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The frontcover and some, not all, of the inside plates are shown. If available, author, publisher and illustrator are mentioned.
Books with an impressed record on the cover are shown under "movables" .

B.E1 Book with designs for all purposes and occasions, a.o. Christmas, to trace or copy, published in 1950 or 1955 by Walter T. Foster, no. 45 of his series "How to Draw"

B.E2: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, London William Heinemann 1906, Richard Clay and Sons, Ltd., Suffolk,
with a portrait of the author; illustratons by John Leech, "Mr. Fezziwig's Ball"

B.E3: "Christmas in the Heart", a book of gladness and devotion, London: Hodder and Stoughton,
printed at the Edinburg Press, 68 Old Bailey, London, E.C.,
Christmas stories with notations from the bible;
illustration to the story "The Christmas Guest"; date unknown

B.E5: "The Christmas Stocking", published by Thomas Nelson and Sons, London;
Info: publ. ca 1930 and ill. by Honor C. Appleton; another copy with inscription date 1932

B.E4: "Christmas Carols pop-up Book", published by Deans International Publishing, London in 1986, printed by Purnell Book Production Ltd.,
illustrated by Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone, ISBN 0-603-02040-2; ; first published in 1972, reprinted 1984, 1986

B.E6: "Christmas Books by Charles Dickens", published by J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd, New York;
No. 239 of Everyman's Library edited by Ernest Rhys;
cover: J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd; Introduction by G.K.Chesterton;
first published in this edition in 1907; several reprints, this one 1929; printed in Great Britain

B.E7: "Christmas is a Time of Giving" by Joan Walsh Anglund (b. 1926),
©1961 by Joan Walsh Anglund, first published in Great Britain, 1962,
Collins St. Japes's Place, London;
"It is a time of toys and drums and dolls ..."

B.E8: "Christmas Tales of Flanders" by Jean de Bosschère and M.C.O. Morris,
Dover Publications, Inc. New York, 1972
(Original title: Kerstvertellingen uit Vlaanderen, Original language: Dutch, Original year: 1919);
cover: The rich woman and the poor womand: the two farms at Christmas Eve

B.E9: "Merry Christmas" coloring book, Whitman;
cover; Whitman logo, and Santa's red clothes is a fuzzy material;
titel page, "Whitman Publishing Company, Racine, Wisconsin,
Printed in U.S.A., no date but think 1950s"

B.E10: "Bubbles Annual 1930", The Amalgamated Press, Ltd., London;
Annual of the jolly weekly paper for children which 1st appeared on April 16, 1921 and last May 24, 1941.
Illustrated Stories, some in Comic Strip format, including Merry Merlin, Jack & Jill in the Jungle, Robin
Hood, Mrs Bunty's School, Lonely Nan and much more. More info on the British Comics site

B.E11: Just some loose sheets left over of the book with lovely graphics:
"Santa Claus A Fuzzy Wuzzy Picture Story Book"
"It fits very well," Santa said as he tried on the suit and looked at himself in the mirror.
"Me help," said Jingle Bell. Santa scolded him. The Brownies scolded him.
For once Jingle Bell did not smile his great, big smile. He was feeling very sad.

Illustrated by Eileen Fox Vaughan. It was published by Whitman Publishing Co. in 1947.
The numbers "2065-25" are on the back cover. Every page is colored. There are 18 pages.
The book measures 12" tall x 9-1/2" wide.
(for more pages see HELP page, under SOLVED section, thanks to Jayann Bruce)

This pop-up book was given to me as a present, and I am very pleased with it. Although not very old, it is called “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town”, Volume 1, presented by CocaCola.
This is a special edition pop-up book published in 1996, copyright Coca-Cola company.
It is a Christmas song, written by John Frederick Coots and Haven Gillespie and was first sung on Eddie Cantor's radio show in November 1934 (ref. Wikipedia: Santa Claus is Coming to Town).

As it says “Volume 1” I presume there are more than one,  but I cannot find any.


