Christmas Pyramids, Nutcrackers & Figures

Wooden nativity figures and stables that just came my way and took my fancy. All nativity is brought together under the "Nativity" page, while under the "Papier-maché" figures in that material are there.

Wooden nativity set, made in Africa, probably in the 1950s. It seems it is made of ebony. The kings are about 13cm high.
On the internet I have seen similar sets described being from the Makonde, an ethnic group in southeast Tanzania and northern Mozambique.
Wooden nativity, with the figures also made of wood and painted very attractively. The stable is 20cm high, 30cm wide and the base 7,5cm deep. The stable is made for hanging because of the hole in the back. This comes from Belgium: on the base is written "Leopoldsburg 1949" and "30/7/49 Aandenken van onze Lieve zuster † Zaliger Marieke Leuven" (Rememberance of our Dear † Late sister Marieke Leuven)

I think this stable is jigsaw work from instructions from a magazine or such; it is ca 40cm high, the base is 50cm wide by 34cm;
the "NB" figures set did not come with the stable.

Wooden stable with figures in jigsaw work, with die-cuts glued to them; dimensions: 19cm x 15,5cm high and 4cm deep

Wooden stable with figures also cut in wood, with metal halo.
There is a hole in the back for hanging on a wall. It comes in a white cardboard box.

The white label reads:

(Google translation:
SPÓŁDS. CHAŁUPN association. And generation. Ent. People. AND ART. in WARSAW)

Besides the name of the supplier, product name, symbol (1267-64-99),
date of purchase is given "IV 1965".

Made in Poland
"Wisla", zam. 547. 150.000

Small wooden nativity with figures cut in wood, and a wooden star as a center piece for the crib as shown on the lid of the box. Possibly it was a do-it-yourself kit, all hand-painted. There is no halo and it was never there, certainly not attached to the star because there are no break-off points.

A few dimensions: height: Joseph 7,5cm, Maria 6cm, smallest sheep 2,2cm; the box is ca 16 x 16cm.

No markings.

German nativity music box all made of wood, musical instrument in the box at the back to be activated by turning the key, melody "Holy Night", only the figure of Jozef is stamped "Made in Germany";
completely handmade, probably Erzgebirge region judging by the way the figures and angels are made, probably Steinbach; the yellow comet on the roof is a replacement.
Dimensions 17cm high, green base is 20cm x 11cm, but total depth incl. the instrument box 14,5cm.

Update: A similar one on the internet had the label: