Victorian Ornaments and Early Wire-Wrapped

It seems to be difficult for me to capture the golden glow of these early ornaments on photo. In reality they are much more beautiful.

The first four come from an antique shop in Germany, where I bought them many years ago. The body of three is covered with, probably, granulated Venetian dew. A fellow collector has assured me that they are genuine, and dates them end 19th century - 1920, based on the fine detail and discoloration due to age of the wire. Some of the scraps may have been replaced over the years.

Birdcage, gold colored wire and beatiful gold colored beads,
scrap parrot; 13cm high

Sailboat, glass white covered body, cotton sail with scrap in gold medaillon,
dark blue and gold colored trim, scrap angel, gold colored wire; 13cm high

Hot air balloon, 19cm high, glass white covered ball, scraps, gold colored trim and wire;
19cm high

Sailboat, glass white covered body, cotton sail with light blue trim and gold
Dresden angel, Santa scrap, gold colored wire; 16cm high

Glass yellow gelatine covered heart, wire wrapped,
notice the old cap with double ring; ca 9cm high

Airplane with yellow and light blue gelatine, silver wire wrapped with double sided Santa scrap,
wire wings, tail and propeller; ca 16cm wide

8cm wide; pink gelatine covered, wire wrapped and old chenille hanger;
have seen it used as a dirigible with scrap Santa hanging below in the hanger;
the cap is not original but added to protect the inside silvering

Blue glass vase, silver wire wrapped, handle and base, flower, cotton fruit and green,
18cm high handle incl.

Unsilvered glass vase, blue and gold, silver wire wrapped and handle,
flower and green, 15cm high handle incl.

Clear glass, gold, red and blue, wire wrapped umbrellar (?),
some wire missing; 16cm high

Small gold glass basket, wire wrapped and handle, paper flower;
10cm high, handle incl.

Purple glass inside silvered vase, silver wire wrapped and handle,
flower, cotton fruit and angel hair,
15cm high handle incl.