B.E1: "La Marche à l'Etoile", (The March to the Star or Follow the Star), poems and music by Georges Fragerolle, illustratioins by Henri Rivière;
publ. Enoch Frères & Costallat, Paris/C. Marpon & E. Flammarion, Paris, 1902 ?; Imprimerie Chaix (Atelier Cheret) 20, Rue Bergère 20, Paris, 93-18140)
first published in 1982; mentioned in the magazine "La Revue Théatrale" in this collection

B.F2: Joyeux Noël ! Radieux Noël. (Merry Christmas! Glorious Christmas.): No indication of publisher or artist, but attibuted to Pauli Ebner (1873-1949, actually Paula Ebner or Pauline Ebner), a famous Austrian illustrator.
The original version is in German (O Weihnachtszeit - o sek'ge Zeit), but there is a Dutch (Dat heerlijke Kerstfeest!), French and an Italian (Luci e sorrisi di Natale)version.
It appears that per language there are also different versions. (uitgelicht/kinderboeken/kerstfeest/.

B.F3: Rudolph Spécial géant (Rudolph, special large) published by Arédit 1974, printed in France: front cover, pg. 3, pages 28-29, back cover; pages numbered from 2 - 34,
copyright National Periodical Publications Inc., also known as DC Comics.;
French version of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas Issue - 1972
" 84 pages (

B.F4: Roudoudou, SPECIAL NOËL, Déc. 1959, N° 110, Paris, France:
a picture/month calendar; back: "Papa Noël" airoplane

B.F6: Riquiqui, SPECIAL NOËL, Déc. 1959, N° 99, Paris, France:
"La Carte Postale"

B.F5: "La Rose de Noël" (The Christmas Rose), 15 Christmas stories, illustrated by Adrienne Ségur,
©1962 Ernest Flammarion, Imprimerie M. Déchaux, Paris, October 30, 1962, publ. Flammarion et Cie;
cover La Rose de Noël; Noël chez les Trolls (see the goat with sack with presents); Le Bœuf et l'Âne de la Crèche

B.F7: "Merry Christmas 1955-Happy New Year 1956 DECCA";
records catalogue with also a list of "Disques de Noël" (Christmas records)

B.F8: "Nuit de Noël" (Christmas eve) by Clément .C. Moore, ill. by Corinne Malvern,
copyright 1949 Simon and Schuster Inc., publ. Editions Cocorico,
printed Impr. M. Déchaux, Paris, France 1953,
Les Petits Livres d'Or Series; mauve cover and title page; story & illustrations the same as the next.

B.F9: "Nuit de Noël" (Christmas eve) by C.C. Moore, ill. by C. Malvern,
copyright 1949 Simon and Schuster Inc., publ. Editions Cocorico,
printed Impr. M. Déchaux, Paris, France 1952, Les Petits Livres d'Or Series;
green cover and 2nd page, titel page, story and illustrations being the same as B.F8

B.F10: "Nuit de Noël" (Christmas eve) by C.C. Moore, ill. by C. Malvern,
copyr. Editions des deux coqs d'or 1949, publ. Ed. Graphiques Internationales. (E.G.I.), Paris,
printed Impr. Gilbert-Clarey, Tours, France 1963, Petits Livres d'Or Series;
blue cover and title page; story and illustrations with some differences to the previous

B.F11: "Le traîneau d'argent" (The money sled), anonymous,
copyright 1955 Avon Publications, printed Impr. Georges Lang, Paris, France,
Les Albums Roses series

B.F12: "NOËL 1937 UFAC" (L'Union des Fraternelles de l'Armée de Campagne,
in Dutch "Vereniging van de Verbroederingen van het Veldleger (VOV")(brotherhoods),
was created after WW1

B.F13: "L"Ane de Bethléem" (Bethlehem's Donkey) by Camille Melloy, ill. by Jeanne Hebbelynck, copyright Desclée De Brouwer et Cie 1936, Bruges, imprimatuur 1936

B.F14: "Cinq Contes de Noël" (Five Christmas Stories) by Camille Mellow,
ill. by Jeanne Hebbelynck, copyright Desclée De Brouwer et Cie 1934, Paris, imprimatuur 1934

B.F15: "Crèche de Noël à découper" (Nativity for cutting out) by J. Werner, illustration by Steffie Lerch,
publisher Cocorico, printer M. Déchaux, Paris, 1953,
Les Petits Livres d'Or Series; setting up the manger; complete cut-out set is in the "Nativity" section

B.F16: "Le Noël de POUF et YOUPI" (POUF and YOUPI's Christmas), ill. by Pierre Probst,
copyright 1954 by Librairie Hachette, Imprimerie Georges Lang 1954 Paris,
Les Albums Roses series; opening the Christmas presents

