All Others

Here are Santas with papier-maché or clay faces. Some could also be made of "elastoline", "lineol", plaster and other non-plastic composite material.

In Germany also the so-called "Belsnickel".

Chenille Santas, but with paper/cardboard faces are shown under the heading "Fabric - All others". Maybe all better under fabric?
Santas used as candy container are listed in the "Candy Container" section.

All the thin silvery material, used to cover stars, circles, etc. is described as "tinfoil", not being sure what it really is .

The first bunch are Japanese

All have plaster faces

Some with plaster faces and some with pressed cardboard face

These are older, could be pre-WW2; from left to right:
16cm high, with red cotton hood/coat and cotton legs, rolled paper body with Japanese text; 10cm high, yellow chenille hood/coat, legs or container missing, cardboard body;
13cm high, cotton hat and coat now turned an orangy color and holding a brush tree with red berry, cardboard body;
14cm high, with red cotton/hood and cotton legs and still holding the chenille tree with red berry, rolled paper body with Japanese text

These Santas are all more or less the same model and fixed on a cardboard stand; papier maché faces normal flesh color or dark pinkish or very light, cotton or felt hood and coat,
paper belt with tinfoil covered star or round clasp, light blue, dark blue, orange trousers, all holding a fiber pipe cleaner"tree"; some have rolled paper body, others cardboard body;
Dimensions: from the base to the tip of the hood: 23cm high, 14cm and 11cm high.

These Santas all have chenille legs, cotton felty coat and hood; two have tinfoil, silver and purple, underneath their coat, they all have rolled up paper body,
but the left one has an extra cardboard cover giving him this different shape, two are still holding a chenille trree one with red berry, the staff is foil covered wire;
dimensions: smallest 10cm but his legs are bent, and largest 12,5 cm high
From another origin
They very often carry a sack of some sorts or a small tree, the old ones usually a feather tree, but often these attributes have gone missing over the years

This Santa is clothed alltogether different with his beret hat and shorter coat
composition face with molded teeth and boots, cotton hands, carrying a red sack over his shoulder;
seen similar one marked "Japan" but with more japanese face; he stands ca 20cm tall

Santa, composition face, body and legs, rabbit fur beard,
yellow imitation fur coat/hood; ca 20cm high:
A similar one with whitish coat in Weihnachtszeit pg. 149 no. 188, is dated 1900.

Santa, I think made of clay, with rabit fur beard and carrying a basket on his back;
red felt coat with hood, white felt trimmings; ca 23cm high

Santa, with composition face and boots, felt hands fixed on chenille covered arms
and holding a cloth brown sack; ca 20cm high incl. tip of hood

The German so-called "Belsnickel" with feather tree branch, ca 18cm high,
the right one has the feet missing, pre-WW2;
they came a long time ago from an attic, several in a box but
most of them broken and these are the only two survivals

Stone figures with pencil sharpeners, some marked "Made in China", inserted either in the base or the back;
the duck itself is marked "Hong Kong";
the Santa is pictured in the book "Christmas: 1940-1959" page 52, by Robert Brenner, 1940s chapter, describing it being made of plaster;
therefore I am showing this also in the "Porcelain & Stone" page;