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It was not my intention to include a card collection and it is not very large.
But, when at a fair and nothing specific to be found, I sometimes look into the Christmas cards, and when one takes my fancy, I cannot resist it. Recognize the feeling !!!
First are listed logo's and signatures found on the cards and I have added some links to informative sites.

Publisher's or Printer's marks

Le Carnet de cartophil Belge - Belgian postcards collection and straight to the publisher/printer logo's page.
Metropolitan Postcard Club
The Postcard Album (TPA)

Help needed in identifying artist signatures and many of the logo's below.

(AMB or MAB)

(AC star)

(Leipzig & London)

Albrecht & Meister,

Druck und Verlag von
B. Dondorf G.M.B.H.
Frankfurt am Main



Schlesinger, 1

Schlesinger, 2

Schlesinger, 3

E. A. Schwerdtfeger,

E. A. Schwerdtfeger,

E. A. Schwerdtfeger,
Berlin (on photograph)

Gérard Blanchart



(GMD or GPM ?)
GM Milano ?

Haering & Co., München

Verlag Hermann Wolff

(impr. en Belgique)

Editeurs, Paris
Künzli Frères

L. Langebartels,

Maybe Leo of Pradot

Moriz & Barschall


Nels (Edward)
Brussels, Belgium;
in 1913
taken over by Thill


Paul Finkenrath 1

Paul Finkenrath 2

Paul Finkenrath 3

Ross Bromsilber
Vertriebs- Gesellschaft,

O. Schaefer & Scheibe,


Dr. Trenkler Co.
Leipzig, Saxony



See next

W. Hagelberg AG, Berlin?
See : The Postcard Album

Post Card Co
(New York)

Name artist ?

Name artist ?

Name artist ?
Where possible, mentioned or readable, date has been given.

Schlesinger, 3
M.S.I.B. 13538 - 1908

Paul Finkenrath 3
No. 6481 Relief No. 6484 Brillant-1909

O. Schaefer & Scheibe, Nachf.
No. 7498 - 1903

(SB) 2127 - 1913 (Postman, no Santa)

(W) 1911


Made in Germany

(GGR) No.255 Printed in Germany - 1911

Moriz & Barscha,
sent 1911

sent 1905

3382/1 Printed in Saxony, photo card

Maybe Leo of Pradot (Paris),
Fabrication Française, sent 1922

(AMB) No.1594 Dessin 2, sent 1910

(AMB) No.1594 Dessin 4, sent 1910

(AMB) No. 1594 Dessin 6, sent 1910

Schlesinger 1, Berlin, M.S.I.B. 14106

Christmas series No. 18

(A.& M.B.) N°219, sent 1903

Trade card, 10,8 x 16,5cm, signed "RM"?

Trade card, "GRANDE MAISON BLANC 72 & 74, Longue Rue Portre-aux-Vaches, ANVERS" with text at the back


I think printed in the U.S.A.

Moriz & Barschall, sent 1909

(V.K.), VIENNE 5208, sent 1931

2365/2, sent 1950

Box made of Christmas cards and the one used for the lid is the same as the previous card.


Sent 1913 or 1915

(M.S.I.B.) Serie 300

Celluloid, "COPYRIGHT ???? SANDERS, N.Y.", sent 1909

Sent 1905

Sent 1904

Folded card with honeycomb tree; notice the WW1 German soldier

Noël 1882, "Mission d'une éléve de la Ste Famille"

Noël 1883, "Les visites de Jésus"

Serie 276, signed R. Kratke of Kra?k?

Xmas 1883 Jan 1884

Serie 200 No. 1557,
sent 1902

Paul Finkenrath 2,
Décembre, Serie 3213, sent 192?

Trade card, Eyre & Spottiswoode, 326

Sent 1905

E. A. Schwerdtfeger, sent 1905

Schlesinger 2, M.S.I.B. 13642


Sent 1918

Sent 1891, small size

sent 1922

(AMB) No. 15860 Dessin 6, 18?
Below a few photo cards, interesting because they show the decoration and often toys used in that period

Ross Bromsilber 2703/1

Ross Bromsilber 2703/2

Ross Bromsilber 2703/, sent 19??