B.F17: "Père Noël et Bonhomme de Neige" (Father Christmas and the Snowman), text and illustrations by Irma Wilde,
Editions Gautier-Languereau Paris 1954, copyright 1952 by Wonder Books, Inc.
cover, title page, Santa puts the presents under the tree decorated with garlands and shiny balls

B.F18: "Contes de Noël de la Guerre 1939 1945" (Christmas stories of the war 1939 1945),
by Fortuné Andrieu, illustrated by Sim. Veran; publ. Zech et Fils, Braine-le-Compte, Belgium;
cover: Santa on his way to the prisoners camp (camp des prisonniers);
illustration to the Christmas stories for 1945

B.F19: "Légendes de Noël, Contes Historiques" (Legends of Christmas, Historic stories) by G. Lenotre,
Collection Gallia, ed. Paris J.M. Dent & Fils, 1910 ?; photo of G. Lenotre and title page

B.F20: "VOILA NOËL!" (this Christmas) by Jolanda Colombini Monti, ill. by Mariapia,
©1949 by Casa Editrice Piccoli-Milano, Série Etoile

B.F21: "après Noël!" (After Christmas) by Jolanda Colombini Monti, ill. by Mariapia,
©1949 by Casa Editrice Piccoli-Milano, Série Etoile

B.F22: "LES JOUETS DE NOÊL" (Christmas toys), text by Magdeleine du Genestoux,
illustrations based on Disney's Silly Symphonies; Copyright 1935 by Walt Disney Mickey Mouse S.A.;
Publisher Hachette and printer M. Déchaux Paris

B.F23: "NOËL ...NOËL", "LE NOEL SURPRISE" (Christmas surprise),
collection Les Beaux Albums, éditions HEMMA; text and illustrations by Maury, printed in Belgium;
no date but presumed between 1950-1970; there is also a German version "Weihnachten"

Below "Les premiers cadeaux de Noël" (The first Christmas presents), illustrated by D'reen Neeves.
This fold-out board book, sometimes also called concertina books, consists of 12 pages with break-out figures, published in 1988.
Together, with the cover of the book for the stable, you can make a crèche, as is shown on the front cover.

The French version first published in 1987 by Lion Publishing, in 1988 by Les Editions Sator.
The English version was published by Chariot Victor Pub. in December 1987.
In the same series "L'enfant de la crèche", in english "The Christmas baby" was also published.
The full version of this book you can see on the "Nativity" page, under the paper heading, ref. N57.

B.F25: Walt Disney's Donald figuring in the Christmas book, "Donald et le Père Noël" (Donald and Father Christmas) from the series "Les Albums Roses",
published in France: "copyright 1953 - Walt Disney Productions Publié par la Librairie Hachtte. Avec l'autorisation de Walt Disney Mickey Mouse S.A."
Printed in France: "Imprimerie M. Déchaux - Paris III-1271 - Dépot légal n° 894 - 2e tr. 59" (2e tirage 1959)

B.F26: "La belle histoire de Noël" (The beautiful story of Christmas) by J. Werner, illustrations by E. Wilkin, "un petit livre d'or" no. 121,
published by Les Editions Cocorico, 25 Boulevard des Italiens, Paris 2e, printed by M. Déchaux, Paris, 1956.

B.F27: "le Joyeux Noël des animaux" by Kathryn B. Jackson, illustrations by Richard Scarry, "un petit livre d'or" no. 176,
published by Editions des deux coqs d'or Cocorico, 25 Boulevard des Italiens, Paris 2e, printed by M. Déchaux, Paris, 1959


B.N1: Music for piano or harmonium;
publ. M.J.H. Kessels, Tilburg, The Netherlands

B.N2: Music, (Silent Night) for piano and singing;
publ. Cor B. Smit's Muziekhandel, The Netherlands

B.N3: Music, (Christmas Song);
Publ. Willy Derby, The Netherlands

B.N4: Music, Oud-Vlaamsche Kerstliederen (Old Flemish Christmas Songs) 12 songs a.o.:
Vrede (Peace) - Drij Koningen groot en rijk van macht (Three Kings grand and rich in power) - Het quamen drij Coninghen uyt verre landen (Three Kings came from distant lands);
Introduction by Marits Sabbe, drawings by Edmond Van Offel , copyright "Het Muziekfonds", Antwerp, 1928

B.N5: Kerstmis (Christmas) : a Christmas story about Jan and Miep, brother and sister, no author, no publisher, just "G.P. f. 0,40 Printed in Holland"

