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As “plastic” is the general common term for a wide range of synthetic products, such as synthetic rubber, Bakelite, celluloid, polystyrene, nylon, a.s., I have ranged all those items under the heading "Plastic". "Elastoline" is under the "Papier Maché".

Some plastic items, such as the Christmas trees and plastic hangers, are under "Various".

Hanging ornaments
Celluloid and with a hole in the base; bougth together with the next one,  in a lot of  5 each.
Celluloid and with a hole in the
base; bought together with the next
one, in a lot of 5 each.
Celluloid and has a hole in the base; bought together with the former one; Mr. and Mrs. Santa?
Celluloid and has a hole in the
base; bought together with the
former one; Mr. and Mrs. Santa?

Celluloid and without the hole in the base.

Celluloid and without the hole in the base.

Santa, paper face and chenille body, with paper sack, sitting on a plastic rocket,
the front decorated with silver glitter, now turned dark grey; also shown on the "Candy container" and the "Fabric all others" page.

Santa girl, plastic face on pinecone,
chenille arms/legs, in tinsel hanger

Small plastic ornaments, 2 à 2,5cm high, probably Italian
I found this with Christmas items, but am not sure it is meant for the Christmas tree.
I found this with Christmas items,
but am not sure it is meant for the Christmas tree.

Celluloid figure, could have been
"transformed" into an ornament by adding the hanger ?

Text on the side of the box:
"Plastik-Strahlen-Sterne Plastic-Pompoms Made in West Germany".

Box of six plastic lanterns, each ca 7,5cm high, box marked on the side in a white panel "1/2 Dtzd 10/1" (means 6 pc.; "Dutzend" is 12 pc.), so this makes the box German origin.

Dia 12cm

Box for one ornament; stamped "Plastik" and "Made in Western Germany"

Plastic ornaments, each design apparantly produced in different colors;
ca 7,5cm wide, stars 10cm, komet 13,5cm;
some are marked on the hook "CO-MA MADE IN ITALY";
date from the 1950s.

-Plastic ornaments, the three middle ones variations on those shown on the left;
-the three at the top are interlocking and should be sets of at least 2, but are missing;
-the red one below is also interlocking and is complete; ca 1957 (catalog). Present from a lovely friend Kathy.

Beading in original packing, I think they are plastic,

Plastic bells, probably 1960s, each 6cm high;
they are a present of Kathy, colleague collector

Plastic Christmas stars, marked on the package in Dutch "Christmas Stars for window display decoration and Christmas decoration",
marked "IMP. A.J. OLIJKAN, TEL. 162062 P.V.D. DOESSTR. 102 AMSTERDAM W.", probably referring to Arnold Jacobus Olijkan, born in Amsterdam April 27, 1927.
He was a merchant by profession and probably importer of Christmas decorations.
The package contains a large star, ca 19cm dia and several smaller stars.

Plastic monkeys, 4cm high;I found, them hanging
by their tails, on a small feather tree !! It seems they
are glass markers, but look similar to the monkey on
this site: Firm Manurba

Plastic, or some sort of hard translucent material, I do not think very old, back different from the front, f.i. Santa face in front with his back on the other side;
from left to right: boot 7,5cm, town scene dia 7,5cm, sleigh 7,8cm wide, dwarf house, Santa in car and children with tree all dia 7,5cm; no markings

Dove in the same material with fabric rose,
approx. 9,5cm high

Plastic icicles, maybe same material as the
previous but not sure, 10,5 and 15,5cm high


"KFL-Kristallkugel": I am not sure where to categorize this, either plastic or glass, depending what the 'silbern Stiftperle" are made of. On the box are assemby instruction so originally they came in a package to be assembled and the two "balls" are the final result. Apparantly they came in different colors. They are appr. 6,5cm in diameter.


So-called "Margerine Figures"
These "margerine figures" came packed in food and their history goes back to 1920-1922 and were made of various materials, such as cardboard, wood, metal, paper images (Liebig images). Thorough and extensive information on these "margarinefiguren" is on this website.

The figures we are dealing with here started in the 1950s and ended around 1954, according to the information on the above site.They are made of a sort of hard plastic, called "polystyrol" and have an ivory color and of course relate to Christmas.

Angels can be "flat" and sometimes the same both sides and sometimes different; others are "full-figure" (3D) , mostly with flowing robe. They do not all have the same hairstyle. It is not known where these 3D angels and subsequent music boxes, etc. were produced. Nuremburg has been mentioned. Period would be 1950-1970. Additional information is required.

After the "Margerine Figures" I have also shown candle holders because the main figures, being the angels, resemble the margerine figures. Of course these candle holders did not in come packed food.

Markings found


Nativity figures, some in Polystyrol;
Most of these are marked at the base "Heudebert", while a few with a different model base are unmarked. Dim. from 3 - 7,5cm.