Ross Bromsilber 2703/5

Ross Bromsilber 2703/6, sent 1911

L. Langebartels, 804/2, sent 1913

L. Langebartels, 804/4, sent 1912

Berlin-Neuroder 33260/2

(Roto) 6332

(LWA) 36/1

E. A. Schwerdtfeger, 1, 1716,

Dr. Trenkler Co., 2013 10099

(AW) Serie 139/6. Printed in Germany,
sent 1909

E. A. Schwerdtfeger 09493/6,
published in London, printed in Berlin;
sent 1916 Postes Militaires

A.& M.B. N° 587, sent ??08

(SP) 2112

(MK and VKVK) 323-6,
"Umělecké dopisnice akad"
Artist:.K. Šímůnka ? (Czech), sent 1922



Fold-out cards and pull-out cards (name?): Maybe not all Christmas cards, but lovely anyway

Fold-out card; although Winter scene, it has a label "Pensez à moi";
on the back is written "Souvenir de Georges à l'occasion de mon 11me anniversaire 49?? 1885"

Pull-out card. Text "Mes Félicitations".
Could be for a birth

Fold-out Christmas card with nativity scene; text: on the cover "Souvenir",
above the nativity "Gloire à Dieu dans le Ciel, paix sur la terre, aux hommes et bonne volonté"

Pull-out/fold-out Christmas card; inside is a label with "Heureux Noël" and on the back "Bonne Fête"
Postcards continued as they came along

Albrecht & Meister (Amag) 60762/4, sent 1913

Serie 410, highlighted with glitter, sent 1904

Series "Our prinses" publ. by Cote D'Or, fourth series,
Castle of Laeken, Christmas 1937, apparantly published in two different versions, numbered 3 and 24


K.F (éditeur Paris, Seine)
. series 01923, sent 1912?

Printed in Germany, 1612

Printed in Germany, 1611



3377., Sent 1914

(SB) 2169 H, Printed in Germany, sent 1910

E. A. Schwerdtfeger, Import, hold-to-light

E. A. Schwerdtfeger, Printed in Germany

1056, sent 1926, inlaid eyes

Trade card?; no information



SER. 7164, sent 1909

Schlesinger 2 , sent 1907

Sent 1903

Schlesinger, sent 1912

Angels with fluffy material, sent 1903


Printed in Germany, sent 1916

Schlesinger 2, S M.S.I.B., sent 1901?

Sent 1901

Sent 1908

Sent 1906

Sent 1907

W. Hagelberg AG, Berlin?, sent 1907

E. A. Schwerdtfeger, sent 1907

Maria and Christ Child in white metal

Schlesinger 2 , sent 1910

Import, 1260, sent 19??

Sent 19??

Schlesinger 2, sent 1910

Celluloid ?, Dresden stars, scrap

Celluloid ?, plastic ?, light blue ribbon,

(JC), Imprimé en Belgique

L.Klement Frankfurt a/M. 936,
signed Leop.Bode, sent 1900

(GMD possibly early GM Milano-Dep.?), Imprimé en Italie, Produzione Italiana, Printed in Italy,
pop-up nativity crèche, sent 24/12/1929

E. A. Schwerdtfeger, Printed in Germany, sent 1910,

Nels, Ern. Thill, Brussel, Trade card "Huis PARENTANI" for nativity figures, sent 1949
The nativity series below are all highlighted with white and mica (?) glitter, e.g. the roof of the stable, in the landscape, ...;
besides the "Stampado in Italia" also "Imprimé en Italie" and "Printed in Italy". Nos. 3 and 7 are missing, so I presume it is a series of 8. Not very old, but rather attractive with the extra decoration.

GM Milano-Dep., 2901/01

GM Milano-Dep., 2901/02

GM Milano-Dep., 2901/04

GM Milano-Dep., 2901/05

GM Milano-Dep., 2901/06

GM Milano-Dep., 2901/08
On the six cards below some of the important figures are cut-outs and attached to the card separately with a small strip of white cardboard sothat they stand out. Highlights with silver glitter. Each has the logo "J.D.A Paris Marque Déposée", all the same ref. no. "616" and "Imprimé en France".
A few other postcards of this publisher or printer in this collection have the same cut-outs technique.

