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A variety of magazines, often special Christmas editions, acquired for their information on Christmas traditions and lifestyle of the period.
The women's and family magazines have Christmas recepies, instructions and ideas for making ornaments, presents and home decorations, fashion of the period, children's corner, Christmas stories, ....., and not to forget some have lovely advertisements.
Movie magazines of course have stars on the cover and news on the then famous stars and movies.

The more religeous related magazines, have, besides some of the Christmas related information, mostly articles and pictures on the manger, birth of Christ, Christmas in other countries, etc.

The Saturday Evening Post, December 4 1948, U.S.A.: wonderfull grafics and a.o. Heinz Christmas recepies

The Saturday Evening Post, December 23, 1950, U.S.A.: Plymouth advertisement

Punch, Christmas number 1970, England: funnies

Mad, Janunary 1965, U.S.A.: comics with very good graphics, some of the "predictions" and below "Letters from Santa Claus"

"Letters from Santa Claus"

Nash's Christmas Number, December 1934, England: Mackintosh's ad,
stories by a.o. A.J. Cronin and W. Somerset Maugham

Nash's Christmas Number, December 1935, England: "The English Year" describing
"first the history of our festivities and then the light in which they appear,
in this time of anxiety and cynicism"

Nash's Christmas Number, December 1936, England: poem "Christmas Eve" by Clare Nicholl

Life, December 22, 1947, USA, included is an album Christmas Carols, painted by 7 American artists: "Good King Wenceslas" painting by Doris Lee; below the 6 others :

"O Little Town of Bethlehem" painting by Byron Thomas - "The First Nowell" painting by Lenard Kester

"Silent Night, Holy Night" painting by Raymond Breinin - "We Three Kings of Orient Are" painting by Gladys Rockmore Davis

"Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" painting by Margaret Stark - "God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen" painting by Waldo Peirce

The backpage with "The Artists": a description of the paintings

The Illustrated London News, Christmas Number December 1876:
covers:"Santa (?) with child" and "Hoisting the Union Jack" by Alfred Hunt;
"Christmas Ideal and Real" by Harry Furniss;
"A Dream of Plum Pudding" by Linley Sambourne

The Illustrated London News, Christmas Number December 1877:
covers: girl with mistletoe, artist unknown; "Little loves" drawn by Kate Greenaway
"Old evergreen and the yule log" drawn by Harry Furniss

The Illustrated London News, Christmas Number December 1878:
cover: "On Christmas Day in the Morning" drawn by Miss M. Ellen Edwards;
Engraving: "Lucky Dog" (under the mistletoe) drawn by Percy Macquoid

Illustrated London News, Christmas 1886:
covers: Cock Robin, unsigned; "Christmas has come again !, drawn by Florence Gravie",
signed R. Taylor

Illustrated London News, Christmas Number 1894, London, England:
Cover: party girl, artist unknown;
"A happy Christmas to you!" drawn by Lucien Davis;
"The visit of Santa Claus" drawn by A. Forestier;
ad "A very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous '95!" Brookes' Soap-Monkey Brand

The Illustrated London News Christmas Number 1937:
cover: "Frost Scene" by Isack van Ostade (1621-1649);
"A Dream of Christmas Eve", poor woman's dream, signed "LR 1874" ( A.L. Richter, 1803-84);
"Quality Street at Christmas time" ad Mackintosh

The Illustrated London News Christmas Number 1957: cover: "The Young Musicians" by Jan Molenaer (1610?-68);
"Christmas customs as the old illuminators might have recorded them": I: Feasting and merry making; II: Carol singers dancing; III: Bringing home the evergreens; IV: The kissing bough

The Illustrated London News Christmas Number 1958: cover: "The rest on the Flight into Egypt" by Filippo Lippi (1457-1504);
"The Christmas tree in History and Legend": I: Martin Luther's tree, about 1533; II: Strasburg, the earliest authentic record (1605); III: the Lady of Wittenberg and her children (1737);
Iv: in Queen Caroline's household in the 1820s.