B.N6: Program and ads of the "2de Sinterklaasstoet" (Saint Nicolas procession) in the town "Sint Niklaas", 1957;
to each ad an appropriate poem has been added;drawings by Frans Van Immerseel

B.N7: Saint Nicolas "VERSJES" (rhymes), published by Mulder & Zoon, Amsterdam,
illustrations by V. Groen and Van Beek
"Printed in the Netherlands N° 1205A"

B.N8: Saint Nicolas "VERSJES" (rhymes), published by Mulder & Zoon, Amsterdam,
illustrations by V. Groen and Van Beek
"Printed in the Netherlands N° 1205C", so there must be at least a "B".

B.N9: Coloring book, anonymous, estimate early 1950s

B.N14: "Sinterklaas Kapoentje", illustrations by Freddie (Johanna Frederika) Langeler (1899-1948),
for the first time published in 1928 by Uitg. Kluitman and many re-editions.
According to the very kind publisher, this one dates from 1979.
In 1995, with revised text by
Annemarie Dragt, the book was published under a different ISBN number

B.N17: St. Nicolaas in an airoplane "Luchtvaartmij Spanje-Holland",
presume printed in the Netherlands, no publisher's name,
illustrations signed: "B", "Rv", "RIE.S.", BL", on the back "No. 1A".

B.N18: "Kerstvertellingen" (stories) deel II, Charles Dickens,
nederlands van G.J. Werumeus Buning-Ensink;
Prisma Boeken; Uitgeverij Het Spectrum Utrecht/Antwerpen

B.N23: "Piëtro's Kerstmis" and other short stories,
ill. Julien 't Felt, No. 10 series "Rein Genot Tongeren,
printed Michiels Broeders, Tongeren, imprimatur 1927

B.N11: "Vier ondeugende engeltjes" (four naughty angels) and other Christmas Stories;
copyright 1980 and printed 1984 Pestalozzi-Verlag, Dutch version Zuidnederlandse Uitg. N.V.; back cover: Santa
; B.N34 and N61 same series

B.N15: "Langs kleine Wegen" (Along small Roads) 1914, by Frans Verschoren (1874-1951),
illustrations by Edmond Van Offel, 2nd print, publ. Lodewijk Opdebeek, Antwerpen: several stories,
o.a. "Onnoozele Kinderendag" (is December 28, Holy Innocents) and here children go on "Three Kings' Day",
which is normally in January.

B.N10: Kerstmis 1943, Winterhulp, Belgium:
"Hoe de Marollianen Kerstmis vierden" (How the Marolliens* celebrated Christmas) * Marolliens are inhabitants of the "Marollen", oldest district in Brussels;
"Kerstmis in de Toekomst in West-Vlaanderen en elders" (Christmas in the future in West-Flanders and elsewhere)

B.N12: "Terug uit Japansche Interneering" (Back from Japanese Internment) by H. van Straelen, 1945, N.V. H. Nelissen, Amsterdam, translation of " A Missionary in the War Net" published in 1944;
Birth of Christ by Lucas Ch"en Yüan-tu and Adoration of the Three Kings, fragment of a Chinese painting, both from Part II : Future of the Church in the Far East.

BN13: "Het Kinder Kerstboek" n°1(The Children Christmas Book", publ. Priesters van het Heilig Hart, Tervuren, Belgium:
Christmas stories, a.o. children in the Congo, "Isimone and Kitibo's Christmas", and a puzzle to be cut out, assembled and colored, if desired.

Made from a copy, leaving the original intact.

B.N16: De Denneboom, translation from Hans Christiaan Andersen: artist unknown, published by Zuid-Nederlandse Uitgeverij, Belgium; D-1966-0001-249

B.N19: "Kwakkeltje in de winter" (Kwakkeltje in winter), Maur. Peeters, illustrator Renaat Demoen, negende duizendtal, Uitgeverij N.V. Altriora-Averbode, no date;
"De Kerstboom" (The Christmas tree); back cover King singers

B.N20: "Kerstboomtakjes" (Christmas tree branches), 14 original Christmas novels from Flanders and Hongary
by Regöcsi Istvàn, published by Davidsfonds,
printed on war paper by Brepols N.V., Turnhout; "A Christmas eve from our childhood"

B.N24: "Emmanuel" (Isaiah 7:14 : "The virgin will be with child, and give birth to a son,
and they will call him Emmanuel"-- which means, "God with us.")
and another story "Verplant" by Jean des Tourelles, published and printed in Sint-Amandsberg, Belgium,
illustrations by A. Van Ballenberghe

B.N21: "Te Bethlehem onder de Ster" (In Bethlehem under the Star), Christmas poem with 21 woodblock prints by Ruth Schaumann, translated by Aug. Van Cauwelaert,
copyright by J. Kösel & F. Pustet, München, N.V. Standaard Boekhandel, printed by V. Van Dieren & Co, Antwerp, 1933.