Cut-out: two angels

Cut-out: angel on donkey and Santa

Cut-out: only two (!!) wise men;
no trace of 3d one missing

Cut-out: the tree children and the tree

Cut-out: child with sleigh and child with lam

Cut-out: three shepherds and lams

Another "J.D.A Paris Marque Déposée" cut-out postcard, series 588, Imprimé en France;
highlighted with silver glitter, now turned dark grey;
two children staring in awe at the face in the three while a third one is running away

Cut-out from postcard, gold and silver paper, glitter

HACO 410, signed Fabig-Distling (Lieselotte)

(J.D.A Paris Marque Déposée), 639, IMPRIMÉ EN FRANCE
some glitter and again nativity is cut-out

(J.D.A Paris Marque Déposée), 639, IMPRIMÉ EN FRANCE
some glitter and again nativity is cut-out

Signed Mieke Van Doorne, Imprimé en Belgique-Gedrukt in België

Signed Mieke Van Doorne, Imprimé en Belgique-Gedrukt in België

Signed Pauli Ebner, (AR) N°2481 DRUCK U. VERLAG VON B. DONDORF G.M.B.H. FRANKFURT A. M., sent 1930

Signed Pauli Ebner, (AGB), sent 194?

Signed Pauli Ebner,
(BD=Druck und Verlag von
B. Dondorf G.M.B.H. Frankfurt am Main)
N° 2454
sent 1928

Signed Pauli Ebner, (ACB) No.1012
sent 193?

Signed P.EBNER

Alabaster Serie 6053 Import
signed Hannes Petersen, sent 1937

(HWB=Verlag Hermann Wolff Berlin)

Signed J. Gouppy, sent 19??

Signed J. Gouppy, sent 19??

(GBB), signed J. Gouppy

(GBB), signed J. Gouppy

(GBB), signed J. Gouppy


signed Gaston Maréchaux

Watercolor or woodblock print, signed J. Gouppy; ca 20,5 x 28,5cm;
full height of the sheet is 30cm and the spare space has been blacked-out,
maybe to hide print, but I cannot see any

PHOBEL, Copyright PHOBEL Brux. signed G. Biron

N° 1704 PRINTED IN BELGIUM-COPYRIGHT BY (AFF) signed James Pennyless

N° 1706 PRINTED IN BELGIUM-COPYRIGHT BY (AFF) signed James Pennyless

N° 1709 PRINTED IN BELGIUM-COPYRIGHT BY (AFF) signed James Pennyless

No references and Unsigned

Fold card with nativity scene; marked at the back "54 x 38 MADE IN U.S.A." and a red "B"; not sent, probably of the 1950s

Series 3G - Fr. Van Immerseel. Vlaamse Kerstfolklore (Flemisch Christmas folklore). Publisher "HET RAD", Berchem-Antwerpen. Each signed FVI (Frans Van Immerseel)
From left to right: Nr. 1 - Nr. 2 - Nr. 3 - Nr. 4

Nativity Linocut print, signed (?), dated (19)'49

Folded card, "NOËL 1943", signed "LVD", and L.K.D., publisher logo GBB;
probably card for the soldiers at the front from Cardinal Van Roey and Bishops from Liège, Ghent, Bruges, Tournai and Namur

Selfmade Christmas card by a prisoner, cel 73,
dated 1945, a
monogram below left

Christmas card drawing by the belgian artist Germaine Hagemans (1897-1985). Text on the card:
"Folka": it seems that people with this family name come from the USA and Canada
"Hopital Molière
Air Force
1er Décembre 44"
Germaine Hagemans"

There is a hospital with this name in 1190 Forest, Brussels

On the right: "Grand Wishes w/o Folka G.A."

Inside is a double sheet probably for text, all bound together with a ribbon with the Belgian tricolor (red-yellow-black).

On the back is pencilled "VX=" :

Card, also drawing by the belgian artist Germaine Hagemans (1897-1985). Text on the card:
"Thanks a million Glenn Falco.... 24/10/44 Brussels"
signature "Germaine Hagemans"

Inside is also a double sheet for text, all bound together with a ribbon with the Belgian tricolor (red-yellow-black).

On the back is pencilled "VX=" :

Below a series of 1950s Christmas cards, marked "Made in U.S.A.". Some have additionally "Prize Card" and "Christmas Star". They were a present from a lovely lady, Kathy.