The Illustrated London News Christmas Number 1968:
cover: central panel Nativity triptich by Cornelius Engelbertsz;
"The Christmas Tree Story", Illustration by André Brennan


The Pictorial World, Christmas Number December 23rd, 1876:
cover: "The Wanderer's Return: A Welcome Home" drawn by G.G. Kilburne;
"Christmas in the seventeenth century: singing the Christmas carol" drawn by C. Cattermale

The Pictorial World, Christmas Number December 12th, 1877:
cover: "Your Health, Sir!" drawn by A. Fairfax Lumley;
Christmas two Continents: "America: Mexico" - "Europe: Spain"

The Pictorial World, Christmas Number December 12th, 1877, Supplement:
cover: "Christmas Eve in the Lighthouse", by Tho's Hogan Del. & Van Vranken SC.;
"Christmas in a fishing smack" "God's Acre: a sketch on Christmas eve in Saxony" drawn by A. Laby

The Pictorial World, Christmas Number December 18th, 1878, Supplement:

cover: "A competitive Examination: choosing the Christmas Goose" drawn by D. Gregory;
"How some people enjoy their Christmas Holidays, weather premitting":
To bicycle, swim, fish, play tennis, sleigh, snow ball or slide, drawn by T.H. Wilson

The Pictorial World, Christmas Number December 18th, 1878, England:
cover: "Christmas one hundred Years ago" drawn by Percy Macquoid;
"Here we are again" drawn by T. Nast (Santa Claus Belated)

Graphic Xmas Number, 1886, London, England:
"Bringing Home the Christmas Firewood" from the picture by E. Blume Siebert

The Graphic Christmas Number 1888, London, England:
"Hinde's popular shilling toys Christmas presents! New Years' gifts!"

Graphic Xmas N° 1889, London, England:
"The holiday letter from school - a boy's dream of the coming Christmas" by Adrien Marie

Pears' Annual Christmas 1894, London:
cover: giant snowball, signed "MB";
"The Chimes, A Goblin Story" by Charles Dickens, illustrated by Charles Green, R.I.

Picture Show, December 25th 1954, London, publ. The Amalgamated Press Ltd.;
cover: The stars of "White Christmas", Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Vera-Ellen and Danny Kay;
Christmas Greetings from the Stars, signed photo's; "A Star Spangled Christmas" showing Susan Ball, Allison Hayes, Piper Laurie and Dorothy Malone;
More: "Picture Show" online

Modern screen, January 1951, publ. Dell Publishing Company, Inc., New York;
cover: color portrait of Shirley Temple by Nickolas Muray;
Hollywood's loveliest Christmas Story Marika's Miracle by Barbara Stanwyck and Jim Henaghan:
My Christmas story by Bing Crosby

Today's Woman, The magazine for young wives, December 1947, USA;
Tips for Gift-Bying Wives by Jerome Dreifuss, consultant on Men's Wear for True, The Man's Magazine


Le Sourire, 23 Décembre 1920, Paris, France: naughty but nice graphics

La Mode Pratique, 15 Décembre 1938, Paris, France:
fashion, with a.o. instructions for making a creche

Le Petit Echo de la Mode, 22 Décembre 1935, Paris, France: fashion, with o.a. clothes for Christmas

Société Catholique "Patria", 1928, Belgium:
charitable fair

Le cri de paris, 26 Décembre 1909, Paris:
"Noël! En voilà un qui n'est pas pour le désarmement!"
(Christmas! Here is one that is not for disarmament!)

Madame, Noël 1922, Paris, France: ladies magazine, how to make a Christmas tree with branches.