B.N22: "Kerstversierselen" (Christmas decorations" by A. Hamaker-Willink, ed. A.W. Bruna en Zn, Utrecht, Netherlands,"K 2347" printed on the back.
Christmas decoration that children can make, 6 pages with instructions and ideas for decorations, baskets, candle holders, ....

B.N25: "Het Vlaamsche Kerstboek" (The Flemisch Christmas Book), stories by Drs. J. Eijckeler, Gerard Walschap, Ernest Claes, Prof. Dr. B.H. Molkenboer O.P. and D.L. Daalder,
illustrations by Piet Gerritse, Rein van Looy, Anton Pieck and Henri Pieck; copyright H. Gottmer & Co Haarlem, Holland; 1941 Van Ditmar N.V. Antwerpen

B.N26: "Gelegenheidsonderwerpen, Deel 2" (Festivity subjects, part 2), by J. Van Ingen,
how to make decorations for Christmas, Easter, etc.
; J.B. Wolters-Groningen*Djakarta, 1955

B.N27: "Elseviers Kerstverhalenboek" (Eleviers Christmas stories book", 18 short stories by various
writers, ill. by Anton Pieck, dustcover design by Bob Buschman, 1978 Elsevier-Amsterdam/Brussel

B.N28: "Kerstmis op Hellesta" (Christmas on Hellasta) by Margit Söderholm, translated by J.E. Gorter-Keyser,
ill. by Anton Pieck, published by AD.M.C.Stok, Zuid-Hollandsche Uitgevers Mij-Den Haag;
book, appr. 14 x 20cm, color illustration on the dustcover only;
both have linnen covers with the same design, 263 pg. plus family tree

B.N29: "Kerstmis op Hellesta" (Christmas on Hellasta) by Margit Söderholm, translated by J.E. Gorter-Keyser,
ill. by Anton Pieck, published by AD.M.C.Stok, Zuid-Hollandsche Uitgevers Mij-Den Haag;
book appr. 15,5 x 24cm, no dustcover, but illustration inside is the same as on the dustcover of the smaller book;
both have linnen covers with the same design, 350 pg. family tree incl.

B.N30: "Kerstboek 1935" (Christmas Book 1935), Christmas number of "Ons Volk Ontwaakt", Brussels (first published Sept. 1911), ill. by Eugeen Hermans, Ottohans Beier, Kurt Werth, J.Fr. Cantré;
Christmas related history a.o. the "Driekoningenbriefjes" (three Kings notes): On Three Kings Day traditionally a king was selected who wore a special crown for the occasion.
The king could also be selected by a bean, hidden in the Three Kings cake. But it could also happen through the Three Kings notes, as was the custom in Flanders;
photo "Three Kings in Spain"

B.N31: "Kerstsprookjes" (Christmas Tales) by Charles Dickens; 21 woodblock prints;
9th edition; publ. Gebr. E. en M. Cohen, Amsterdam

B.N32: ""Het kerstverhaal" (The Christmas Story), after paintings by Erna Emhardt, © Edition Praeger GmbH München 1974;
told by An Rutgers van der Loeff, publ. Uitgeverij Ploegsma Amsterdam 1975; ISBN 90 216 0067 6

B.N33: "Kerstmis op de noordpool" (Christmas at the North Pole), Walt Disney Boekenclub;
publ. Uitgeverij De Geïlllustreerde Pers b.v.-Amsterdam, first print 1990, new print 1997;
on the title page is, translated: "a personal storybook for Nicola Van Hoeck,
for our beloved boy, mama and papa, Christmas 1997"

B.N34: "De denneboom" en andere Kerstverhalen (The pine tree and other Christmas stories),
stories by Hetty van den Heuvel, ill. by Gottschlich;
© 1980 Pestalozzi-Verlag, D 8520 Erlangen, Germany;
Dutch edition
© 1984 Zuidnederlandse Uitgeverij NV. Aartselaar, Belgium
D-1984-0001-445 Deltas ISBN 90 243 33336 9 Printed in Fed. Rep. Germany; B.N11 and N61 same series

