Christmas Pyramids, Nutcrackers & Figures
Below are some of the WHW (winter welfare organization of the German people) Christmas decorations. WHW was created in September 1933.
Some of the these wooden ornaments are described in Eva Stille's "Christbaumschmuck", page 151, as WHW-Abzeigen, and in "Weihnachtszeit", Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, page 182, as being from the Erzgebirge and dating from 1936-1938.

WHW 1938 series with children, representing the 12 months, of which 5 pieces above, March, April, May, August and September.
Ref. Eva Stille "Christbaumschmück des 20. Jahrhundred", pg. 50.
Of the above figures, the tallest is 6cm high.

WHW figures, used as Christmas decoration. Some of them have movable arms.

These are two of a series 11 WHW wooden ornaments.
They are German Farmhouses and date from November 1942.
On the right is the complete series.

Below are wooden ornaments. Except the pencil, I have no idea of their age or origin. The bell is not new, considering the darkening of the silver glitter.
The two hanging cribs are made of wood, covered with silver glitter and filled with tinsel for the scrap Baby Jezus, also shown under paper ornaments.
The wooden beads I found in boxes together with other Christmas ornaments of the 1950s, but I have not been able to get confirmation of these being made for tree decorations; maybe someone just thought it a good idea! Anyway, the thread used is old. The green one is 176cm long and the red 274cm long and they came both in the same box.

Anyone an idea where they were made and what period?

Also shown under Sebnitz

The "Christmas pencil" (Santa's pencil !) I found many years ago; the string used to fix the beads to the pencil is an old one.
Marked on the side "(logo) *JUST FOR FUN *
EAGLE PENCIL CO. LONDON BRITISH MADE", dia ca 1,7cm and 29cm long, beads incl, 1930s-1940s.
Searching for information I came across Bob Truby's pencil collecting site.

Santa jumping jack   Dwarf jumping jack. It is made in Italy by the firm Sevi. This firm was founded in 1831 in Italy and is still active today, producing small wooden toys and accessories for children.
It is 7,5cm high and bears the trade mark label:

Not so very old, but amusing those musical ladybirds; sold in a box

Also not very old, but this is not one of the recent ones,
considering the paint, beards of rabbit furr and the hanging thread.