Christmas cards still to be folded, showing outsides and insides

Christmas cards still with their original envelopes.
Now some small cards, some folded, maybe sometimes used as gift cards. Width, folded, are between 7,5 x 11cm and ...

(b déposé) 1019

(b déposé) 1020

Embossed decoration, Christmas poem
"Christmas Joys" inside, Made in Germany

Birn Bros., Litd., London.
British Manufacture

Made in Britain

Made in France N° 2700 Bouasse-Jeune (publisher)

Small booklet with 3 double sheets, printed r/v, plus cover; publisher BOUASSE LEBEL. N° 1180; inscription "A ma chère Mère, Noël 1901, Jules"

More pages of the above booklet

Single card, but the crèche is a cut-out and attached with a small paper strip to the card separately;
highlighted with glitter; unmarked; next one of the same series.

Single card, but the star is a cut-out and attached with a small paper strip to the card separately;
highlighted with glitter; unmarked; of the same series as thje previous one.

Folded card, the crèche is a cut-out glued directly on the card,
highlighted with gold paint and silver glitter; unmarked.

Marked J.D.A Paris Marque Déposée 29 and Made France;
single card, highlighted with glitter
Trade Cards

Greeting or trade card with the same children and tree
as the next trade card; with a Christmas verse;
no date, not sent

Trade card,
Firma Bühler & Bösche, Stein-Straße  43, Hamburg
(Shop for silk goods, dress materials, etc.)
, date 1895

Trade card, Parasolerie Rouennaise
"Chromolith. A. Gombert et Soeur, Halluin (Nord)";
1890-1918, France

Trade card, Parasolerie Rouennaise
"Chromolith. A. Gombert et Soeur, Halluin (Nord)"
1890-1918, France

Trade card, Chocolat Guérin-Boutron, 7 x 17cm,
72 Dessins transparents à voir à la lumière N°17, Edité pour la Maison Guérin-Boutron
Variation on hold to light, but here the card must be held very close to a bright light for the toy images to appear

Trade card, 13,5 x 20cm,
Edwd Ridley & Sons, New York;
artist and publisher unreadable

Spanish Christmas Greetings Trade Cards - Felicitaciones de Navidad de Oficios

History based on information received from the Biblioteca Nacional de España (B.N.E.), Clara Ortega, Servicio de Divulgación y Gestión de la Colección Sala Goya.

Previous to the Christmas card that appeared in 1843 in Great Britain, in Spain they developed another type of congratulation cards that deviated from the postal type, not so much for its format as for its intentionality: cards distributed by the workers of public offices and trades with the clear intention to get a bonus or a tip.

In Spain the first Christmas greeting of which there is a record dates from 1931 and was the work of the delivery men/women of the newspaper of Barcelona founded by the Marquis de Brusi. These workers were the first to use greeting cards based on texts printed in the lithography workshops founded by Brusi in 1820, therefore, before the English Christmas cards.

However in the collection of B.N.E. a card of 1939 is conserved that reproduces on the back a text of the "sereno" (night watchman) of 1788, reason why it is not necessary to discard that they distributed this type of cards even for some years before 1831.

On most cards, the figure of the worker stands out in uniform, as in the case of the "sereno" (night watchman), or in work clothes while carrying out the tasks of his trade. Nativity scenes, food and drinks typical of Christmas and New Year include nougat, turkey, grapes, champagne, etc. Later appear other elements that are gradually incorporated into the other Christmas symbols: Christmas trees and objects for decoration, holly leaves and scenes of families buying figurines of the nativity scene.

The congratulatory formulas or phrases are almost always the same and printed or stamped on the front of the card: "El cartero felicita a usted las Pascuas de Navidad” or "El farolero les desea Felices Navidades” ( "The mailman congratulates you on Christmas" or "The lamplighter wishes you Merry Christmas "), while the text in verse with which the worker asks for the bonus or tip refers to the peculiarities of each office or trade and is printed on the back of the card.

For dating the cards shown here I must rely on the information supplied by the former owner or found on the internet, and considering the history the dating is not always correct. Corrections and information are welcome.