B.N35: "De Silvesternacht" en andere novellen
(Sylvester night and other short shories)
by Johannes Linke, translated from german
by R. Adriaensens, publ. Die Poorte 1943,
Novellenbibliotheek Nr. 13

B.N36: "Kerstkronijk" (Christmas chronicle), by Michel de Chelderode, ill. woodblocks by Frans Mertens,
copyright Pro Arte Diest 1942, series "Die Suverlicke Boexskens" N° 3;
The Three Kings

B.N37: "Het Kerstfeest der Schipbreukelingen"
(Christmas of the Castaways), by A. Hans,
Nr. 429 A. Hans' children library (kinderbibliotheek),
publ. A. Hans-Van der Meulen Contich
(Abraham Hans 1882-1939)

B.N38: "Springer het rendier van de Kerstman" (Jumper, Santa's reindeer)
by Terry Shannon, ill. by Charles Payzant, translated by Anje H. Boswijk;
copyright 1960 by Avon Book Division New York, printed in The Netherlands; "Jolly Boek" series

B.N39: "In de donkere dagen voor Kersttijd...
kerstgedichten van en voor dezen tijd .."
Christmas poems gathered by Han G. Hoekstra,
publ. Bigot & Van Rossum N.V., Amsterdam;
De Uilenreeks No. 46 (Owl series)

B.N40: "Het Volksche Kerstlied in Vlaanderen"
(the polular Christmas carol in Flanders)
by Dr. K.C. Peeters, publ. N.V. Nederlandsche
Boekhandel Antwerpen 1942,
no. 24/24bis "De Seizoenen" series

B.N41: "Al in dit soete Nieuwe-Jaer... Het leven van het Nieuwsjaarslied" (the life of the New Year's song) by Korneel Goossens,
publ. N.V. Nederlandsche Boekhandel Antwerpen 1941, Nr 6 "De Seizoenen" series; two German New Year cards of the XVe century in the museum "Prentencabinet" in Brussels;
newspaper cutting from De Antwerpse Gids, 2-3 Jan. 1965, titling that it is the oldest New Year card and giving translation of the text "Lift the sails, we come to earth and bring good years full of properity"

B.N55: "Het Kerstekind" (The Christ Child) by Stijn Streuvels, illustrated by Martha Van Coppenolle, 6th edition,
published by N.V. Standaard Boekhandel; also mentioned that none of this edition may be sold in The Netherlands

B.N58: "Het Kerstboek" (The Christmas Book), published by H. Meulenhoff, Amsterdam, in 1923; Christmas stories by
Jo van Ammers-Küller, Joh. H. Been, W.P. Ebbinge Wubben-van Hasselt, Hermanna, N. van Hichtum, Emmy van Lokhorst, Marg. Meyboom, illustrated by E.M. ten Harmsen van der Beek and Jan Wiegman

B.N56: Music, "Voor St Nicolaas en Kerstfeest"
(for St. Nicolas and Christmas), published by
Vennootschap Muziek en Letteren Amsterdam,
inside each page is marked "M. & L. 354"

B.N59: Music, (Christmas Songs) by Folk Dean, pseudoniem van Theo Ettema (1906-1991);
front page design signed "W. V. Hes", while the inside illustrations are monogramed "GV";
Publ. Muziekuitgeverij X.Y.Z., Willemsparkweg 49, Amsterdam; X.Y.Z. 705

B.N61: "De Kerstman krijgt hulp" (The Santa gets help) and other Christmas Stories;
copyright 1980 and printed in Fed. Rep. Germany 1984 Pestalozzi-Verlag, Dutch version Zuidnederlandse Uitg. N.V.; back cover: angel playing cello;
B.N11 and N34 same series

B.N60: Albert Heijn miniature advertising booklets

Albert Heijn miniature advertising booklets front

Albert Heijn miniature advertising booklets backs

Not with Christmas themes these small booklets, but well known fairy tales and children stories, such as Assepoester, here written "Asschepoester", De Gelaarsde Kat, Richard Wittington, Don Quichot, De Man en de Satir, Gullivers Reizen en Robinson Chrusoe (Cinderella, Puss in Boots, Richard Whittington, Don Quixote, The Man and Satyr, Gullivers Travels and Robinson Chrusoe).