Madame, Noël 1925, Paris, France: recepies for Christmas and New Year

La Revue de Madam, Noël 1925, Paris, France: ladies magazine, tips Christmas presents

Nos Loisirs, Noël, 26 Déc. 1909, France:
"Marionnettes et Comédiens de Noël" (Christmas Marionettes and Comedians)

Paris Match, Noël 1952, France:
"Children of all the countries of the world write for Christmas to “Bambino, Rome":
At midnight precisely, on Christmas Eve on the hill of the Capitole in Rome,
the most extraordinary crib of the world is illuminated. Each year, since four hundred years,
thousands of children from all over the city, wait for the holy hour in the church of Ara Cœli.

La Vie Illustrée, Noël 26 Décembre 1902 , Paris:
Engraving "La Dinde de Nöel" (Christmas turkey) signed Ch. Baude (Charles,1853-1935)
"5e Exposition du Cycle et de l'Automobiles", with the Belgian stand "Minerve"

La Vie Heureuse, Noël 1909, France:
Chirstmas tree in the "Grands magasins du Louvre"

La Vie Heureuse, Noël 1910, France: music "Entre le Boeuf et l'Ane Gris" (between the ox and the gray donkey).

Le Patriote Illustré, 23 Décembre 1934, Belgium: Adoration of the Shepherds from the Musée des Crèches in Napels; Christmas in the modern folk art; a very amusing ad

Le Patriote Illustré, 25 Décembre 1938, Belgium: Christmas customs:
Küssnacht: The night before Christmas, on the rhythm of old songs, a parade of people, dressed up with giant miters, inspired by Saint Nicolas, distributor of gifts,
and Christmas, go through the streets of Küssnacht, Switzerland.
In villages, young girls go from door to door, singing old Christmas carols, and they themselves play all the characters: St. Joseph, shepherds, Wise Men.

Le Patriote Illustré, Noël 1951, Belgium: Walt Disney,
Alice in Wonderland, continued inside - Nativity in a box, Venetian, 18th c.

Le Patriote Illustré, Noël 1960: ad for "Javel la Croix"

REX Noël 1935, Belgium, Les Editions de Rex, founded in 1934 by Leon Degrelle:
game "Je suis un évadé" (I am an escapee), based on "Snakes and Ladders".
Six prisoners sent by the Soviets to Siberia and the one who arrived first at home,
middle circle with Christmas tree, has won the game

Marie*Claire, Décembre 1954, Paris: cover signed "R. Keilo" ?;
how to make table decorations,
and a list of succulent specialties by province

Le Globe Illustré, 26 Décembre 1886, Bruxelles: engravings:
"La Noël dans le Monde, à Londres" (Christmas in the World, in London), unsigned
"La Noël dans la Chaumière" (Christmas in the cottage), the rich bringing presents to the poor, signed:

L'Illustration Européenne,
21 Décembre 1890, Bruxelles:
engraving, "Rêve de Noël (Christmas dream), signed:

Graphica, numéro spécial de Noël, 1945, French/Dutch, UNIGRA, Belgium:
song "Maria die Soude" (Maria goes (to Bethlehem)

Noel 1904, La Revue Théatrale, Paris: front cover signed , the title page engraving by P. Rubens (?);
"Les Noëls Musicaux" (musical Christmas), with ref. to the book "La Marche à l'Etoile" in this collection;
"Noëls d'Alsace" song based on "Noël" by Coraer (?), 1625, and a decorated Christmas tree;

"Le Boudin de Noël" a gastranomique story, design by Lucien Métivet (1863-1930)

Je sais tout-Noël, 15 Novembre 1908, France:
cover Queen Marie Leczinska by Nattier

Je sais tout Noël 1913, France

L'Eventail, Noël 1929, Bruxelles:
"La Belgique de 1830",
the Belgian foundation in 1830

Le Rire Rouge, Edition de Guerre (war edition) , 30 Décembre 1916, Paris:
cover "Les Martyrs de l'Arrière" (Martyrs of the back = at home) There are many and they pray, at Christmas, for those who are fighting....;
Christmas 1916, Christ Child in the chimney: "Do not worry about your nice white robe, little Jesus; there are no coal."