Rather attractive in their gold colored frames; all 5,5cm high, unmarked;
it seems there were 12 in this series, so I am missing a few

Used to hang fruit on the tree; marked "PAT.ANGEM." (patent angemeld ?) 7cm high

Angels, "flat" model, on star, ca 10cm high, some are marked with "Made in Germany":

Angels, "flat" model, on crescent moon, 6,5cm high, some are marked on the seam of the dress with "Made in Germany"

Angels, "flat" model, between 4,5 and 5,5cm high, unmarked

Angels, "flat" model, lighter colored material, flat model, appr. 515cm high, on original cardboard, unmarked

Angels, "flat" model, between 6 and 6,5cm high stand included, unmarked

Angels, "flat" model, appr. 9cm high stand included, 2nd from left marked "MADE IN GERMANY", angel carrying latern unmarked, all others marked "MADE IN GERMANY" and "REG. 56-67";
often used to decorate the famous “bûche de Noël” or Yule log.

Angels, "flat" model, appr. 9cm high stand included, all unmarked: often used to decorate the famous “bûche de Noël” or Yule log .

Angels, flat model, 5 à 5,5cm high, all marked "MADE IN GERMANY" and "REG.56-67"; Angel on star 10cm high, unmarked

Angels, "full-figure", 7cm high, red stand marked "MADE IN GERMANY" and "REG.56-67";
white robe and stand marked "MADE IN HONG KONG"

Angel, 6cm high,
with glass wings on glass cloud

Both same basic model, but one is for hanging and the other for standing (there is no sign of breakage);
both impressed on the back "GES.GESCH." and "MADE IN WESTERN GERMANY"; (gesetzlich geschützt = protected by law, registered)

These are some more models of the above series. Here the Santa does have the hanger.
These photo's are from the "" website owner, Helmuth Bitsch, who is so kind to allow publication on my website. His website certainly is worthwhile visiting.

Gnomes, front and back, flat model, 4,5cm high, unmarked
Below are candle holders, where the main figures are angels, similar to the margerine figures. Of course I presume they did not come in packed food.

Angel candle holders, flat model, 8,5 x 6cm high, unmarked

Angel candle holder, "full-figure", 6 x 9,5cm wide, marked "GES. GESCH"

Angel candle holders, all marked "C Made in Germany", appr. 5 x 6,5cm wide

Angel candle holders, marked "Made in Germany" left "F", right and front "D", appr. 5 x 6,5cm wide

Angel candle holders, marked " Made in Western Germany" (front), back plus" A", appr. 5x6,5cm wide

Angel candle holders, marked "5", appr. 5x6,5cm wide

Total height 9cm, metal insert included, figures unpainted, stand unmarked

Below three photos of candle holders, same model as the one above, but figures are painted and the stands are all marked "MADE IN GERMANY" and "REG. 50-55/56-67", while the stands are not all the same height and the angels differ.


Total 8,7cm high, marked "MADE IN GERMANY" and "REG. 50-55/56-67"

Total 8,7cm high, marked "MADE IN GERMANY" and "REG. 50-55/56-67" and obviously of the same series as the previous ones

The two from the left both total 9,5cm high, ivory colored robe and yellowish hair; left 8,7cm high, white robe and brown hair,
but all marked "MADE IN GERMANY" and "REG. 50-55/56-67"

The back of the "full-figure" angel

Total height at angel 9,5cm, 12 cm wide, marked "MADE IN WESTERN GERMANY" and "GES.GESCH." (gesetzlich geschützt = protected by law)

Total height approx. 7,5cm, but top of the tree missing, stand 8,5cm wide;
marked "MADE IN GERMANY" and "GES.GESCH." (gesetzlich geschützt = protected by law)

Trees also were produced, total height 8,5cm;

Total height approx. 6cm, circular stand 7cm wide, unmarked


Total height 6 angels approx. 6,5cm, circular stand 11cm wide, marked "MADE IN GERMANY", box unmarked

Total height 4 angels approx. 7cm, circular stand 15,2cm wide, marked "MADE IN GERMANY" and "GES.GESCH." (gesetzlich geschützt = protected by law),

All others

Plastic Christmas dwarfs cake toppers, two have lost their pin; between 6cm and 4,5cm excl. the pin; often used to decorate the famous “bûche de Noël”or Yule log ;
older versions in papier maché are on that page.

Snowman and Santa squeakers, rubber with white sheepy fabric; both appr. 27cm high

Santa, 15,5cm high, marked

Attractive hard plastic Santa moneybox, opening on top of his head; ca 16cm high; marked on the base "(logo) MADE IN HONGKONG"

Attractive rubber Santa squeaker; 15,5cm high

Attractive rubber Santa squeaker with basket container on his back;
cannot decipher the mark; ca 28cm high; also under candy containers

Santa doll with rubber-like face and body; painted eyes, cloth clothes, black plastic boots;
unmarked and not very old; ca 30cm high
PL2: Santa with hard plastic face and body; eyes are not painted but printed paper; beard is rabbit fir; red plastic coat; height is about 28 cm.
Santa with hard plastic face and body; eyes are not painted but printed paper;
beard is rabbit fur; red shiny plastic coat; height is about 28 cm.