I was delighted to discover these special Christmas cards and will try to include some more in my collection.. For dating the cards shown here I must rely on the information supplied by the former owner or found on the internet.


As can be expected, reproductions are being made. Some are shown below, togther with an original. They were described as reproductions by the seller, not as originals, but we must be on our guard..

"El Herrero" - The Blacksmith, original, 1930-1940s, ca 13 x 9cm

"El Herrero" Reproduction. Notice no text on the back.
Sometimes it seems like the design has been blown-up sothat some of the design is missing near the edges.

"El Fundidor" - The Founder, original, 1930s (1900-1950), ca 13 x 9cm

"El Fundidor" post card produced in 1988;
the back has a square for the postage stamp. Image from the internet.

The next are all originals  

"El Sereno " - The Night Watchman, 1950-60s, ca 12,5x9,5cm

"El Sereno " - The Night Watchman, 1950-60s, ca 13x10cm

"El Vigilante " - The Guard, 1950, ca 13,5 x 9,5cm

"El Vigilante " - The Guard, 1940-60s?, ca 14,5x10,5cm; Gráficos LABIELLE, Córcega, 237, Barcelona

"El Vigilante " - The Guard, 1940-60s?, ca 14,5x10,5cm; M.T. de Rovira, Bailén, 124.

"El Vigilante " - The Guard, 1940-60s?, ca 12,5 x 8,5cm

"El Basurero " - The Carbage Collector, 1920s, ca cm

"El Panadero " - The Baker, 1920-1940s, ca cm

"El Carbonero" - The Coalman, 1940-1950s, ca 13,5 x 9cm

"El Dependiente " - The Clerk, Salesman?, 1920s? (1900-1950) or (1890-1940 , ca 14 x 9cm

"El Panadero " - The Baker, 1930s, ca 12,5 x 9cm

"El Recadero " - The Errand Boy, 1930s, ca 12,5 x 9cm

"El Barbero" - The Barber, ca 15 x 10,2cm

"El Monaguillo" - Altar Boy, 14 x 9cm

"El Repartidor" - Delivery man, ca 14 x 9cm

"El Tabernero" - Innkeeper, 1900-1950, ca 15 x 10cm,

"El Vigilante" - The Guard, fun because of the zeppelin, 1900-1940, ca 15 x 10cm

"El Carretero" - The wagoner, ca 14 x 9cm


Noël 1936, drawn and signed V. Maybry ?

Noël 1936, not signed, clearly by the same artist

Noël 1936, drawn and signed V. Maybry ?

Noël 1942, logo (AC star) DÉPOSÉ 428

Noël 1943, self-made menu card; text on the card "Veni .. Vidi .. Vici..!!!; on the skirt is "RADIS"
It seems there is a hockey club in Radis, Wittenberg in Germany !!l

Noël 1951, self-made menu, 40cm high, decorated with Swedish scrap gnomes

Noël 1952, self-made menu, 46cm high, decorated with Swedish scrap gnomes,
probably by Britt Lis Erlandsson
Gift Cards

These are, I think, gift cards in the shape of a clog.
They have been made by children in the "Lieve-Vrouwebewaarschool, Opgeeistenstraat 62, Ronse" a nursery school in Ronse, a town in Belgium.
Texts are in Dutch, here is translation:
Two are for "Blessed and Happy New Year", dated 1958,
"Blessed and Happy Year" (forgot the "new") for 1959,
while the one for 1960 says "Blessed Christmas".

On the inside are texts "Peace on earth", "Merry Christmas", "Blessed and Happy New Year", while one has no text,
and two have a picture of Jesus.

They were together with self made crèches and ornaments.

4: Dennison’s ornament/gift cards ; package is shown on the left
and the cards are shown on the package the lady is holding.
A few New Year's letters and V-mail, decorated with Christmas themes

foil, ribbon with scrap butterfly,
glitter around litho card

orange chenille & paper flower wreath
around paper nativity

foil star and scrap Holy Family

Unused, ca 1940-50

Unused, ca 1940-1950, glitter

V-mail: Christmas greetings from Pvt Demos Demosthenes, APO 235, 174 Engineer Battalion, to Mrs. Amalia Wood, in Wolfeboro, USA.
It appears he enlisted on Sepember 7, 1943.