Le Soir Illustré, 20 Déc. 1930, Belgium:
cover: Noël ! Voici les sports d'hiver ..." (Christmas! Here winter sports ..);
Mary Pickford decoration Christmas tree for the children

Le Soir Illustré, 24 Déc. 1932, Belgium:
cover: "Réveillon de Noël (Christmas eve)
"Arbres de Noël" (Christmas trees): materials and description to decorate

Le Soir Illustré, 22 Déc. 1934, Belgium:
cover: "Chants de Noël" (Christmas songs);
Ad by "Balatum" with St. Nicolas advertising their Christmas bonus

Le Soir Illustré, Noël, 14 Déc. 1950, Belgium:
cover: Walt Disney's Cinderella;
"Le cadeau de Noël de Walt Disney Cendrillon" (Disney's Christmas present Cinderalla);
Noël de A ...à Z" for every letter in the alphabet a Christmas related word with comments is given

L'Illustré, revue hebdomadaire Suisse, Noël, 19 Déc. 1946, Suisse:
"Enfants de Noël" (Christmas children) foto taken in hospital;
"Noël 46" Christmas funnies with Santa as lead player

L'Illustration Noël 1928, Paris France:
cover: fragment of a Chinese screen in Coromandel lacquer;
ad 4711 Eau de Cologne, signed but unknown;
fragment of ad by Léon Fauret for Jif Waterman pens

L'Illustration Noël 1929, Paris France:
cover: book binding of Catherine de Médicis;
Ad by Léon Fauret for Jif Waterman pens

L'Illustration Noël 1933, Paris France:
cover: fragment of lacquer by Jean Dunand (1877-1942);
Adoration of the three Kings

L'Illustration Noël 1936, Paris France:
cover: portret of Princes Lieven by Sir Thomas Lawrence;
ad for the French apéritif BYRRH, translated subtitle
"No luck, this is not our Santa ... it's Papa's"

ABC antiquités beaux-arts curiosités, NOEL,
Dec. 1977-Jan. 1978; C.P.I.P.-Editeur, Paris, France;
cover: "L'Adoration des mages. Atelier de Pierre Hemmel, 1480-90"

Votre Bonheur, 13 Décembre 1938, Paris France:
cover: photo Elshoud-Mise en couleurs de Sainte-Croix;
"il a couté 20 francs a décorer" (it has cost 20 francs to decorate)

Point de Vue-Images du Monde, Nöel 1967, 1er Déc. 1967, Paris, France;
Des Cadeaux pour Nöel (presents for Christmas)

Cinémonde, N° 1013, 1er janvier 1954, Paris, France;
cover: Walt Disney's Peter Pan;
"Cinémonde Noël" picture of the Christmas edition advertised in this issue
portraying Leslie Caron

Cinémonde, "Joyeux Noël" N° 1533, 34 Décembre 1963, Paris, France;
cover: Ann Margret (Columbia);
"Noël avec Johnny et Sylvie" (Johnny Halliday and Sylvie Vartan)

Week end, N° 334 - 18 Décembre 1949, Société Centrale d’Edition, Imprimé en Belgique;
cover: Noël chez Walt Disney (Christmas at Walt Disney) signed Peter de Greef;
article on Walt Disney's Christmas; detail of Christmas funnies

Week end, N° 387 - 24 Décembre 1950, Société Centrale d’Edition, Imprimé en Belgique;
cover: Noël avec Cendrillon (Christmas with Cinderella)
signed "d'après W. Disney Peter de Greef";
Le magicien d'Hollywood (The magician of Hollywood) article on Walt Disney


Lectures pour Tous, NOEL 1909, Librairie Hachette & Cie, 79 Bould Saint-German, Paris, France;
cover: illustration of a girl in an aeroplane, no signature;
Santa in aeroplane: advertisement for fountain pen "ONOTO", still in business today (2010);
Nativity scene by Maurice Lalau

Lectures pour Tous, NOEL 1910, Librairie Hachette & Cie, 79 Bould Saint-German, Paris, France;
cover: illustration signed "Richard Wallace 1910";
Christmas Kodak advertisement;
Adoration of the Kings, signed "Maurice LAULAU"

