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Christmas puzzles are delightful, certainly the very old ones. But as I only bought them when they came my way, there are not very many in my collection, and I do not know much about them. With the wooden ones with different graphics the major design is on the lid.

This block puzzle is in poor condition and came with the base of the lid only.
But better than nothing I thought !

The puzzle measures 26,5 x 17cm.


A small block puzzle with delightful graphics. The puzzle in very good condition, I think it has never been used, it still having the cellophane wrapping. The box is 12,5 x 12,5cm, no markings, the puzzle is 10,5 x 11cm.

A block puzzle with nice graphics, but the printing and the paper is poor quality; two are signed but I cannot find any inforamtion on the artist.
The box 13,7 x 20,5cm, while the puzzle is 9,5 x 17cm.

A puzzle with a winter scene and "Frau Holle" in the sky; not really a Christmas scene but it does remind me of the many german advent calendars having similar graphics;
the puzzle is double sided, pasted on a thin wooden panel and the other side, being a summer scene, is shown inside the lid; this scene is signed with a monogram.

The box 24,5 x 20,5cm, while the puzzle is 23,5 x 19cm.

Mammoth jig-saw puzzle N° 84, showing Santa and a picture of the village, being the design of the puzzle.
At the same time it is a competition. Fill in the coupon with the name of the village and you have a chance of winning a bound copy of the complete works of Shakespeare.
Coupons must be sent not later than January 18th, 1938, so this dates makes dating this puzzle quite easy.
On one side of the box is printd "The Queensway Press, 10. GT. Queen St. London W.C.2".

The box 20,5 x 20,5cm, while the puzzle is still in a plastic bag and has not been opened.

A larger block puzzle with children playing with their Christmas presents under the Christmas tree, watched by their dog; no markings; dimensions of the box are 27,5 x 23,5cm and 6,5cm high.

A puzzle on thick cardboard; Santa entering a living room being welcomed by children; design unsigned; on the side "Christmas Party Jigsaw puzzle" and "over 1560 pieces fully interlocking" and "1/1000", meaning ????; dimensions of box are 36 x 25,5cm and ca 3cm high.

Two more recent puzzles in one box with dwarfs, designs unsigned but numbered "3542-07A" and "3542-07B".

The box is marked "MB puzzle" and on the side "© 1984 MB International BV under Berne & Universal Copyright Conventio. Made in Ter Apel Holland".

Each puzzle has 60 pieces and is 32 x 22,5cm