Several of them have the Albert Heijn logo

Their products are advertised in the text.

One of the booklets has a monogram, I think "EJ", which could be the designer.

Dimensions: closed they are ca 6,6 x 5cm.

The Albert Heijn Customer Service and the " Stichting Albert Heijn Erfgoed" (Albert Heijn Heritage Foundation) have been very cooperative, but unable to find any information about these booklets. Hope someone can help.

Kerstboeken (Christmas Books) by the publishing company Averbode:

Daniel Omer De Kesel, better known as Uncle Fons (Adegem, January 19, 1912 - Averbode, June 14, 1996) was a Norbertine (or White Canon in Ireland and Britain), publisher and writer of children's books in the publishing company Averbode (It has changed its name a few times since its foundation in 1877: Altiora Averbode has been known as "Goede Pers", "Altiora", "Altiora Averbode", "N.V. Altiora", "N.V. Averbode", and now "Uitgeverij Averbode" Ref. Wikipedia ) of the Abbey of Averbode (Scherpenheuvel-Zichem) in the province of Vlaams-Brabant. He entered with the Franciscans in Averbode in 1930 and was ordained a priest in 1936.
About 40 years Uncle Fons worked with this publisher who in 1919 had started with the publication of the magazine Zonneland, and also very well known was the magazine Zonnekind. They were distributed within the Catholic schools in Flanders and themes leaned closely to the school’s programs.
In addition Christmas, Easter and holiday books with all sorts of coloring, reading and puzzles were published at fixed intervals.

- Zonneland : Kerstboek van Nonkel Fons (Uncle Fons): first year in 1920, main magazine for the Catholic youth, distributed via schools. Originally for all youth from 6 to 14, later aimed at children of 10–12 years old.
- Zonnekind : first year in 1958, aimed at 6 to 8 years old
- Zonnestraal : first year in 1966, aimed at 8 to 10 years old.

B.N45: 1949, "Opgedragen aan de Vlaamse neefjes en nichtjes", Uitgave goede Pers - Averbode;
Christmas song
"Stil, daar 't Kindje slapen wil" (Quiet, as the Child wants to sleep); see also Nativity cut-outs

B.N42: 1951, "Opgedragen aan de Vlaamse neefjes en nichtjes", Werk der goede Pers - Averbode,
cover and ill. by Renaat Demoen; examples of Christmas tree and table decorations

B.N43: 1953, ill. by Renaat Demoen and Gray Croucher, Werk der Goede Pers - Averbode;
story "Pim en de Kerst-boom" (Pim and the Christmas tree

B.N44: 1954, ill. by Renaat Demoen and Gray Croucher, Werk der Goede Pers - Averbode;
"Drie Koningen in Vlaanderen" (Three Kings in Flanders), how celebrated in some villages in Flanders

B.N46: 1955, ill. by Renaat Demoen and Gray Croucher, Werk der Goede Pers - Averbode;
story "Pim wil een kerstboom" (Pim wants a Christmas tree)

B.N47: 1957,(ill. by Renaat Demoen and Gray Croucher), Werk der Goede Pers - Averbode;
story "En Pimpeltje kwam naar de Aarde ..." (And Pimpeltje came down to earth ...)

B.N48: 1958, ill. cover signed "Demoen", Werk der Goede Pers - Averbode;
story "Het Kerstgeschenk" (The Christmas present)

B.N49: 1964, Werk der Goede Pers Averbode;
story "Sinterklaas heeft tegenslag" (Sante Claus has bad luck)

B.N50: 1965, Werk der Goede Pers Averbode;
Christmas traditions

B.N51: 1966, cover signed "Irene Nagy", Werk der Goede Pers Averbode;
"Oude tradities bij het Kerstfeest" (Old Christmas traditions)

B.N52: Kerstboek van Zonnekind 1962, Werk van de goede Pers, Averbode;
cover signed "GRAY"; comics "Rikse en Fikske

B.N53: Kerstboek van Zonnekind 1963, Goede Pers - Averbode;
cover signed "GRAY"; Christmas, three Kings

B.N54: Kerstboek van Zonnekind 1964, Goede Pers - Averbode;
cover signed "GRAY"; story "Wabbel and Knabbel's Christmas Trees", ill. Gray

B.N55: Kerstboek Zonnestraal Zonnekind, no date but Zonnestraal only started in 1966,
Goede Pers - Averbode; cover signed "GRAY"; "wat zie jij in de bol ?" (what do you see in the ball ?)