Lectures pour Tous, NOËL 1911, Librairie Hachette & Cie, 79 Bould Saint-German, Paris, France;
cover: illustration Christmas shopping, unsigned;
"Conte de Noël" for piano by Paul Wachs, illustration by Felix Lorioux

Lectures pour Tous, NOËL 1913, Librairie Hachette & Cie, 79 Bould Saint-German, Paris, France;
cover: illustration signed Richard Wallace 1913;
Illustration, unsigned, for the story "La lettre de Noël" by G. Lenôtre

Lectures pour Tous, NOËL 1er Décembre 1917,
Librairie Hachette & Cie, 79 Bould Saint-German, Paris, France;
cover: illustration US 1918 by Georges-Pierre Dutriac;
"La Noël du convalescent" (convalescent's Christmas)


Lectures pour Tous, NOËL 1923, Librairie Hachette & Cie, 79 Bould Saint-German, Paris, France;
cover: repro of a Japanese woodcut by Eizan;
Ad for Brunet, amplifiers, head phones, ..;
Ad for "Jouets Maerklin", Marklin toys

PARIS NOËL,1887-1888, Paris - Imprimerie SGAP, 3 rue de L'Echelle, France;
cover: design by A. Girardon, SGAP graveur; girl by Raimundo Madrozo;
"NOEL D'ANDALOUSIE", by Jules Arène, illustrations by Santiago Arcos;
"Roses de Noël" by A. Gorguet, text by Emile Blémont

VICI 245 17.XII.1956 Revue des FBA par et pour le Soldat/Tijdschrift der BSD door en voor de Soldaten (BSD = Belgische strijdkrachten in Duitsland/ FBA = Forces belges en Allemagne), (magazine for the Belgian soldiers in Germany);
Editeur responsable QG 1er Corps Commandant G. Verniers, Printed by Buchbender & Kroth, Bonn, Breite Str. 13; a bilingual French/Dutch magazine;
cover: design by Roland Sprenger;
"Les Symboles de Noël" (Christmas symbols) by Jacques Guilmin/"Kerstgebruiken" (Christmas customs)
by W.V.C. and drawing by E. Penny;
"Grand Concours de Noël/Grote Kerstprijskamp" (large Christmas contest), design by R. Sprenger


Panorama, Kerstnummer, 23 December 1914, Leiden, Netherlands:
cover: signed Elisabeth Sonrel (1874-1953);
Prinses Mary's present for the English soldiers, box with tobacco, marked "CHRISTMAS 1914", often seen offered on ebay;
German crownprins's present is a tobacco pipe, on the front his portret and on the back "Weihnachten 1914";
Christmas in the hospital, probably wounded Germans as trees were rare in Belgium and I can see German crosses on the tree

Panorama, 24 Dec.1955, Spaarnestad, Haarlem, Netherlands:
article about Anna Frank "Er was voor hen geen plaats meer" (there was no place for them),
photo of authentic page from her diary, the pictures are from the packages she received

Panorama 23-29 December 1958;
N.V. Tijdschriften Uitgevers Mij.
Antwerpen, Belgium

Zondagsvriend, 20 December 1951, Belgium: "Kerststalletje in Napolitaanse Stijl" (Manger in Neapolitan style) in the church of St.Cosmas and Damian in Napels, described in Sacred Architecture : "A visit to the basilica of Saints Cosmas and Damian at Christmastime is most worthwhile.  Adjacent to the basilica’s cloister is a famous Neapolitan presepio, a monumental eighteenth-century nativity scene with exquisitely carved figurines."

