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All others: Elves - Snowmen - Ornaments - Angels- Krampus
Under this heading not only papier-maché, but also items made of "elastoline", "lineol", plaster and other non-plastic composite material.
With the exception of the first photos, showing front and back, being 18cm high, all the other elves or gnomes are between 8-12cm high. Their faces are all papier maché, cotton and pinecone body, and either used as table decorations or under the tree. They are often called "pinecone dwarfs".
Below a variety of other elves
With the hole and cardboard ring in the base, I have no idea what they were intended for, except maybe candy containers. Therefor also shown in the candy container page. They measure 10 and 10,5cm high. According to Daniela they are indeed candy containers, missing their insert .

Composition or papier maché musical dwarfs, rather crudely made and with a hook in the head for hanging on the tree; others have a metal pin and are probably cake decorations; they are between 4,5cm and 5cm high
Snowmen and a rabbit
The snowmen have paper hats with the exception of the one with his igloo. His is a plastic hat, so he may be younger.

Decorated with Venetian dew
Plaster angels, singing and playing music, some are marked "MSA" on the back and some "MSA" on the base in a rectangular gold colored panel; standing angels are ca 9cm high.

Papier maché or plaster angel with paper tree and a basket sitting on a wooden sledge, decorated with glitter; unmarked; 13cm long by ca 11cm high; also shown under "candy containers, no. 84"

"Krampus" is St. Nicolaus's companion, the bearer of gifts for the good children on December 6, while terrifying Krampus is the bad guy, punishing the naughty children, similar to the Belgian and Netherlands' "Black Pete". He has the looks of a devil, complete with two horns and very often sticking his tongue out; his face mostly either black, red or flesh colored.

It seems that sometimes the companion was also a soldier, although I cannot find much about him.

In the book "Weihnachtszeit" is a whole chapter about Krampus. When googling there is quite some information on the Krampus tradition, eg.