The first three books are illustrated by Josef Madlener (1881–1967), a German artist and illustrator. He was born near Memmingen, Swabia. His work was published in various newspapers, magazines, and a few children's Christmas books, e. g. "Das Christkind Kommt" and "Das Buch vom Christkind". Madlener's Christmas art also appeared in several postcard series.

B.D1: “Das Christkind kommt” *Ein Weihnachtsbuch* für Kinder von 1-80 Jahren
The Christ Child comes, a Christmas book for children aged 1-80),
ill. by Josef Madlener, written by Marga Müller (1892–1981),
Copyright 1931 by Verlag “Ars Sacra” Josef Mueller, Munich 13, printed in Germany

B.D2 “Ein verdorrtes Herzlein blüht” Eine Geschichte aus heiligen Tagen
("A withered little heart blooms" A history of Holy Days)
told by Marga Müller (1892–1981), ill. by Josef Madlener,
Copyright 1931 by Verlag “Ars Sacra” Josef Mueller, Munich 13, printed in Germany

B.D3 *Die erste Weihnacht* Die Geschichte vom lieben Christkindlein (*The first Christmas* The story of the dear little Christ Child),
ill. by Josef Madlener, written by Josef Minichthaler-Verlag Josef Müller München 23
Copyright 1929 by Verlag Joseph Mueller, Munich 23 - Printed in Germany

B.D4: "Vom Himmel hogh, da komm ich her!" (From heaven high, I come),
Volume 2, short stories by different authors; Verlag von Carl Hirsch;
there are at least 4 volumes and all have the same front cover.

B.D5: "Kinder Musikbuch" (Children's music book with tinkling piano keys to play along)
ill. Dieter Büsch, 14 different songs; 1988 Unipart Verlag GmbH, Remseck, Germany,
copyright 1985 by Schwager & Stein GmbH, ISBN 3 8122 3072 0

B.D6: "Feste mit Kindern, Ein Buch für Familie und Kinderheim, Jugendgruppe und Schule" by Emma Carp,
4.umgearbeitete Auflage (reworked edition),
publ. Otto Maier Verlag Ravensburg,
possibly 1939 in pencil, as the 5th reworked edition was published in 1941;
contains many ideas for games, gifts, Christmas such as the cookies, Advent, summer festivals, etc.

B.D7: "Der Struwwelpeter" by Dr. Heinr.(ich) Hoffmann, PV200 (Verlag Pestalozzi), no date,
many reprints but first printed in 1845,
Wikipedia: lit. translated, Struwwel-Peter means Shaggy-Peter;
"Die Geschichte von den schwarzen Buben" (The Story of the Inky Boys, lit. The Story of the Black Boys),
"....Der Nik(o)las wurde bös und wild, ..Er tunkt sie in die Tinte tief,.."
When the boys do not follow Saint Nicholas's warning he is "angry and wild" and "he dips them deep into the ink."

B.D7: "Weihnachts-Album, Band 25. Tongers Taschen-Album", Christmas music album with 50 Advent, Christmas, Silvester and New Year songs for either one or two voices,
published by Verlag von P.J. Tonger Köln a.Rh. (Rheim), no date; edited by Heinrich Bungart mentioned on the title page

B.D9: "Weihnachts-Gang und -Klang * Die bekanntesten Weihnachts- und Neujahrslieder * Bearbeitet von M.P. Heller * Illustriert von Paul Telemann * Verlag von Richard Birnbach, Berlin"

B.D9 inside: Five pages illustrated with Christmas and New Year scenes: Birth of Christ - an orchestra in a village square - Santa with his sack - the Three Wise Men - New Year's Eve

B.D10: "Nr. 139, XII Band Weihnachtsheft Music für Alle", published by Verlag Ullstein & Co, Berlin; a few songs are illustrated with Christmas related themes by J. Graffman, e.g. the Santa is for "Der Wiehnachtsmann" (Hoffman von Fallersleiben 1835) and the shepherds for "Heilige Nacht (Josef Möhr 1818)

B.D11: "Um die Weihnachtszeit", verses by Cilli Schmitt-Teichmann, illustrations by L. Habicher, publisher's references "PV 680/1" (Pestalozzi Verlag), published ca 1945-50s;
I have seen different versions, this one is with the children decoration on the inside of the cover.