Patria Magazine, Jan. 1936, Belgium: "Het Kerstfeest van kleine Shirley" (the Christmas Party of little Shirley (Temple)), and which is fun an illustration by my father-in-law

Patria Magazine, Jan. 1939, Belgium
; Santa's reward in Hollywood (Warner Bros); who would not want to believe in such a Santa ? (M.G.M.);

Ons Land, Christmas number 1923, Belgium: "Kerstmis in de Schilderkunst"
(Christmas in Painting)

Ons Land, Christmas number 1924, Belgium: song "Kerstlied aan mijn vader "
(Christmas song for my father)

Ons Land, Christmas number 1925, Belgium: Christmas trees in Germany and Norway, Christmas cakes from 1670 from the National Germanic Museum in Nürnberg

Ons Land, Christmas number 1926, Belgium: "Kerstgebruiken (Christmas traditions)

Ons Land, Kerstnummer 1927 (Christmas number), Belgium: two 19th cent. German engravings both titled "Het kerstfeest in den goeden ouden tijd"
(Christmas in the good olden times) (also shown in Ons Volk 1947, pg. 1228).

Ons Land, Kerstnummer 1938 (Christmas number), Belgium:
"Kerstrijm" (
Christmas Rhyme)

Ons Land, Kerstnummer 1939 (Christmas number), Belgium:
"Kerstvizioen" (Christmas Vision

De Stad Antwerpen, 21 December 1934, Belgium:
"Kinderen rond de Kerstboom" (Children around the Christmas tree)

De Stad, 23 December 1938, Belgium: cover signed "Willy Schermelé (1904-1995):
"Een poppenspel van Kerstmis" (
A Christmas puppet show)

Ons Volk (Our People), Christmas Number 1947, Brussels: making a manger; history of the Christmas tree with two 19th cent. German engravings (see "Ons Land" 1927);
custom "Pangrond in Schultz"

Ons Volk (Our People), Christmas Number 1948, Brussels: manger "Volk bij de Kribbe"; "Kerstmis in de Volkssantjes" (article on old Christmas Holy cards); Suske en Wiske comics "Het Kerstmannetje"

Ons Volk (Our People), 24 December 1950, Brussels: article on Neapolitan manger art; article on making your own paper glitter decorations you can still find on jumble sales

Ons Volk (Our People), 24 December 1953, Brussels: cover Peter Pan and his Christmas tree; how to make a lantern for the Christmas tree; a cardboard tree and other decorations for the Christmas table; advertisement for Aspirine

Ons Volk ontwaakt (Our people awaken), Nr.51, 21 December 1930, Belgium, publ. F. Van den Eynde;
cover: comics, a.o. Adamson;
"Kerstmis in aantocht" (Christmas is coming), nativity in Czechoslovakia;
Christmas tree in Berlin

Ons Volk ontwaakt (Our people awaken), Nr.52, 28 December 1930, Belgium, publ. F. Van den Eynde;
cover: comics, also a.o. Adamson;
"De Kerstman, de concurrent van St.Niklaas" (Santa, the competitor of St. Nicholas);
Strange Christmas trees in Los Angeles: ca thousands of these placed along the boulevards

Motorama, publ. by General Motors Continental,
nr. 29 - January 1962:
still shows Santa behind the car !

De Prins, Christmas number 1927, The Netherlands:
front signed "Muratti" and the back "B.(Bernardina) Midderigh-Bokhorst" (1880-1972); strange Christmas scene in Vienna

Vrouwenbeweging (feminist movement) December No. 12 1936, Brussel, Belgium;
cover "VREDE" (peace); mangers;
organization KAV founded in 1920, aimed at training and defending the interests of working women

Vrouwenbeweging (feminist movement) December Nr. 12 1938, Brussel, Belgium;
cover "mother and children at the advent wreath";
family at the Christmas dinner

Vrouwenbeweging (feminist movement) December Nr 12 December 1939, Brussel, Belgium;
cover signed P. Klein;
the week of peace 25 December - 1 January and admiring the Christmas tree

Vrouwenbeweging December (1950?), Brussel, Belgium;
cover: "Verwachting van grote dingen" (great expectations) signed Sam. De Vriendt;
the family and social laws