Dancing Santas, covered with red velvety-like fabric with silver paper or white trimmings;
from 14,5cm to 32cm high, but they came in all sizes

Candy container in the form of a car, with stickers showing Santa at the wheel and toys in the back;
it is Mars publicity; marked inside "© MARS.INC., 1992  MADE IN CHINA"; ca 26 x 19cm high.

Small plastic nativity decorated with silver glitter; total height is ca 12cm and dia base is ca 10wide ;
markings on the base "MADE IN HONGKONG"; the box "Nativity Set " "MADE IN HONG KONG " and "NO. 348"

Nativity made of a synthetic substance (resin?; I have been told it is made of marble powder considering the fine striations on the base) with the holy family under a glass dome; no markings; it is ca 26cm x 15cm and 21cm high

Snow globes

From Wikipedia:

Precisely when the first snow globe (also called a" waterglobe", "snowstorm",or "snowdome") was made remains unclear, but they appear to date from France during the early 19th century. They may have appeared as a successor to the glass paperweight, which became popular a few years earlier. Snow globes appeared at the Paris Universal Expo of 1878, and by 1879 at least five companies were producing snow globes and selling them throughout Europe.

In 1889, a snow globe containing a model of the newly built Eiffel Tower was produced to commemorate the International Exposition in Paris, which marked the centenary of the French Revolution. Snow globes became popular in England during the Victorian era and, in the early 1920s, crossed the Atlantic to the U.S.A.where they became a popular collectors item. Many of these globes were produced by Atlas Crystal Works, which had factories in Germany and America.
In the United States, the first snow globe-related patent was granted in 1927 to Joseph Garaja of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1929, Garaja convinced Novelty Pool Ornaments to manufacture a fish version underwater.
In America, during the 1940s, snow globes were often used for advertising. In Europe, during the 1940s and 1950s, religious snow globes were common gifts for Catholic children. Snow globes have appeared in a number of film scenes, the most famous of which is the opening of the 1941 classic Citizen Kane.
In the 1950s, the globes, which were previously made of glass, became available in plastic. Currently, there are many different types of snow globes available. These globes are produced by a number of countries and range from the mass produced versions of Hong Kong and Chinato the finely crafted types still produced in West Germany. Snow globes feature diverse scenes, ranging from the typical holiday souvenirs to more eclectic collectibles featuring Christmas scenes, Disney characters, popular icons, animals, military figures, historical scenes, etc. Snow globes have even been used for election campaigns.

A history of snowdomes can be found in "Snowdomes" by Nancy McMichael. This book provided much of the material in this entry.

Santa, 13cm high, and Santa inside;

With same Santa inside as in previous one; 10cm high and 11cm wide;

Santa 14cm high, with snowman inside;
marked "MADE IN HONG KONG 8831 "

Santa, 13cm high,
with Santa and child inside;

Santa, 13cm high, with snowman and 2 children inside;
marked "
© 1960 BRITE STAR MFG.CO. PHILA.PA. 1914?"

Dwarf, 1cm high, with similar
children and snowman inside, but

Drum, 8cm high, with Santa inside;
marked "MADE IN CHINA"

Diamond, ca 9cm dia, with Santa, tree and present inside;
marked "MADE IN CHINA"

Snowman,ca 14cm high, slay riding children inside;
marked "758 MADE IN HONG KONG"
Table decorations, mostly dwarfs and snowmen with either plastic faces, sometimes with pinecone bodies. Those with paper or cotton faces you will find under "Textile-Cotton - all others".

Paper velvety hats, cotton body and feet, chenille arms and legs, sitting on a small pine cone;
marked blue stamped "JAPAN"; ca 7cm high

Marked blue stamped "JAPAN", of the same series as the four above ; ca 7cm high

There probably were three, besides the base also a string for hanging; ca 7cm and 5,5cm high

Paper velvety hat, cotton feet, chenille arms,
sitting on pine cone and cardboard skis; ca 7cm high

Paper velvety hats, cotton feet, chenille arms, sitting on a pine cone;
the two original bases marked blue stamped "JAPAN"; ca 7cm high

Paper velvety hat with pipe cleaner trimmings, chenille beard and arms, cardboard body, cotton feet, one has the base missing,
have pipe cleaner loop in their hat so can be hung on the tree; unmarked, ca 6cm high

Angels with plastic face, gold paper wings, chenille arms and a pine cone body;
also with a string to hang on the tree; ca 6,5cm high
A few plastic tree stands. The iron tree stands are shown under the "Metal" page.

Plastic "Santafir Christmas Tree Stand" tree stand still in its original packing and unused; photos speak for themselves. Basin is 17cm high.

Plastic tree stand, nicely decorated with trees, rabbits and a boy and girl skiing, marked only with "1"; ca 12cm high and dia 28cm

Plastic large Santa boot, ca 49cm high, with white plastic lid and handle.
It is marked on the side "Procter & Gamble France".
According to Procter & Gamble France this "La Botte de Noël" (Christmas boot) dates from Christmas 1969.
It was a promotion of the brand Bonux and has indeed served as a container for this washing powder.