendar : beware buying from photo's

I found this on ebay, and being curious for the cut-outs, I bought it. The seller did not show the "Zweckfom Adventskalnder No. 4064" top, nor the barcode on the back, and I thought it would be of the 1950-1960s. So beware !!!! And always ask for extra photo's and detailed description.

Below a few sites where more information is given on repro's being sold as "old" or "antique"
About falsifications Link to the Margrit Utz's website, "The Ornament", on repro's. At the moment this page is not available.
Real or Fake ? A Dutch site, "Christmas Past" by Egbert Dikken, with on this page a video with fakes and falsifications. It is in Dutch, but there are online translators available.
Reproductions Tony Johnson's site, "Oldgermanornaments", with page dedicated to repro's.