Zalig Kerstfeest,KAV Kristelijke Arbeidersvrouwen, 1945, Brussels, Belgium;
cover with the KAV logo;
Christmas festivities of the past; back cover with song about the Three Kings

Picollo, Nr. 51, 20 December 1959, Publ. Sparta, Antwerp, Belgium;
cover with picture of filmstar Debra Paget;
Christmas bride 1959 is Farah Diba, to marry the sjah of Iran (Persia)

De Lach, No. 10, 21 De December 1962, Amsterdam, The Netherlands;
cover Ann Margret (Columbia International);
Julie Christie, Nita Talbot, Judy Garland & Burt Lancaster, Debbie Reynolds

ABC, Nr. 52, 24 De December 1950,
cover: Walt Disney's Cinderella;
change in the English Christmas festivity since a centruy up to now (1950)

Goed nieuws, Nr. 52, 23-29 December 1958, Antwerp - Belgium;
cover: Christmas ornaments of the period;
Elk jaar maakt vader een nieuwe kerststalletje ! (Every year father makes a new nativity !

Libelle 15-21 December 1964, Antwerp - Belgium;
some Christmas ornaments, title of this article is "Why not an imitation Christmas tree ?";
white imitation Christmas tree decorated with textile birds from China

Vrouw en Huis, Nr. 38, 18-12-48 (1948), Antwerp - Belgium;
cover: Zalig Kerstfeest (Merry Christmas);
lace angels, instructions how to make them are included in the magazine;
advertisement for PHILCO applicances, with prices, f.i. the mixer is 2.950

Het Rijk der Vrouw, Nr. 51 - 21 December 1941, Brussel-Belgium;
cover: decorated Christmas tree behind window;
tree and table decorations instructions

Het Rijk der Vrouw, Nr. 83 - 7 December 1946, Brussel-Belgium, printer Helio-Offset SAR;
cover: "Kerstgeschenken" (Christmas presents);
the instructions for making the presents on the cover

Het Rijk der Vrouw, Nr. 85 - 21 December 1946, Brussel-Belgium;
cover: decorated Christmas tree;
presents for little girls: description and patterns to be ordered

Het Rijk der Vrouw, Nr. 137 - 20 December 1947, Brussel-Belgium;
cover: decorated Christmas tree
"Feestdos!" (festive costumes)

Kerstboek van de Katholieke Illustratie 1938, "Katholieke Illustratie" is a weekly magazine for Catholic Netherlands (1867-1967);
cover: design by Herman Moerkerk; center page "Drie Koninge!" (Three Kings) signed Herman Moerkerk; stable by Armand Pieck;
a chapter on experiences in a Moroccan city by Salam Petola has many illustrations by Anton Pieck, dated '37 (1937).

Zonneland, Nr 51, 19e December 1937, Goede Pers Averboden, publ. A.J. Dockx;
"Als Kerstmis nadert" (When Christmas is coming) Christmas customs

VICI 245 17.XII.1956 Revue des FBA par et pour le Soldat/Tijdschrift der BSD door en voor de Soldaten (BSD = Belgische strijdkrachten in Duitsland/ FBA = Forces belges en Allemagne), (magazine for the Belgian soldiers in Germany);
Editeur responsable QG 1er Corps Commandant G. Verniers, Printed by Buchbender & Kroth, Bonn, Breite Str. 13; a bilingual French/Dutch magazine;
cover: design by Roland Sprenger;
"Les Symboles de Noël" (Christmas symbols) by Jacques Guilmin/"Kerstgebruiken" (Christmas customs)
by W.V.C. and drawing by E. Penny;
"Grand Concours de Noël/Grote Kerstprijskamp" (large Christmas contest), design by R. Sprenger


Frankfurter Landsturm, Kriegsnummer Weihnachten 1914 (War Number Christmas 1914), printed in Saint-Quentin (France):
poem "Weihnachten im Feindesland!" ("Christmas in Enemy Territory"), but whose fault was that; certainly not ours!